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What is cartoning machine?

Cartoning machine is a kind of packaging machinery, which is divided into automatic cartoning machine, pharmaceutical cartoning machine, and so on.

Automatic cartoning machine is a machine that has the function of automatically loading vials, tablets, ointments, etc. and manuals into folded cartons and completing the action of lidding the carton. Part of the full-featured automatic cartoning machine also has a sealing label or heat shrink wrapping and other additional functions.

Working principle of cartoning machine

The whole process from carton feeding to final packaging can be roughly divided into four stages.

The carton is held in place by a rail jam and opened by a pusher plate. At the same time, two forward-moving jams rise up from below and jam the sides of the carton from front to back so that the box opens at a right angle and moves forward to the filling area.

Once the filling is completed in the filling area, the machine's mechanism bends the ears onto the left and right tracks and then closes the lid.

Before closing the lid, the mechanism bends the tongue of the carton, and then a pusher plate pushes the lid to bend so that the tongue is inserted into the box and the latch is tightened.

The closing action is a key action, the completion of which is very much related to the structure of the carton and the accuracy of the machine adjustment.

Working process of cartoning machine

The workflow of cartoning machine mainly includes loading, unloading, opening, filling, inserting tongue (spraying glue) and sealing.
LoadingManual loading or using the material line to feed the packages in order to put them into the conveyor line slot of cartoning machine.
UnloadingPlace the carton in the correct direction into the box bin to avoid the wrong direction causing the box cannot be opened smoothly. The vacuum sucker is triggered by the material detecting device on the conveying line to suck and open the carton in the box bin into the slot of the carton feeding chain.
OpeningThe stopper on the carton feeding chain catches both sides of the carton in the front and back direction, so that the carton opens at a right angle and moves forward to the loading area.
FillingAfter the material and carton are synchronously transported to the pushing station, the pusher will work to push the material into the open carton.
Inserting tongue (spraying glue)The carton that has been pushed into the material is conveyed to the tongue folding station by the box feeding chain, the machine folding inner tongue mechanism will fold the left and right two inner tongues of the carton into it, the tongue folding mechanism will bend the outer tongue of the carton first, and then the push plate pushes the lid to be bent, so that the outer tongue will be inserted into the box and the latch will be fastened. If it is a glue spraying box, the closing mechanism will fold the upper and lower ears into the guide sheet, the glue sprayer will spray hot melt glue to the outer side of the inner tongue of the boxed carton, and the sealing mechanism will act to press the top cover down.
SealingIn the exit conveyor belt is equipped with a rejection device, can be in front of the box, open the box, filling and other processes to detect the problem of product rejection, in order to better ensure that the box to meet the needs of the process, all of which are qualified products.

Type of cartoning machine

According to the way the packaged material enters the carton, cartoning machine can be divided into horizontal cartoning machine and vertical cartoner. Among them, the model which is pushed into the carton in the horizontal direction of the packaged material is called horizontal, and the model which is pushed into the carton in the vertical direction of the packaged material is called vertical.

According to the final carton sealing form, cartoner can be divided into inserted tongue type, adhesive type, hybrid type, plus labeling sticker, unfolding type, self-locking type and so on.

According to the shape of the packaged goods, case erector can be divided into plate (such as blister packaging), bottle, tube, shaped, etc.

According to the specification of the packaged material, box taping machine can be divided into single piece, double pieces, multiple pieces, combined pieces (e.g., 1 antibiotic bottle of powder + 1 ampoule), etc.

Technical parameter of cartoning machine

Production capacity50~70 boxes/min
Box size(100~220)*(30~125)*(30~30)mm
Instruction manual size(70~200)*(70~140)mm
Power50Hz 380V 1.5KW
Gas consumption10~15L/min
Vacuum suction-0.6Mpa (with vacuum generator)
WeightAbout 1100KG
Overall dimensions2500*1100*1700mm
Carton requirement250~350g/㎡

Feature of cartoning machine

a. Cartoning machine is capable of multifunctional cartoning operations and can simultaneously perform a variety of complex cartoning tasks.

b. Box sealing machine does not occupy space, play the maximum function.

c. Cardboard box making machine adopts stepping motion, with double vacuum suction cup type box taking, fast speed and high stability.

d. Case sealer machine can be equipped with optional date batch number printer and manual insertion device.

e. Cartonator packing machine is controlled by PLC, troubleshooting display device, easy to operate.

f. The box erector machine is equipped with an inching device, which allows the machine to be moved freely and facilitates the adjustment of various box sizes.

Use of cartoning machine

Inspection work before starting the machine

a. Check whether the surface of the cartoning machine is clean.

b. Check whether the voltage of the cardboard box machine is normal.

c. Check whether the label is within the validity period as well as check whether the screws and other parts are loose.

d. After checking whether there is no error, go to the next step.

Preparation of materials and boxes

Stack the boxes and the manuals of the goods (documents and vouchers) neatly and place them on the correct shelves, and the materials make sure that the materials are passed through the conveyor belt in the correct direction.

Switching operation process of cartoning machine

Press the switch button of the cartoning machine, adjust to the appropriate cartoning speed, the cartonator will pour the materials into the box in an orderly manner and do a good job of closing the box, encapsulation work.

When you need to stop the automatic box packing machine, press the stop button of the cartoning machine. After the auto cartoner machine stops, disconnect the power supply and clean the residual boxes on the shelves and the materials on the conveyor belt.

Precaution of cartoning machine

a. Customers should ask the package material suppliers to provide standardized packaging materials strictly according to the industry standards and user requirements, and to ensure that these qualified packaging materials are not out of shape during temporary storage and transportation, so as to ensure the on-boarding rate.

b. Before using the equipment, the operator should firstly read the instruction manual of cartoning machine and operation regulations carefully, and familiarize with its performance and the use of the control part.

c. Before starting the machine, the operator should adjust the position of the mold correctly, and the equipment should be airlifted first to make sure that the sound is normal and the lubrication is good before normal operation.

d. Check the packaging materials ready for use to avoid any sticking situation. If you find such a situation should be dealt with in time, otherwise it will affect the uptake rate in use, and there will be too much scrap.

e. The speed of cartoner packaging machine has an impact on product quality and equipment life. Generally, when the carton size is large, use the slow speed, while the suitable carton size can choose the faster speed.

f. Do not disassemble the machine parts on the equipment at will. If the machine is found to vibrate or have abnormal sound during use, it should be stopped immediately for checking, and can only continue to be used after troubleshooting.

g. Regularly check and maintain the wearable parts to prevent the performance of the whole machine from being affected by the damage of individual parts.

h. Before stopping the machine, the running speed of the automatic cartoner should be reduced as much as possible.

i. Regular maintenance of the cam cartoner according to the requirements of the instruction manual to ensure the normal daily use of the equipment, to extend the service life of the equipment.

How to order cartoning machine?

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