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What is filling machine?

Filling machine is a small class of packaging machine, from the point of view of packaging materials can be divided into paste filling machine, liquid filling machine, granule filling machine, powder filling machine; from the degree of automation of production is divided into automatic filling production line and semi-automatic filling machine.

Bottle Filling Machine has the characteristics of compact and beautiful design, simple and understandable operation, and high versatility. You can choose to add a cover unscrambling machine to cooperate with it to improve unit production efficiency. Compatible with general round caps, pump head caps, spray caps, duckbill caps, etc.

Structure of filling machine

The filling machine mainly includes three parts: the storage tank, the filling machine and the frequency conversion speed regulation conveyor belt part.

Storage tank

The material storage tank is located on the upper part of the machine, which is an atmospheric tank with a liquid level sensor and a feed solenoid valve.

Filling host

The filling machine is the key equipment to complete the filling action. There are several filling heads installed on the front of the machine, and pumping cylinders are installed on both sides. The filling head rises while filling, and closes the nozzle when the filling is completed, and rises to the position of the bottle mouth. There are two stop rods driven by two small cylinders on both sides of the filling table, one is located at the bottle outlet and the other is located at the bottle inlet, and their function is to work together with the bottle clamping equipment on the filling table. Position the bottle accurately so that the nozzle is accurately aligned with the mouth of the bottle.

Conveyor belt

The conveyor belt motor is controlled by a frequency converter to achieve stepless variable speed to achieve the purpose of economic operation of the system. When the motor is starting, the inlet cylinder is retracted, and the empty bottles are sent in from the conveyor belt, and the bottle feeding starts. Then the outlet cylinder stretches out, and the empty bottle sent in is blocked by the outlet stopper. Then, the filling head descends to the bottle mouth to begin filling.

Function of filling machine

1. Promote food competition and increase food sales.

2. During the whole circulation process of food, its quality will change and deteriorate. If the food is packaged aseptically or subjected to high-temperature sterilization and refrigeration after packaging, it will stop the occurrence of food spoilage.

If the corresponding moisture-proof filling technology is adopted, the above phenomenon can be stopped, and the shelf life of food can be effectively extended.

In addition, when food is in circulation, and when it is at high temperature, it is easy to cause food to oxidize, change color, change taste, etc., such as using corresponding vacuum filling technologies and corresponding packaging materials.

3. To prevent food pollution, convenient cooking food.

Types of filling machines

Atmospheric filling machine

Atmospheric filling machine is filled under atmospheric pressure by the weight of the liquid.

Atmospheric pressure filling machine means that the canned material is filled according to its own weight under atmospheric pressure, basically all automatic filling machines are controlled by PLC, and the filling machine will perform continuous filling according to the set speed.

Application industry: medicine, daily chemical, food, pesticide and other industries.

High-pressure filling machines

High-pressure filling machines are also called pressure filling machines. Filling materials are filled in an environment higher than atmospheric pressure. At the same time, high-pressure filling machines can also be divided into two types: one is to fill according to the weight of the liquid itself bottle, while the pressure of the liquid bottle and the filling bottle are equal, the other is to rely on the liquid pressure difference to flow into the filling bottle, the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder is higher than the pressure of the filling bottle, this method is usually used in high-speed production lines.

Application industry: suitable for filling liquids containing gas, such as soft drinks, beer, carbonated drinks, champagne, etc.

Vacuum Filling Machine

Vacuum filling machine refers to filling in an environment where the pressure of the filling bottle is lower than atmospheric pressure. It can also be divided into two types: differential pressure vacuum filling, that is, the inside of the liquid cylinder is at normal pressure, and only the liquid bottle is pumped. It is evacuated, the filling of the storage tank depends on the pressure difference between the liquid cylinder and the filling bottle, and the flow is generated to complete the filling. Gravity vacuum filling, the liquid cylinder is in a vacuum state, the filling bottle is emptied of air, and the liquid is formed. The vacuum environment equal to the cylinder, and then the canned material flows into the filling bottle by its own weight.

