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What is auto filling machine?

Filling lines are generally linked production lines that consist of several individual machines with different functions to meet the production or processing purpose of a product. Auto filling machine is a kind of electromechanical device designed to reduce manpower, optimize workflow and increase production efficiency. In a narrow sense, it is a filling line for a product.

According to the properties of filling materials, filling machine can be divided into fluid filling line, powder filling line, granule filling line, semi-fluid filling line, etc.

Type of auto filling machine

Fluid filling line

Fluid filling line is generally applied to cleaning, filling, capping, labeling and coding of various liquids, pastes, semi-fluids and other materials.

Fluid filling line is generally divided into three types: rotary, linkage and linear.

The cleaning part is designed according to different bottle shapes with different cleaning machines, generally chain rail type, rotary backflush type, blowing type, etc. Users must choose the most satisfactory cleaning machine according to their bottle shape.

Filling part. According to the different materials, liquid is usually measured by DC or pump pumping; paste is usually measured by piston pressure; and for granular materials containing screw type measurement. According to the different requirements of materials, filling methods such as aerated, vacuum, negative pressure and atmospheric pressure can be used.

The capping part is different due to the variety of caps, and the molds of the models are also different. The popular caps in China are roughly as follows: threaded caps, anti-theft caps, three or four screw caps, beer caps, duckbill caps, nozzle caps, other shaped caps, etc. Automatic capping machine is also divided into automatic capping machine, automatic capping machine, automatic capping machine, etc. due to different bottle caps. Due to the output and technical aspects, there are also semi-automatic capping machines, capping tying machines, can sealing machines, etc.

The capping part is due to the variety of caps and the different molds of the models. The recently popular caps are roughly the following: threaded caps, anti-theft caps, three or four screw caps, beer caps, duckbill caps, nozzle caps, other shaped caps, etc. Automatic capping machine is also divided into automatic capping machine, automatic capping machine, automatic capping machine, etc. due to different bottle caps. Due to the output and technical aspects, there are also semi-automatic capping machines, capping tying machines, can sealing machines, etc.

Labeling is based on the material and requirements of the label. Popular labeling machine is generally self-adhesive labeling machine, hot melt adhesive labeling machine, paste labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine four categories. In general, beverage bottles are mostly seen in the sleeve labeling machine and hot melt labeling machine, while ordinary bottles are mostly seen in the self-adhesive labeling machine and special glass bottles with paste labeling machine.

Marking part is also divided into different types. There are ribbon coding machine (often with the labeling machine), ink printing machine (used alone or match the use of), inkjet machine (independent use). Marking machines are generally used for date printing code, flowing number identification, origin identification, etc.

Granule filling line

The difference between granule and powder filling line is that the filling part is different. The rest of the description can be referred to the fluid filling line.

Granule filling machines generally use electronic scale metering, measuring cup metering, piston metering, etc. Due to the different particle size and specific gravity of the material, etc., it is most important to choose a suitable discharging device for yourself. Electronic scale metering is generally used for large metering filling, and the accuracy can be different according to the technical level of different manufacturers. Small ones are used for measuring cup type metering. Piston type metering is commonly used for lateral piston four-way rotation.

Powder filling line

Powder filling machine is popular screw type metering. According to the number of screw capping turns and the spacing of the measuring cylinder so as to achieve the purpose of counting.

Structure of auto filling machine

The main structure of the automatic filling machine is as follows.

a. Automatic bottle washing machine + automatic bottle punching machine + full self-filling machine (atmospheric pressure type, negative pressure type, DC type, etc.) + corking machine + capping machine + labeling machine + coding machine

b. Automatic bottle washing machine + automatic bottle punching machine + automatic filling machine + capping machine + aluminum foil sealing machine + labeling machine + coding machine

c. Bottle management machine + automatic filling machine + capping machine (capping machine, capping machine, or vacuum capping machine, or capping machine, or vacuum capping machine) + capping machine + steam shrinkage machine + coding machine

d. Filling machine + capping machine

Main components of auto filling machine

a. Main control box

b. Discharge device

c. Filling head

d. Inner star wheel blanks

e. Conveyor belt

f. Photoelectric switch

g. Proximity switch

h. Capping head or capping head or corking head

i. Bucket

j. Feeding device

k. Pneumatic components (including pneumatic valves, cylinders, air piping)

l. Stepper motor, servo motor control mechanism

m. Peeler

n. Nozzle

o. PLC

Working process of auto filling machine

Depending on the material, the process of the auto filling machine is not only the same. Here are some reference working processes.

a. After the containers are washed by the bottle washing machine, they enter the bottle flushing machine to flip and flush the bottles.

b. After rinsing, the containers are dried or sterilized according to different product requirements. (For different industries)

c. The treated containers arrive under the filling head for quantitative filling. (Different filling methods are used according to different materials, regular liquid materials are filled by direct current, paste-like materials are filled by pressure, powder is measured by screw, granular materials are measured by measuring cup. Air-containing materials are filled with negative pressure type.)

d. After filling, the material will be capped by capping machine. (According to the different caps, you can also use vacuum capping, or direct capping or capping or capping rolling, etc.)

e. After capping, the products are processed differently in the post-process. Usually labeling or sleeve labeling.

f. Finally, the production date or batch number of the product identification equipment.

g. Finished product output.

Advantage of auto filling machine

Auto filling machine is suitable for filling mineral water and pure water in polyester bottles and plastic bottles. The adjustment of the applicable bottle type of each part is realized by turning the handle, which is easy and convenient. The machine adopts advanced OMRON programmable logic controller (PLC) to control the automatic operation of the machine, and the bottle-feeding chain channel adopts frequency converter to regulate the speed, which cooperates with the main machine frequency converter to make the bottle-feeding operation more stable and reliable. The operation condition of each part is detected by photoelectricity, so it is highly automated and easy to operate. Bottle washing adopts four independently controlled double (single) row high pressure injection system, disinfection liquid recycling, rinsing liquid circulation discharge has various options.

Use of auto filling machine

Use, maintenance and installation of  auto filling machine

a. When adjusting the machine, tools should be used appropriately, it is strictly forbidden to use too large tools or excessive force to remove parts to avoid damage to the machine or affect the performance of the machine.

b. Whenever the machine is adjusted, the screws must be loosened and tightened, and the machine must be rotated with the handle to see if its action meets the requirements before it can be used.

c. The machine must be kept clean, and it is strictly forbidden to have oil, liquid or glass debris on the machine, so as not to cause corrosion of the machine.
a) The machine should be cleared from the liquid or glass debris in time during the production process.
b) The machine surface should be cleaned once before the shift, and clean lubricating oil should be added in each active department.
c) It is necessary to scrub regularly once a week, especially to wipe or blow with compressed air the places that are not easy to clean in normal use.

Disinfection and flushing

a. Place the liquid inlet tube in the cleaning liquid and turn on the machine for cleaning.

b. The 500ml model may have errors in actual filling, use a measuring cylinder to measure until it is officially filled.

c. For filling machine with syringe, use standard 5ml or 10ml syringe for 10 models, 20ml glass filler for 20 models and 100ml glass filler for 100 models.

How to order auto filling machine?

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