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Tea Bag Packing Machine

Tea bag packing machine for sale

What is tea bag packing machine?

Tea bag packing machine is suitable for automatic packaging of not only seeds, medicine, health care products and tea, but also vegetable seeds, Chinese medicine tablets, health care tea, bagged tea and other materials.

Tea bag making machine is also suitable for packaging of green tea, black tea, black tea, oolong tea, yellow tea, white tea, flower tea, formula tea, flavored tea, herbal tea, coffee, Chinese wolfberry, mulberry leaf, traditional Chinese medicine tablets and other bag-brewed beverages.

Tea bag machine is widely used in food, medicine, industry tea, drinking tablets automatic packaging.

Working principle of tea bag packing machine

The tea leaves are put into special paper bags, and through continuous movement with the machine, multiple processes such as quantitative measurement, sealing and cutting are completed. It has a faster packaging speed, capable of reaching a production capacity of 50-70 bags per minute. Its technical content is high and requires professional technicians for maintenance, repair and operation.

Feature of tea bag packing machine

Tea bag packaging machine is a new type of heat-sealed, multi-functional automatic tea bag packaging equipment. The main feature of this machine is that the inner and outer bags are formed at one time, which avoids the direct contact between human hands and materials and improves efficiency. The inner bag is filter cotton paper, which can be automatically with line with label, and the outer bag is laminated paper.

a. Tea bag packing machine adopts PLC control system, with smooth operation, precise movement, stable performance and high packing efficiency.

b. Tea bag making machine can be used for triangle three-dimensional packaging, flat packaging and other products, one key switch triangle three-dimensional packaging, flat packaging two packaging forms.

c. Electronic weighing and discharging system, suitable for single materials, multiple materials, irregularly shaped materials and other materials that cannot be weighed and measured by general measuring cups and roller scales. It can control the measurement weight of each scale separately and combine the materials.

d. The inner and outer bags are independently switched, both linkages, and can work separately.

e. The electronic scale vibrating plate, conveying hopper and material contact parts are made of 304 stainless-steel, and the outer bag host adopts servo motor to push the material system, which is safe, reliable and stable performance.

Advantage of tea bag packing machine

a. The tea bags are sealed and cut by ultrasonic waves, and the bags are standing and flat.

b. Tea bags with biodegradable nylon filter cloth can be made into triangular three-dimensional, transparent, dumpling-type tea bags, and also may be made into four-square flat bags according to customer needs.

c. The sealing edge is firmly welded and realized without edge docking, which is a kind of tea packaging style that is particularly popular in the market at present.

d. Available with wire with label nylon screen, can also use wireless no label nylon screen as well as non-woven material.

e. The way of discharging may be formulated according to the different materials of customers, such as electronic scales for tea, rotary volume metering, sliding volume metering, chain hopper Manual metering, and vibrating disc feeding and other ways.

f. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, the frame is not only environmental friendly, but also sturdy and durable.

g. This tea bag packing machine has made some detailed adjustments in terms of ultrasonic, metering and sealing, which not only improves the performance of the machine, but also reduces the machine's noise in a great procedure. The noise of the machine.

h. This machine is of high quality and low price, high-cost performance, is currently the more popular packaging machine on the market.

i. Electronic scales high-precision digital weighing sensor makes accurate measurement instantly realized.

j. Microcomputer control system, the use of spiral feeding, instrumentation, technology, easy to operate.

k. All stainless-steel sealed body, anti-corrosion and dustproof.

l. Weighing hopper can be quickly disassembled, easy to clean and repair.

m. The tea pouch packing machine can be combined with different packing forms at the request of users to expand the weighing range.

n. The high compatibility makes the tea bag sealing machine easy to use with other packaging equipment.