Oil Filling Machine

Oil Filling Machine can fill various oil products, such as edible oil, peanut oil, lubricating oil, soybean oil, etc. This type of filling machine can be flexibly configured for manual operation and unmanned operation.

Paste filling machine

New horizontal design, automatic pumping, light and convenient, for thicker paste can be added to the hopper.

Sauce Filling Machine

Sauce Filling Machine is suitable for filling viscous sauces such as chili sauce, bean paste, peanut butter, sesame paste, jam, butter hot pot base, red oil hot pot base and other substances with granules and high concentration in condiments.

Liquid filling machine

In addition to the above filling machines, the filling machine can also be derived from many types of filling machines, for example, some materials can be filled under normal pressure environment, but for some materials that are sensitive to humidity or temperature, vacuum is usually used or high-pressure filling machine equipment, similarly, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers or aerosol sprays commonly used in households are filling machines that require high pressure or pressurization.

Big barrel water filling machine

Big barrel water filling machine is an ideal filling device for various beverage manufacturers and is very popular in the food and beverage industry.
Process flow: automatic capping machine→automatic barrel brushing machine→automatic barrel loading machine→automatic washing and disinfection→automatic filling→automatic cap sorting, capping, capping→light inspection→automatic heat shrinkable film→automatic bagging (including conveying bring).

How does filling machine work?

1. The empty-bottles-boxes are stacked on pallets and sent by conveyor belt to the pallet unloader, and the boxes are sent with the conveyor belt to the unloader.

2. Take out the empty bottle from the box, and send the empty box to the box washing machine through the conveyor belt. After cleaning, it is transported to the side of the box packing machine, so that the bottle containing the beverage can be packed into it.

3. Drinks are filled into bottles by the filling machine. After labeling, the bottles are sent to the cartoning machine for loading into boxes and then sent to the pallet stacker for stacking on pallets and sent to the warehouse.

Technical parameters of filling machine

Liquid body volume60L
Liquid Storage Volume50L
Filled container length<340mm
The diameter of the container being filled<Φ380
Filling capacity<30L
production capacity≈20 times/hour
bottling area136900mm2
Motor Specifications0.75 kw 2825r.p.m
equipment weight110kg

Advantages of filling machine


Filling machine’s automation can complete all processes, such as weighing, filling, etc.

Work simplification

The use of filling machines simplifies the manual process and is simple to operate and easy to learn.

Reduce costs

Reduce labor costs, reduce rent, save space, etc., and reduce waste of raw materials.

Improve production capacity

With mechanization, the accuracy of filling increases and the rate of operation increases.

Flexible production system

It is possible to adjust the production line.

Visualize the production process

It enables efficiencies such as improved product and safety inventory, reliability and quality control.

Working principle of filling machine

Working principle

The filling volume can be adjusted by driving a piston through the cylinder to extract and hit the material with a one-way valve to control the material flow direction and a reed switch to control the stroke of the cylinder.


Its structure is simpler, more reasonable, and more accurate. With high precision and easier operation, it is an ideal choice for your company to fill high-quality goods.

Application of filling machine

The filling machine is mainly suitable for eye drops, Kaisailu, vegetable oil, lubricating oil, essential oil, toilet water, chemical liquid, daily chemical industry, and paint industry.

Food Industry

The filling of paste products can run 24 hours, which is the equipment of the manufacturer.

Daily chemical industry

Many enterprises are also speeding up the production of products, thus adopting new filling equipment to replace traditional filling equipment, thus speeding up the production efficiency of enterprises.
In addition, filling machines can be used to fill special paste or liquid products to ensure product quality and reduce pollution.

The filling machine has a wide range of applications, suitable for high-viscosity liquid materials, such as oil (industrial oil, edible oil), syrup, vegetable juice, and can also be used for pesticides and other toxic liquid materials, which can reduce toxicity in vacuum dissemination, thereby ensuring the health of employees.

How to order filling machine?

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