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Tea Packing Machine

Tea packing machine for sale

What is tea packing machine?

Tea packing machine can realize simultaneous packing of inside and outside bags. Tea bag packing machine has the functions of moisture-proof, odor evaporation prevention and freshness preservation. It has a wide range of packaging, replacing manual packaging, realizing packaging automation for large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, improving the production efficiency of various industries and significantly reducing costs.

Working principle of tea packing machine

a. Arrange the item packing bags evenly on the sealing strip and place them under the pressure bag strip.

b. The whole packing process from vacuum, sealing, printing and air return can be completed in one time by the electric automatic program control.

c. While one vacuum chamber is working, another vacuum chamber can be placed on the items. After one vacuum chamber returns to zero, the upper vacuum chamber can be moved to another vacuum chamber, so that the left and right chambers work alternately.

d. If abnormal phenomenon is found in the working process, press the emergency stop button to return the air in advance and work again.

e. When the work is suspended, put the lock switch in the position of "off", when stop using, cut off the power and do the cleaning work.

Technical specification of tea packing machine

Bag-making sizeLength 50-100 mm Width 30-80 mm

Length 60-110mm Width 40-90mm
Bag-making sizeLength 50-100 mm Width 30-80 mm
Length 60-110mm Width 40-90mm
Packaging speed28-50 bags/min
Measuring range2-10mls
Power source220V, 50HZ, 3.35KW
Overall machine weight700kg
Overall dimension (L×W×H)1200×850×1900 cubic mm
Gas consumption15L/Min
Air pressure4-6KG
Turn on the power, put the lock on the "open" position. Close one of the vacuum chambers and put a little pressure on the vacuum pump to start working, you should pay attention to its operation direction first. If the vacuum is established in the positive direction, but not in the reverse direction, it must be corrected by changing direction immediately.

Advantage of tea packing machine

Difference between manual and machinery in terms of efficiency

Traditional tea packing operation

After the tea is finished, the tea farmer hires workers to de-stem and screen the tea. One person can pick about 1 catty to 2 catties in an hour, and the tea leaves should be roasted and dried after picking due to the different physical conditions or sweaty hands, which takes about 2 catties in an hour. After that, the tea leaves are divided and weighed by the auxiliary packing machine, and the inner film is packed and multiplied, about 10 bags/min. After that, the tea is put into the outer bag and compacted in the vacuum machine, and the staffs are quick to do so, about 10 bags/min. For example, if a packet of tea is about 7.5 grams, then it is about 37.5 grams in 1 minute from dividing to vacuuming, which is 2250 grams or 4.5 pounds in 1 hour. With the maximum efficiency of picking tea and roasting 4.5 pounds takes about 4.5 hours, that is, 1 person will be made into a commercial packaged tea 1 pound of tea takes about 1 hour and 14 minutes.

Machinery instead of manual packaging operation

A small stalk picker can handle a maximum of 50 pounds of tea in 1 hour, and 1 pound takes more than 1 minute, roughly 1 minute and 30 seconds. The maximum processing capacity of the single plate color sorter is 150 pounds per hour, which takes about 20 seconds for 1 pound, roughly recorded as 30 seconds. The color sorter adopts the dry vacuum air pressure conveying, which can avoid the tea leaves from being damp and save the baking time. Next, the selected tea leaves will be packed with fully automatic integrated vacuum packaging machine inside and outside the bag, the production speed of this machine is ≥ 16 bags per minute, i.e. 120 grams, which means that it takes about 4 minutes to pack 1 catty, roughly recorded as 4 minutes, which means that it takes about 6 minutes to make the gross tea into commercial packaged tea 1 catty.

Difference between manual and mechanical hygiene

Nowadays, people's living standards are improving year by year, and food hygiene is slowly becoming more important to the public, so food hygiene has become the first issue that people pay attention to when they buy food.

The traditional manual process is slow and the tea leaves are left for a long time. In order to prevent the tea leaves from deteriorating, the tea leaves must be roasted again before they are selected and packed. This not only delays the efficiency again, but also to a certain extent, it is not known whether the tea leaves have changed in quality. However, if tea leaves are left for a long time without vacuum, a certain amount of bacteria will grow; in addition, the traditional manual process of tea selection when the hands directly touch the tea leaves, sweat or other more or less factors in the long working hours will also produce a certain amount of hygiene problems.

On the contrary, tea packaging machinery, stalk picker, color sorter, automatic internal and external bag packaging machine, etc. These machines usually need to be cleaned regularly. The whole machine is powered by air pressure, supplemented by air drying system, so that the alternative tea leaves are completely in a humidity-free screening environment, and the screening speed is fast. Reduce the retention time of tea leaves and can avoid excessive manual contact and thus reduce the breeding of bacteria. The fully automatic inner and outer bag packaging machine is also powered by air pressure, and the packaging process is fully automated by machinery. Loose tea is poured into the machine, and the finished vacuum-packed tea leaves come out in one bag, which can't avoid manual contact 100%, but also avoid the breeding of bacteria caused by manual contact to a certain extent.

Why do you need a tea packaging machine?

The appearance of food packaging on the market today is also an important criterion for consumers to choose food, whether the appearance of fine food quality can affect the consumer's consumer psychology. The traditional process of tea packing is due to the manual direct picking tea selection, so the tea selection is not accurate enough, and the possibility of broken tea is greater, coupled with different situations such as hand sweat, so the tea may have moisture. After all, it is the manual screening accuracy is not enough, resulting in uneven results in the finished product, causing unnecessary losses to the manufacturer. On the contrary, tea bag making machine, the whole machine using air pressure to send tea can preserve the integrity of the tea leaves to a greater extent, and the color sorter using CCD multi-dimensional probe, can more accurately screen the tea leaves, and thus reduce the loss of business. With the improvement of the social level, manufacturers in order to meet the market demand, improve efficiency and quality and food hygiene and safety. The difficulty of recruiting workers is already a well-known problem, and workers who are too old are not well qualified for the job due to their eyesight and various factors, so mechanization is an inevitable trend in the development of enterprises. Although tea culture has been inherited for thousands of years, the wisdom and crystallization of our ancestors deserve our praise and reference, but the human footsteps should not stop, research and innovation should continue. Simplify the work, improve the quality and efficiency, this is the development direction of mechanical automation. We want to meet the growing consumer base, we can only work on the original capacity, and strive to improve production. This shows that there is still a wide market for the development of tea packaging machine table.

Application of tea packaging machine

Tea packaging machine is suitable for automatic packaging of materials such as health care products, seeds, medicines and tea. It also includes such as vegetable seeds, Chinese medicine tablets, cookies, peanuts, mung beans, pistachios, icing sugar, health tea, bagged tea sugar, chocolate, pastries, daily necessities, cooked food, pickles, puffed food, etc. This machine can fill the material into the inner bag first, and then put the inner bag into the outer bag, so that the inner and outer bags can be packed at the same time. Tea bag packing machine can automatically complete the process of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, slitting, counting, hot pressing batch number and finished product output. The inner bag is tea filter paper, the bag is hung with a line hanging sticker, and the inner bag is automatically packed into the outer bag after packing, and the outer bag is packed with compound film.

How to order tea packing machine?

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