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What is syrup filling machine?

Syrup filling machine is an innovative filling machine. It can be used to fill pastes, gels, syrups, liquids, etc. Even the thicker paste-like substances can be filled smoothly.

Working principle of syrup filling machine

Working principle of automatic syrup filling machine

a. The automatic syrup filling machine adopts automatic technology and integrates light, electricity, machine and gas. It has the features of high efficiency, intelligence, wide adaptability and good stability, thus it is favored by the majority of users. 

b. The syrup production line can complete a series of filling actions independently, such as: automatic bottle feeding, automatic bottle management, automatic bottle detection (filling with bottles, not filling without bottles), filling (filling measurement can be adjusted), automatic cap dropping, automatic cap pressing, all these functions realize the level of automation, which greatly reduces the trouble of manual operation.

c. Compared with similar filling machines, syrup filler is stable in operation, low noise, easy to maintain, and fully complies with GMP production norms, especially suitable for the cosmetics industry, it is the ideal filling equipment chosen by many enterprises.

d. The syrup packaging machine is more advanced and can be improved according to the different requirements of customers, and can be made to fully meet the needs of customers.

Feature of syrup filling machine

a. Syrup filling machine adopts brand electrical and pneumatic components, with low failure rate, stable and reliable performance and long service life.

b. Liquid syrup filling machine operation data adjustment is simple, high-precision filling, easy to use.

c. The contact parts of materials in syrup bottle filling machine are made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, simple to disassemble, easy to clean, in line with food hygiene standards.

d. The filling volume and filling speed are easy to adjust, with no bottle, no material to stop filling, automatic feeding, liquid level automatic control for filling, beautiful appearance.

e. Syrup filling machine working with filling nozzle. The filling nozzle can be changed to submerged filling, so as to effectively prevent the filling material from bubbling or spilling. It can be applied to the filling of easy foaming liquid.

f. The dry syrup filling machine adopts turntable type structure, which is easy to install, convenient to operate, space-saving, and the production process is clear at a glance.

Application of syrup filling machine

The modern food manufacturing industry needs efficient, accurate and reliable production equipment to meet the growing market demand. Syrup is a raw material in the manufacture of many food products, so the application of syrup filling machines is becoming increasingly important in food production. It is a kind of automatic filling equipment specially used in the food industry, mainly for filling viscous liquid or semi-fluid substances such as syrup into various packaging containers accurately. The basic principle is that the filling head is driven by servo motor movement to extract and discharge syrup or other fluid substances from the storage tank into the desired packaging containers. This filling machine has the features of automatic metering, automatic flow control and automatic error correction, which can greatly improve the production efficiency and accuracy.

Syrup filling machine is widely used in candy, beverage, jam, dried fruit and other food industries, specific applications are as follows.

Confectionery production

Candy is a sweet food and usually uses syrup as the main raw material. In the process of candy production, the syrup filling machine can automatically fill the syrup into the candy mold accurately, which greatly improves the production speed and accuracy.

Beverage production

Beverages are a common daily drink, which also cannot be separated from syrup as an additive. In beverage production, the filling machine can help fill the required amount of syrup precisely and can automatically control the flow rate, reducing waste and production costs.

Jam production

Jam is a kind of semi-fluid food made from fruits, and syrup is one of the raw materials in the production process. The filling machine can automate and measure the filling of syrup into jam in the production process of jam to improve the production efficiency and stability.

Production of dried fruit

Dried fruit is a kind of dried fruit product, and adding sugar syrup can make dried fruit fresh and delicious. In the process of dried fruit production, the filling machine can accurately fill the syrup into the dried fruit to improve the production efficiency and quality.

The syrup filler has the functions of automatic measurement, automatic flow adjustment and automatic error correction, which greatly reduces manual intervention and errors. Since the filling machine has functions such as automatic flow control and automatic error correction, it can achieve a high-precision filling process and ensure product quality and stability. The filling machine can be applied to the filling of various fluid substances, including syrups, fruit juices, salad dressings, etc. with different viscosities and densities, which has a wide application prospect in food production.

Use of syrup filling machine

a. The syrup filling machine must be well grounded before work, and then select the appropriate standard syringe according to the different dispensing volumes.

b. Pull out the inner core of the syringe, put the screw sleeve on the inner core of the syringe and tighten it and the lower base properly with the screw sleeve.

c. Put the upper clamp seat on the outlet end of the syringe jacket, and tighten the nuts on both sides appropriately.

d. Assemble the inner core of the syringe and the jacket into one, so that the liquid injection system is assembled.

e. Fix the valve arrow facing up and the arrow mark facing out with the nut on the fixing screw.

f. Assemble the complete fluid injection system, align the upper and lower round holes of the fluid injection system assembly with the upper and lower retaining rods respectively, set them on the bearings, and make the outer end surface and the bearing surface level. When assembling the lower end, do not make the screw sleeve and crank touch each other to prevent abnormal sound when the upper crank rotates. After the liquid injection system is correctly installed, tighten the upper and lower set screws. And then use a short hose to connect the syringe to the valve connection nozzle. Connect the liquid inlet pipe to the water inlet and the liquid outlet pipe to the water outlet. To prevent the liquid inlet and outlet pipes from winding up, snap the liquid inlet and outlet pipes into the mouth of the housing side support ears.

g. Toggle the crank by hand, it should be able to rotate freely, otherwise the assembly is wrong, and the liquid injection system should be checked to see if it is tightened on top of the rotating bearing.

Maintenance rules of syrup filling machine

a. Before operating the syrup filling machine, the operator needs to look carefully at the syrup filling machine manual, familiar with the syrup filling machine adjustment and use, the operation must be strictly in accordance with the instructions of the syrup filling machine to operate, pay attention to the details of the problem, the details must determine success or failure.

b. According to the manual for regular maintenance and repair of the machine, the body of the syrup filling machine oil rubbing, so that the body of the syrup filling machine as much as possible to have the protection of the oil layer, which can isolate the air, to avoid rusting the syrup filling machine, a good protection of the body of the filling machine, which is also a way to extend the life of the syrup filling machine.

c. Check the machine frequently to see if the contact of all parts of the machine is good. Be sure to ensure the safety of electricity, to prevent the harm caused by incorrect use of electricity.

d. When a fault is found, turn off the power promptly and press the emergency stop button if necessary. Lift the cover after bleeding, then turn off the voltage, check the cause, and troubleshoot.

Syrup filling production line

Syrup filling production line integrates bottle washing, filling, capping, labeling and packaging, and is suitable for hot filling production of various juice drinks and tea drinks. At the same time, by replacing a small number of parts, it can form a small bottle mineral water filling line, which can be used for filling pure water and mineral water. Syrup filling production line adopts advanced micro-negative pressure gravity filling principle, filling fast, stable and accurate, with a perfect material reflux system, reflux can also achieve independent air return, not in contact with the material, reducing the secondary pollution and oxidation of the material.

How to order syrup filling machine?

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