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Alcohol Filling Machine

Alcohol filling machine for sale

What is alcohol filling machine?

Alcohol filling machine is one of the main equipment for distillery production. It is based on foreign advanced technology and is a machine for mechanical automatic production according to the characteristics of liquor (viscosity, alcoholic acidity, etc.). Liquor filling machine can save a lot of manpower and material resources and can realize the automatic filling of liquor.

Working principle of alcohol filling machine

Automatic liquor filling machine has the features of strong automation capability, high production efficiency and simple man-machine intelligence operation. And automatic models also include many, common negative pressure liquor filling machine, high-precision liquor filling machine, self-flow liquor filling machine, and so on.

Self-flowing liquor filling machine is a linear filling. Self-flowing (i.e., liquid) flows under its own gravity thus filling.

Negative pressure liquor filling machine is a machine that first pumps the packaging container to form a negative pressure, and then fills the liquid into the packaging container. It is characterized by liquid level quantification and has good filling level consistency in appearance.

Negative pressure liquor filling machine from the appearance of the general is the majority of the rotary disc type, there are also some custom inline type. Filling machine with or without a frame, the filling machine with a frame is more environmentally friendly and hygienic, the cost will also be relatively high.

Principle characteristics of alcohol filling machine

a. Spirits bottle filler adopts special filling valve and high-power vacuum pump, and the liquid level is consistent after packing and filling.

b. When filling, the bottle mouth is sealed and the liquid flows down along the bottle wall, which effectively controls the foam caused by the liquid impact during filling and prevents the liquid from overflowing.

c. The machine is frequency-controlled, fast filling speed, equipped with overload protection device, bottle jamming shutdown, soft start on the machine, and adopts elastic bottle-holding device to reduce the breakage of bottles.

d. The filling volume is adjusted by adding or subtracting the gasket on the filling valve, which is convenient and quick.

e. The machine has a large filling range, the filling volume can be adjusted between 100-1500ml.

f. Wide range of applicable bottle height, can be adjusted between 100-380mm.

g. The main seal is made of imported silicone, and the main parts are made of 304 stainless-steel in accordance with food hygiene.

h. Filling valve is easy to disassemble and clean.

Working process of alcohol filling machine

Boxes with empty bottles are stacked on pallets and sent to the pallet unloader via a conveyor belt. The pallets are unloaded one after the other. The cases are sent to the unloader along with the conveyor belt and the empty bottles are removed from the cases. The empty cases are sent via conveyor to the washing machine, where they are cleaned and transported to the side of the packaging machine so that the bottles containing the beverages can be filled. Empty bottles from the unloading machine are sent by another conveyor belt to the bottle washing machine for sterilization and cleaning. After being checked by the bottle washing machine and meeting the cleaning standards, they enter the filling and capping machine. The wine is filled into the bottles by the filling machine. Bottles filled with beverage are sealed by the capping machine and then transported to the labeling machine for labeling. After labeling, they are sent to the packaging machine for loading and then are sent to the pallet stacker to be stacked on pallets and sent to the warehouse.

Function of alcohol filling machine

Alcohol filling machine is a kind of automatic equipment mainly used for labeling, filling, sealing and packaging of liquor. It can replace the traditional way of manual filling and substantially improve the speed and accuracy of filling. Compared with manual filling, it is cheaper, simpler to operate and consumes less human and material resources. In the production and sale of liquor, liquor filling machine has become an essential equipment.

Feature of alcohol filling machine

Alcohol filling machines are one of the main filling equipment used by distilleries to complete their production. The liquor filling equipment is a machine for automated production based on foreign technology and according to the characteristics of liquor (viscosity, alcohol, etc.).

a. Liquor bottling equipment adopts filling valve, high power vacuum pump and float level control valve device to control the stable liquid level.

b. The filling bottle mouth and the inner wall of the filling bottle can better control the foam generated by the liquid impact during the filling process and prevent the liquid from overflowing.

c. The alcohol bottling machine uses an excellent soft support mechanism (flexible bottle support device), which is not limited by the height and height of the bottle. The bottle is not in position, it will not break the bottle and damage the machine.

d. The machine has frequency conversion speed regulation, fast filling speed, overload protection device, bottle jamming stop, soft start, elastic bottle support device, reduce bottle damage.

e. The spirits bottling equipment is suitable for filling various kinds of shaped bottles and bottles of different diameters; the middle column is adjustable, so it can meet the filling of bottles of different heights without changing parts.

f. The filling range of liquor bottle filling machine is large, and the filling volume is adjustable from 100-750ml. Suitable for a wide range of bottle heights, adjustable between 100-380mm.

g. Large filling range of spirits bottling line with adjustable filling volume of 100-750ml. Suitable for a wide range of bottle heights, adjustable between 100-380mm.

h. The main seal is made of silicone, and the main parts are made of 304 stainless steel which meet the requirements of food hygiene.

i. The alcohol bottle filling machine is easy to disassemble and clean.

Advantage of alcohol filling machine

a. Improve filling speed and accuracy. The liquor bottling machine enables high-speed, high-precision automatic filling. It can set a specific filling volume and adjust it according to the size and shape of the wine bottle. Compared with manual filling, it can complete filling more quickly, greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of wine production.

b. Reducing contamination and wine loss rates. In the traditional manual filling process, the manual operation is not precise enough, which may cause wine spillage or contamination. The liquor filling machine can effectively reduce the contamination rate and wine volume loss rate through precise liquid level control, automatic switching and overpressure control, which improves the quality and stability of the wine.

c. Improve the quality of wine and market competitiveness. The spirit bottling machine can completely avoid the risks and errors caused by manual operation, thus improving the quality and taste stability of the wine. At the same time, it can customize different filling solutions according to different needs with high flexibility. These advantages can improve the brand competitiveness and market value of wine, which is important for the long-term development of enterprises.

Use of alcohol filling machine

a. The master cylinder of alcohol filling machine needs to switch a straight-through valve to change the flow direction of the fluid.

b. This operation can be performed automatically by setting the machine, but the time of switching the through valve must be adjusted, otherwise, it will easily lead to refilling failure.

c. The filled containers should be moved out in time to facilitate the filling of the next batch of containers. This process is the step of orderly container filling. Attention should be paid to the accurate and timely control of the sealing plate installed at the entrance and exit of the container, regardless of the shape of the container used, the filling head can be well matched with the container opening. If the filling is not carried out in the normal order, an alarm signal will be issued until the fault is solved, then the filling will be allowed to continue.

d. Check whether the filling head can move up and down smoothly in time.

e. When using a liquor filling machine, the filling head must be checked for smooth movement up and down. After the container is in place, it can be moved down accurately to make the filling filler fill the mouth of the bottle. After the filling is finished, the filling head can move upward so that the container can be moved out smoothly. Therefore, attention to detail should be paid when routinely checking the condition of the equipment. Care is needed when checking to maintain the normal operation of the filling machine.

How to order alcohol filling machine?

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