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Capsule Blister Packing Machine

Capsule blister packing machine for sale

What is capsule blister packing machine?

Capsule blister packing machine is a modern pharmaceutical packaging machine mainly used to fill capsules into blister film and then seal and pack them to improve the hygiene and transport safety of pharmaceuticals.

Composition of capsule blister packing machine

Capsule blister packaging machine is mainly composed of the following parts.
Blister moldBlister mold is used to make blister, usually made of metal or plastic.
Capsule filling deviceCapsule-filling device is used to fill the capsule into the blister film, usually consisting of a capsule bin, sorting device, and filling device.
Sealing deviceThe sealing device is a device used to seal the blister film, usually composed of a heating device and a pressing device.
Conveying deviceThe conveying device is used to convey the packed capsules out of the device, usually consisting of a conveyor belt or manipulator.

Working principle of capsule blister packing machine

Capsule blister packing machine is a machine that heats and softens a plastic sheet, and places it in a mold, and then forms it into a blister by vacuum suction, compressed air blowing, or molding. In the machine, the drug will be placed into the blister, and then coated with adhesive medicinal cover material at a certain temperature, and pressure conditions for heat sealing, and thus the formation of blister packaging. PTP (Press Through Packaging) technology for tablets, capsules, suppositories, pills, and other solid preparations such as mechanized packaging of pharmaceutical products, has become China's mainstream of solid preparation packaging, and the momentum of its development will continue. Development momentum will continue. At present, the blister packaging machine has also been gradually used for ampoules, vials and syringes, and other packaging.

Drugs using PTP packaging, the contents are visible, covering the surface of the material can be printed on the design of new and unique and easy-to-identify patterns, trademarks, text, etc., while the packaging material has certain barrier properties, lightweight, a certain degree of strength, the use of a little pressure can be pressed to break the pressure, and therefore convenient to take the drug, easy to carry, so this form of packaging in the field of medicine has been widely used.

Working process of capsule blister packing machine

The workflow of capsule blister packaging machine is as follows.

a. Blister mold heating. The blister mold is heated to the specified temperature to soften the blister film.

b. Capsule filling. Fill the capsules into the blister film through the sorting device.

c. Sealing. Seal the heated blister film to seal the capsules in the blister.

d. Conveying. Send the packed capsules out through the conveying device for subsequent packing or transport.

Technical parameter of capsule blister packing machine

Packaging materialPVC70×0.25mm/PTP70×0.02mm
Forming depthMaximum:15mm
Packaging efficiency17-48,000pcs/h
Punching times25-35 times/min
Packaging rangeFlat tablet, capsule, sugar-coated tablet, shaped tablet
Water consumption2.91L/min
Power consumption2.5KW

Feature of capsule blister packing machine

a. Capsule blister packing machine is suitable for all kinds of different specifications of vegetarian tablets, sugar-coated tablets, capsules, gelatine pill-shaped tablets, and granular medicines.

b. This machine is a gall bladder-type internally heated aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine. Due to the advanced fluorine coating technology on the surface of the heating rollers, the PVC is heated uniformly, and the blisters are shaped quite solid. There is no bubble loss when stopping and starting the machine, avoiding the waste of packaging material.

c. Foam absorption, filling, anilox heat sealing, batch number printing, plate punching, and cutting can be operated continuously, and edgeless punching and cutting can save the standard range of packaging materials. Easy installation and maintenance, reasonable structure, compact, small volume, lightweight, and low price, are the crystallization of technology.

d. The whole capsule blister packaging machine adopts a gear drive, reasonable mechanical layout, low noise, and easy installation and maintenance.

e. Manual capsule blister packing machine adopts universal loading machine, suitable for different shapes of material filling and packing.

f. Automatic capsule blister packing machine has the function of playing batch number.

g. Reliable sealing of the package, the blister is quite strong, and the plate is straight and beautiful.

h. Auto capsule blister packing machine is suitable for various sizes of capsules, flat tablets, sugar-coated tablets, shaped tablets, and other medicines, as well as small foodstuffs such as chocolate beans and chewing gum.

