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Granule packing machine for sale

What is granule packing machine?

Granule packing machine can be divided into large and small packages. Small packages are suitable for filling those granular materials with good fluidity such as plastic granules, fertilizer granules, feed granules, chemical granules, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, sugar, seeds, coffee beans, grains and other materials for quantitative packaging.

Granule packaging machine is very versatile and is mainly used for automatic quantitative packaging of granule products such as laundry, seeds, edible salt and monosodium glutamate. Granule filling machine can be suitable for the packaging of various bags of products and is a very powerful packaging equipment. It mainly has horizontal sealing mechanism, vertical sealing mechanism, material supplying mechanism, shearing mechanism, transmission mechanism and electrical control system. Mainly through the automation technology to automatically complete the bag making, weighing, filling, coding and other actions, in addition to it can also automatically correct the deviation, inferior reject, over-alarm, portable bag punching. The machine can make different choices according to the needs when punching codes.

Working principle of granule packing machine

Granule packing machine completely simulates the manual bagging action. First of all, the bags into the bag box, press the start button, placed in the bag mouth of the vacuum suction cups placed above the role of the cylinder quickly down, sucking the upper side of the bag mouth of the uppermost bag, and twist up, at this time the vacuum suction cups driven by the lateral cylinder, with the sucked bags to the direction of the bag clamps moved out about 150mm. placed in the bag moved out of the lower side of each pair of Vacuum suction cups at the bottom of the role of the cylinder up and sucked the bag mouth of the lower side, and down a pull. After the action is completed, the bag opening of this bag has been completely opened; at the same time, the upper bag arm of the automatic granule packing machine inserted into the bag opening and pulled tight. The upper bag arm by the cylinder action, after the same arm into the bag into the bag clamps, bag clamps action, the bag clamps, complete the whole process of automatic bagging. The entire automatic bagging operation is clear, just like the manual bagging, no extra action, is an alternative to manual bagging, reduce the work intensity of the personnel of the new generation of products, with high reliability, long-term stability, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

Feature of granule packing machine

a. The granules packed by the granules packaging machine are generally a certain amount, about 20g to 2000g, no matter what kind of granules can be packed. Granule packaging machine has a high efficiency, and in the process of packaging, the consumption of energy is very little. It occupies less geographical area, has a high degree of precision and is very easy to use.

b. Granules packaged by the automatic granule filling machine can be rolled at will, through the belt for the transmission of granules, in the process of transmission, you need to pay attention to the stability of the granules, the belt has a strong flexibility, and therefore has a good transmission efficiency, we need to minimize the loss.

c. The packaging materials used in pellet packaging machines can be polypropylene or polyethylene, etc., as they are less costly, which equates to the most efficient packaging at the lowest cost.

Application of granule packing machine

Granule packing machine is suitable for quantitative packing of rubber granules, plastic granules, fertilizer granules, feed granules, chemical granules, grain granules, building material granules, metal granules seal granular materials, etc.

Precaution of granule packing machine

a. Each time the granule packaging machine start-up operation, the operator should check the environment around the packaging machine to see if there is a phenomenon affecting the packaging machine.

b. After the granule packaging machine began to work, the operator should try to stay away from the machine, especially not the head, fingertips, or other parts of the body touching the running parts of the packaging machine.

c. Granule packaging machine in the process of work, the operator cannot make any object deep into the machine's sealing knife, otherwise, the machine will be damaged.

d. When the granule packing machine in the course of work, the operator should remember not to keep switching operations, but also cannot always change its parameter settings.

e. Granule packaging machine cannot work for a long time at high speed.

f. The operator cannot switch the operation of the two buttons at the same time. All kinds of switches and buttons cannot be operated at the same time. Maintenance personnel should cut off the power supply when the packaging machine for maintenance and repair. Maintenance and commissioning should be carefully thought out before making changes to the granule packaging machine.

