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What is powder mixer?

Powder mixer is also called powder mixer machine or water-powder mixer, liquid material mixer, water-powder mixing pump, liquid material mixing pump, mixer and other vertical material-liquid mixing pumps, split type.

Powder mixer machine

Powder mixer machine has the advantages of unique appearance, light size, environmental protection and cleanliness, energy saving and high efficiency, rapid mixing, and convenient transportation. It is a new generation of water-powder mixing machine successfully developed by us.

Structure of powder mixer

Powder mixer mainly consists of feed hopper, butterfly valve, pump casing Ⅰ, Ⅱ, impeller, main shaft, mechanical seal, water cooling jacket, pump seat, belt drive, motor, etc. All parts of the equipment in contact with materials are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, in line with food hygiene requirements.

The working of powder mixer is driven by the motor through the belt to drive the main shaft and the impeller to rotate at a high speed in the pump casing Ⅱ to achieve the purpose of mixing the liquid.

Process flow of powder mixer

Powder mixer is composed of the shell, the water inlet pipe, the dry powder suction pipe, the dispersion guide pipe and other components. The clean water is pumped into the water-powder mixer and enters the dry powder suction pipe. When the water delivered by the pump passes through the nozzle, a fast fluid is produced. And spray in a fan shape; form a negative pressure to inhale the dry powder.
The water powder is quickly mixed in the mixer and begins to dissolve, and enters the static mixer through the dispersion duct. By adjusting the size of the annular gap, the water flow can produce different flow rates, which has enough energy to disperse the dry powder; avoid the phenomenon of water in the dry powder and improve the mixing effect. Moreover, the negative pressure formed not only provides the conveying capacity of the dry powder, but also increases the contact area between the dry powder and water to ensure sufficient wetting and dissolution.

In powder mixer machine, the dry powder suction pipe coincides with the center line of the shell, and the water inlet pipe is perpendicular to the center line, and is divided into two water inlet pipes. When the clean water enters, it forms a vortex along the inner wall, and sprays out along the ring to form a high-speed jet, which produces an entrainment effect in the mixing chamber, forms a vacuum to suck the dry powder, and forms a form of water to wrap the dry powder for dissolution. The water-powder mixing effect is good, and there is no agglomeration and water-in-powder phenomenon. This new type of water-powder mixer does not need a mixing tank, and can fulfill the technical requirements of water-powder mixing by itself.

Types of powder mixer

Double helix cone mixer

A. The mixing space is in the shape of an inverted cone. There are two, three or single screw shafts in the barrel revolving along the barrel wall under the condition of self-rotation. The motor reducer and other power devices are located at the upper end of the mixer.

B. The mixed material has a wide range of applications, and the requirements for the density deviation and particle size deviation of the mixed material are not very strict, and it is easy to control the frictional heating or static electricity of the material

C. When mixing materials, the damage to the product body is small.

D. When the equipment is mixed, the power requirement is low, and the motor power of the same type of equipment is greatly reduced.

E. The equipment model can be expanded to a large size, and the maximum domestically produced in China is 30 cubic meters.

F. During the whole process of mixing, the material is embodied as solid powder, such as dyes, monosodium glutamate, additives, plastic particles, etc.

Horizontal gravity-free mixer

A. The mixing space is in the form of a horizontal U-shaped drum. There are two horizontal shafts in the barrel. Arms with blades protrude from the shafts. The two mixing shafts rotate in opposite directions. The motor reducer is on the side of the main equipment.

B. Mainly powder, mixing between particles, not suitable for mixing light materials

C. Due to the large-scale movement of the material during mixing, there is a small range of damage to the product body of the material.

D. The mixing time is the fastest among mechanical mixing equipment.

E, China's domestic use is up to 20 cubic meters.

F. The main application is the mixing of powder and powder. The mixed material can be in the form of particles, and a small amount of liquid can be sprayed into the material during mixing, but the material is embodied as solid powder during the whole mixing process. Application examples Mixed mortar, salt, fertilizer, etc.

Horizontal coulter mixer

A. The combined space is in the form of a horizontal barrel, and there is a horizontal shaft with a coulter in the barrel; there are a large number of high-speed flying knives on the side of the barrel, which are 90 degrees from the main mixing shaft, and the motor reducer is in the main equipment. end face.

B. Due to the high-speed movement of the flying knife during mixing, the crystal of the material is greatly damaged.

C. The power requirements are moderate, and the mixing time is moderate.

D. China's domestic use is up to 20 cubic meters.

E. The main application is the mixing of powder and powder. Application examples Building materials, cornstarch, fiber powder mixing, etc.

Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

A. The mixing space is in the form of a horizontal U-shaped drum, and there is an integral ribbon shaft in the drum.

B. The mixing is relatively stable, and the damage to the crystal is small.

C. The object is in a state of physical motion and requires high power.

Features of powder mixer

Powder mixer has the advantages of unique appearance, light size, environmental protection and cleanliness, energy saving and high efficiency, rapid mixing, and convenient transportation. The liquid material should be mixed quickly to achieve the ideal benefit. It is one of the essential equipment in the food and beverage industry. The water powder mixer is especially suitable for the production of dairy products such as reconstituted milk, such as: suitable for whey powder, mixing milk powder, dextrin powder, calcium milk, etc. with fluids. In order to better meet the needs of the food industry, daily chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. The industry's high-quality and environmentally friendly production and processing needs, and can be customized according to the customer's requirements for the acidity, alkalinity, and consistency of the processed materials.

Technical parameters of powder mixer

Vertical water powder mixerTHJ-L20
Rated flow (L/h)20000
Maximum pressure head (mm)3x10
impeller diameter (mm)Φ170
Feeding port diameter (mm)80
Inlet diameter (mm)Φ38x1.5
Outlet diameter (mm)Φ38x1.5
electric motor Power (Kw)4
Synchronous speed (r/min)2900
Dimensions (length X width X height) (mm)420×420×1050
Machine weight (Kg)82

Working principle of powder mixer

The main working principle of powder mixer is to use the high-speed rotating impeller to fully mix the powdery material and the liquid, and deliver the required mixture.

The materials to be mixed through the hopper can be powders with good fluidity, or solutions or slurries with high fluidity and high concentration. The regulating valve below the hopper is mainly to obtain mixed liquids with different additive contents. According to the needs of the process, the mixer can be connected in series in the processing pipeline for continuous mixing operation, or it can be connected with a tank for batch mixing operation.

The maximum temperature absorbed by the water-powder mixer is 80 degrees, and it can also be used for the production of fruit juice and other beverages. The liquid material should be mixed quickly to achieve the ideal benefit.

How to use powder mixer?

1. Before using the powder mixer, it should be noted that the assembly of each seal is appropriate and correct, and the tightness and reliability of the screwing of each coupling port should be checked. The rotation direction of the wing wheel should be clockwise. In order to ensure the requirements of food hygiene, it should be cleaned with steam before use. Sanitize and use if everything is in order.

2. Note when using the powder mixer: the upper threaded pipe connected to the pump cover is the liquid inlet, the mixed liquid comes out from the lower nozzle, and the two trapezoidal rubber pipe joints at the bottom of the pump body are the inlet and outlet pipes connected to the cooling water. Designed for cooling mechanical seals.

The disassembly of the powder mixer machine is very convenient, loosen the clamp. Then the feed hopper and the pump cover can be disengaged, and the pump cover can be opened by loosening the four nuts, loosen the lock nut on the main shaft (the nut is left-handed, clockwise is loose), take out the wing wheel, and the exposed toilet It is a mechanical seal. This pump still has two seals between the main shaft and the motor. If leakage is found, check whether the seals are damaged immediately, and replace them immediately if damaged. The replacement of the mechanical seal needs to be ground before it can be used.

3. The powder mixer should be disassembled and cleaned immediately after use to prevent the liquid material from fouling. General disassembly and cleaning can be done until the wing wheel is opened. When cleaning, you can first pass hot water through, then disassemble and wash clean, and then install them one by one in order. The second-flow milk slot on the frame should not be blocked, otherwise the liquid from the seal ring failure will overflow to the motor, which may burn it.

4. When using and cleaning the powder mixer, the motor outer cover cannot be removed to prevent water immersion and motor damage.

Application of powder mixer


Food industry

Formulated milk powder, dextrin powder, whey powder, yogurt, ice cream, fruit milk tea, moon cake stuffing, cream, jam, fruit juice, soybean, bean paste, red bean paste, peanut milk, protein milk, calcium milk, malted milk essence, essence, various Reconstituted beverages, etc.

Daily chemicals

Toothpaste, shampoo, detergent, shoe polish, body wash, luxury cosmetics, soap, balm, etc.

Pharmaceutical industry

Various types of syrups, nutrient solutions, Chinese patent medicines, ointments, biological products, pollen, queen bee, vaccines, various ointments, various oral liquids, etc.

How to order powder mixer?

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