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What is carton box-making machine?

Carton box making machine is the special equipment that automatically completes the opening, forming, and lower bottom leaf folding and now completes the lower part of the adhesive tape, opens the box board stacked into cardboard, folds the bottom of the box according to a certain procedure and seals the box with adhesive tape and then conveys it to the carton loading machine.

A cardboard-making machine is an assembly line equipment for automatic opening, folding, and sealing of large quantities of cardboard boxes. The machine is controlled by PLC + display, which is very convenient for operation, and it is the essential equipment for automation scale production.

Working principle of carton box-making machine

Automatic box-making machine is a kind of automatic equipment used for folding, cutting, and gluing cardboard into cartons. It is an important piece of machinery and equipment in the modern packaging industry, widely used in various packaging fields, such as food, beverage, electronic products, and so on.

The working principle of a corrugated box-making machine mainly includes the following steps.
Cardboard supplyThe carton-forming machine feeds cardboard into the working area of the machine through a feeding system. The cardboard can be pre-glued or unglued.
FoldingCarton-forming machines use various mechanical devices to fold the cardboard. Usually, the carton-forming machine is equipped with a set of folding modules, which can be adjusted according to the size and shape of the cardboard to adjust the position and angle of the modules.
CuttingThe carton-forming machine cuts the cardboard using a cutting system to make it conform to the size requirements of the carton. The cutting system usually employs tools such as rotary knives, cutter knives, or laser knives to cut the cardboard accurately.
GluingThe carton-forming machine glues the edges of the cardboard together through a glue system. The glue system can be manually operated or automated, depending on the model and configuration of the carton-forming machine.
FormingAfter folding, cutting, and gluing the cardboard, the carton-forming machine will further form the cardboard into the shape of a carton. During the process of forming, the carton-forming machine can also perform some other operations on the carton, such as creasing and punching.
The working principle of corrugated box machine can be described as the process of processing cardboard into finished cartons through automation technology. Cardboard-making machine not only improves production efficiency but also ensures the stable quality of the carton and the hygiene of the production environment. The higher the degree of automation of the carton-forming machine, the higher its processing efficiency and accuracy.

In a word, cardboard box cutting machine uses advanced technology and mechanical devices to automate operations in cardboard supply, folding, cutting, gluing, and molding, to achieve the conversion of cardboard to a carton box. Carton manufacturing machines an indispensable equipment in the packaging industry, which achieves high efficiency, and standardized carton production.

Feature of carton box-making machine

a. Corrugated box manufacturing machine adopts vertical storage cardboard way and can be replenished at any time, no need to stop.

b. Automatic corrugated box-making machine is suitable for simultaneous packing of cartons of the same specification and can be manually adjusted for use if the carton specification needs to be changed. The time required to change to manual mode is only 1 ~ 2 minutes.

c. Cardboard manufacturing machine adopts a rationalized design, the suction box, forming, and sealing are automatically processed in one go.

d. Automatic cardboard box-making machine has precise and durable machine parts, no vibration during operation, and long service life.

e. The folding length of the sealing tape at both ends of the carton is 50~70mm, 80 and 100mm can be customized.

f. Cardboard box manufacturing machine can be used as stand-alone machine or with an automated packaging line.

Advantage of carton box-making machine

a. Improve production efficiency. Corrugated box maker machine has the function of automatically completing the sealing, packing, conveying, and other work, and the speed is faster, a machine can meet the production efficiency of more than one manual sealing machine, to improve the production efficiency of the enterprise.

b. Strong stability. Carton box maker machine adopts electric control, gas control, mechanical operation, etc., and its operation is more stable, can run continuously for a long time, and reduces the probability of failure in the production process, to ensure the stability of the production process.

c. Cost saving. The use of carton box manufacturing machines can reduce manual operation, and save the cost of manpower, at the same time, because the carton sealing machine has accurate sealing, and packing ability, reducing the rate of carton spoilage, the cost of the enterprise also has great savings.

d. Reduce labour intensity. Compared with manual sealing, the use of corrugated box-cutting machines can reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and help protect the health of workers.

e. Convenient operation. Corrugated carton box making machine is easy to operate, just put the carton box into the corresponding position, and the machine can automatically complete the sealing of the box. It does not need special training after a simple instruction can be started to operate.

In summary, carton box cutting machine compared with the traditional manual corrugated box making machine has the advantages of high efficiency, stability, cost savings, reduced labor intensity, etc., can effectively improve the production efficiency and quality of the enterprise, is an indispensable machinery and equipment in the modern enterprise.

Use of carton box-making machine

a. The operator of carton box-making machine must be familiar with the structure, operation principle, and operation method of carton box equipment.

b. The operator of corrugated carton box-making machine must be clear about the specifications of the carton machine. Never allowed to wear gloves to operate, not allowed to touch the carton machine belt, transmission parts, blades, etc., to avoid injury.

c. Before the corrugated cardboard-making machine is switched on, it should be checked whether there are any tools or other sundries placed on the surface of the paper feeding table. Every time you start the machine, you must first press the bell, and get the other operators to respond to the machine before opening the carton machine. If you do not drive after pressing the electric bell, after some time then drive to press the electric bell again to confirm the safety of the operation. The start carton machine is not allowed to direct high-speed operation, need to start from the speed of zero, and gradually through the speed knob to reach the rated operating speed.

d. The slotting part of corrugated carton-making machine should be operated according to the procedure. Carton machine slotting knife and carton machine knife mouth are very sharp and very easy to hurt your hand; the carton machine slotting knife must fall in the carton machine knife slot, in the middle of the position. After adjusting the carton machinery knife must lock the fastening screws, and pay attention to the carton machinery shovel paper knife into the shovel paper groove, four knife linkage adjusted to remember to lock the fastening screws, the various adjustments after the locking of the first handle rolling carton machinery slotting several rounds, such as no anomalies, before continuing to operate. Carton equipment in high-speed operation, a little inattention to the hand will touch the sharp carton machinery knife mouth, especially to pay attention. In production, if the violation of carton machinery and equipment model operating procedures, is very easy to cause injury.

e. When carton box forming machine is in the pasted plate, wipe the plate, adjust the knife, eradicate dirt, foreign objects, paper or wipe, and other operations, the operator should be closed start power shutdown, and remind the surrounding personnel, to avoid bystanders open by mistake.

f. When changing ink and washing ink, do not touch the rolling parts of the carton machinery, and do not use the rag to wipe the stains on the ink roller.

g. Anilox rollers, rubber rollers, and printing plate rollers are the heart of the carton printing machine, there shall be no foreign objects rolled into them, there shall be no scratches, must be cleaned before work.

h. The carton box machinery unit should pay attention to the gear bite and when locking, the center has no foreign objects or people.

i. Carton machinery must be regularly refueled, do not cut off oil or less oil operation.

j. Carton box paper-making machine parts should be kept clean after the end of the operation should be cleaned promptly to prevent corrosion and wear and tear of the machine parts.

k. If automatic carton box-making machine produces abnormal ringing in operation, it should be stopped immediately to check and remove the cause before it can be re-started.

l. Automatic carton making machine on the safety insurance equipment needs to be kept alive at all times, and shall not be privately removed or artificially adjusted so that the safety equipment to lose effect; if there is damage should be repaired promptly.

m. Carton machinery appearance, electrical control cabinets, electrical equipment, and electrical components should be kept clean; regularly check whether the components are loose, or aging phenomenon, and remove hidden dangers promptly; debugging, maintenance must cut off the power supply.

How to order carton box making machine?

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