Use of granule packing machine

a. Before starting the granule packing machine, check whether the specifications of the loaded capacity cup and bag maker match the requirements.

b. Hand paddle the main motor belt to see if the granule packaging machine is running flexible. When the granule packaging machine to confirm that no abnormalities before powering on.

c. Under the granules pouch packing machine, the packaging material is loaded between the two paper stop wheels and racked in the slot of the paper rack arm plate of the pellet packaging machine. The paper blocking wheel should clamp the cylinder core of the loaded material so that the packaging material is aligned with the bag maker. Then tighten the knob on the blocking sleeve and ensure that the printing side faces forward or the composite side faces backward. After the machine is turned on according to the paper feed to adjust the axial position of the packaging material on the paper rack wheel to ensure normal paper supply.

d. Turn on the main power switch of the granule packaging machine. Press down the clutch handle to separate the metering mechanism from the main drive. Turn on the start switch, the machine is running empty.

e. If the granule packing machine conveyor belt clockwise rotation should be stopped immediately, because of the bad situation - the machine is the main motor reversal. The motor will be reversed after the phase so that the belt turns counterclockwise.

f. Set the temperature. According to the packaging material used, set the heat-sealing temperature on the temperature control instrument of the electric control box.

g. Bag length adjustment. Insert the packaging material into the bag maker according to the relevant regulations and clamp it between the two rollers; turn the rollers and pull the packaging material below the cutter; wait for 2 minutes to reach the set temperature and then turn on the start switch. Loosen the lock nut of the bag length adjusting screw, adjust the bag length controller knob, turn clockwise to shorten the bag length; and vice versa to lengthen the bag length, and tighten the nut after reaching the required bag length.

h. Determine the cutting knife position. Move the cutter when the bag length is determined. Turn on the start switch and seal several bags continuously, then stop the machine immediately when the heat sealer is just opened and the roller has not pulled the bag yet. Then move the left cutter first, so that the knife mouth is aligned with the middle of the horizontal sealing channel of the whole number of times the bag length (generally 2-3 times the bag length), and make the knife edge perpendicular to the straight paper direction, tighten the left cutter fastening screw; put the right cutter against the left cutter, put it flat and let the knife tip to knife tip, slightly tighten the fastening screw in front of the stone cutter; press the back of the right cutter down, so that there is a certain pressure between the two cutters; fasten the back of the right cutter fastening screws, the packaging material placed between the knife blade; slightly downward knock on the front of the right cutter to see if it has been able to cut off the packaging material; otherwise, should continue not be to be able to cut off, and finally fasten the front screw.

i. When stopped, the granule packaging machine heat sealer must be in the open position to prevent burning packaging materials. This operation can extend the service life of the heat sealer.

j. When turning the metering disk, it is not allowed to turn the disk in clockwise direction. Before starting the machine should check whether the doors have been closed (except in the open state of the material door), otherwise, it may damage the parts.

k. Metering adjustment. When the weight of the packaging material measurement is less than the required weight, you can adjust the metering disk clockwise microscopic adjustment screw ring to achieve the required packaging volume, and if greater than the required weight is vice versa.

l. After charging operation without abnormalities, the granule pouch packing machine can work normally. Turn on the counter switch to complete the counting work, and finally install the protective cover.

Maintenance of granule packing machine

Granule packing machine maintenance is essential for long time use.

a. Granule packing machine requires frequent inspection of the various parts of the screw - there should be no loose phenomenon.

b. The electrical part should pay attention to water-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and rat-proof. Ensure that the electrical control box and the terminals are clean, to prevent electrical failure.

c. When stopping the machine, the two heat sealer bodies should be in an open position to prevent scalding the packaging material.


a. Granule packaging machine of the gear mesh, with seat bearing oiling holes and moving parts need to be regularly lubricated with oil.

b. Granule packaging machine reducer is strictly prohibited to run without oil. Automatic granule packing machine for the first time after 300 hours of operation, clean the interior for a new oil. After that, change the oil every 2500 hours of work.

c. When filling the oil, please be careful not to drip oil on the drive belt of the granule packaging machine to prevent slippage and loss of rotation or premature aging of the belt damage.

How to order granule packing machine?

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