Advantage of capsule blister packing machine

Capsule blister packaging machine has the following advantages.

a. Hygienic. Capsule blister packaging machine adopts a dustless room design, which can avoid the contamination of the medicine and ensure the hygiene of the medicine.

b. Safety. The capsule blister packaging machine adopts high-temperature sealing technology, which can ensure that the medicine will not be damaged during transportation.

c. Efficiency. Capsule blister packaging machine adopts automatic production, improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs.

Application of capsule blister packing machine

Capsule blister packaging machine is mainly used in the field of pharmaceutical packaging, especially for some need to ensure the hygiene and safety of drugs, such as capsules, granules, tablets, and so on. In addition, capsule blister packaging machines can also be used for food, chemical, and other product packaging.

Use of capsule blister packing machine

a. Pre-work conditions. Check that the last production clearances are satisfactory and that the room temperature and humidity are satisfactory. Personnel hygiene dress is qualified. Whether the machine is in normal condition. After confirming that there is no error, proceed to the next operation.

b. Preparation before packing. Before packing, prepare hard tablets and aluminum foils, raw materials (e.g. powder and granules) suitable for the specifications of this packing capsule. Check the cooling water system for normal circulation supply.

c. Power lines are checked by a person who is responsible for them. Use the power supply under safe and normal conditions. Check whether the machine is normal, such as smooth running, running sound production is not abnormal, running parts are lubricated, and smooth speed. Concave fixed parts have no loosening and other conditions to do a comprehensive and detailed inspection. To ensure that the machine is normal and safe qualified packaging.

d. Use procedures, methods, and precautions. To be strictly by the machine instructions. Machine lubricant, packaging materials on the machine, preheating (temperature, time). After the machine has been used, it is necessary to specialize in checking.

e. Mold adjustment and replacement. Adjustment and replacement of sprockets, punching mechanism, and other parts related to the mold, adjustment of heat-sealing mesh wheels, and replacement of production batch numbers. Replacement of the heating tube and temperature sensor is operated by special personnel who have been specially trained and can operate accurately, and check the running status to ensure good and normal operation.

f. Troubleshooting. Faults found in time to stop. Report to the person in charge of production to organize professional staff to eliminate.

g. Electrical maintenance please professional operation non-professionals are strictly prohibited to contact the power supply system to ensure personal and mechanical safety.

h. The batch of drugs is packaged promptly after the end of the clearance. Clean up the raw and auxiliary materials, packaging materials, semi-finished products, and finished products of the non-batch of drugs, machinery cleaning, cleaning, and acceptance by the quality supervisor for approval, hang up the qualified mark, and make a good record of clearance.

i. Machinery maintenance, maintenance, and repair are carried out following the operating procedures for the use and maintenance of equipment. Specialists are responsible for this. Make records to ensure that the equipment is in normal operation.

Precaution of capsule blister packing machine

a. Production equipment should not have any adverse effect on the quality of medicines. The surfaces of production equipment in direct contact with medicines should be flat, smooth, easy to clean or disinfect, corrosion-resistant, and should not chemically react with medicines, adsorb medicines, or release substances into medicines.

b. Lubricants, coolants, etc. used in capsule blister packing machines must not contaminate the drug or container. The machine should be used as far as possible in the food grade or grade equivalent lubricants.

c. The design, selection, installation, modification, and maintenance of the equipment must be consistent with the intended use, minimize the risk of production contamination, cross-contamination, confusion, and error, and facilitate operation, cleaning, maintenance, and, where necessary, disinfection and sterilization.

d. It should be reminded that the insourcing equipment and outsourcing equipment are docked by conveyor belts or other means, but the conveyor belt cannot traverse the areas of different cleanliness levels to prevent contamination of the areas in the relatively clean zones. Therefore, blister cartoning equipment companies should be based on relevant standards, requirements, and market demand, with modern design methods, design blister cartoning equipment to meet customer needs.

How to order capsule blister-packing machine?

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