Main technical parameters of tea bag packing machine

Weighing methodElectronic scale measurement (spiral vibration)
Combined discharging6 kinds of materials can be combined
Production efficiency30-50 packs/min (depending on material weight)
Packing weight1-20g (depending on the material characteristics)
Packaging error±0.2g (depending on material characteristics)
Control systemPLC controller + color touch screen
Inner bag size120mm, 140mm, 160mm, 180mm
Inner bag sealing formTriangle bag, flat bag (one key switch)
Inner bag packaging materialNon-woven, nylon consideration cloth, corn fiber
Outer bag width20mm-280mm
Outer bag length30mm-170mm
Outer bag sealing methodBack seal, pyramid seal
Sealing patternStriped, mesh
Applicable packaging materialPP, PE, PVC, PS, EVA, PET, PVDC+PVC, OPP + composite CPP, etc.
Equipment materialStainless steel (carbon steel) frame
Machine power220V /50Hz /2KW
Machine size (L.W.H)3727mm*1260mm*2432mm
Machine weight887KG
Gas consumption0.4 m³/min
Packing machine optional deviceInflatable device, exhaust device, coding machine

Use of tea bag packing machine

Inside and outside bag infusion tea bag packaging machine is commonly used for the automatic quantitative packaging of one or more materials such as rose, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, jasmine and other mixed flower tea, tea powder small granules, health tea, functional tea and other products.

According to the product form and bag design can be selected from inside and outside bag bubble tea automatic packaging machine and triangle bag bubble tea packaging machine, to achieve the paste body inside and outside bag or triangle bag, which is conducive to strengthening the visual effect of product packaging. In order to better serve customers, so that users understand the equipment with a good machine, it is necessary to needle inside and outside the bag automatic bag tea packaging machine operating procedures detailed instructions.

Turn on the machine

a. Turn on the power switch and set the horizontal and vertical sealing temperature.

b. Set the inner bag temperature. Generally set 130~150℃ for horizontal seal and 120~140℃ for vertical seal.

c. Set the label temperature. Generally set at 120~140℃.

d. Set the outer bag temperature. According to different materials, generally set the vertical seal 100 ~ 130 ℃, horizontal seal 100 ~ 150 ℃.

e. Temperature correction. Press and hold the key on the temperature control table for more than 10 seconds until the indicator light on the temperature control table flashes, during the flashing indicator light, it is not allowed to turn off the machine or change the temperature again.

Bag making adjustment of tea bag packing machine

Inner bag adjustment

a. Press the bag length key on the computer controller, select the "inner bag" displayed on the screen, set it to the bag length you need, and change the scale size of the eccentric wheel on the spindle accordingly, so that it is the same size as the set bag length.

b. In the state of inner bag cross-sealing parallel (i.e. sealing together), open the back door of the machine, push forward the inner bag tensioning wheel, remove the chain on the main shaft eccentric wheel, turn the main motor belt by hand to make the eccentric wheel at an angle of 45° with the ground, and then lock the eccentric wheel fastening nut.

Outer bag adjustment

a. Open the inner bag clutch controller and merge the outer bag clutch.

b. Bag length setting. Move away from the photo-head, so that it works in the "fixed length" state, when out of the bag length and the two cursor center line distance consistent (Shi 1mm), and then the photo-head shine on the light point, this time into the state of following the standard.
a. Note that there can be no other color changes between the two cursors, so as not to cause the photoelectric head of the wrong action.

b. Adjust the sensitivity knob of the photoelectric head, so that only when the cursor passes the photoelectric head, the indicator flashes.

c. Check whether the cursor color is similar to the bottom color, such as similar is not work. The more the contrast between the two is about the better.

Manipulator adjustment

a. When the inner bag cross-seal parallel (just cut off the bag), the robot rises to the highest point to clamp the bag for the best position.

b. When the horizontal seal is parallel, remove the drive chain behind the robot, turn the robot gear by hand, and tighten the chain again when the robot rises to the highest point to clamp the bag.

Adjustment of feeding time

When the horizontal seal is parallel, close the feeding clutch, hold up the double-linked intermediate wheel under the substrate, rotate the material tray back and forth, and align the opened measuring cup exactly with the forming machine receiving mouth.

How to order tea bag packing machine?

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