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What is carton printing machine?
Working principle of carton printing machine
Type of carton printing machine
Use of carton printing machine
    Production preparation
    Production operation
    End of production
    Safety warning
Maintenance of carton printing machine
    Static maintenance
    Dynamic maintenance
How to order carton printing machine?

What is carton printing machine?

Carton printing machine is a printing machine that can print the required text, patterns and other information onto the surface of the carton box. It generally includes processes such as plate loading, inking, embossing, and paper delivery. Carton printing generally has a single printing, printing with slotting / die-cutting, printing slotting / die-cutting, gluing, and linkage production line.

Working principle of carton printing machine

Corrugated box printing machine in the work of the first to print text and images made of printing plates, mounted on the printing machine, and then operated by a person printing machine to the ink evenly coated on the printing plate where there are text and images, and then directly or indirectly transferred to the corrugated cardboard or cardboard boxes, so as to reproduce the same printing with the printing plate printed reproductions.

Type of carton printing machine

There are various types and structures of carton printing presses, including gravure printing presses, flexographic printing presses, and lithographic printing press suitable for pre-printing carton facings, as well as multifunctional models that can be connected to complete the varnishing, hot stamping, silk-screen printing, etc., and there are web structures as well as flatbed models; and there are also flexographic printing presses suitable for the direct printing of corrugated boards, and the equipment can be connected to complete the slotting, corner-cutting, cutting, creasing and creasing. The carton box printing machine can also complete slotting, corner cutting, slitting, and creasing inline.

Pre-printing equipment for cartons means that before the top paper (such as kraft cardboard or white cardboard) is laminated with the corrugated board, the printing machine is used in advance to print the graphics on the box in the position corresponding to the top paper, and then the printed top paper is laminated with the corrugated board, and then die-cutting and creasing and shaping, which is made into a complete finished carton. This type of machine is characterized by high printing productivity and printing accuracy, more suitable for printing beverages, beer, electronic equipment, and other food packaging, and high-grade color corrugated cartons. The semi-finished products printed by the pre-printing equipment of the web structure can be directly laminated into corrugated cardboard on the tile line. Due to the production of a certain amount of heating and forming time, the use of such equipment can better improve the strength of corrugated boxes. The flexographic printing machine suitable for corrugated cardboard printing is printed on the surface layer of the uneven corrugated cardboard, and the effect of the quality of the graphic ink color it prints is obviously not as good as that of the printing quality of the pre-printing equipment, especially it is not suitable for the printing of fine dot-coloring products, so this kind of machine is generally only suitable for the printing of medium- and low-grade cardboard products with coarse graphic layouts.

There is a wide variety of printing presses, which can be divided into the following five areas.
Types of platesLetterpress, lithographic press, gravure press and perforation press.
Paper sizeLithographic printing machine, sheet-fed printing machine, web printing machine.
Printing color codesSingle-color printing machine, two-color printing machine, and multi-color printing machine.
Printing formatOctavo printing machine, quarto printing machine, half-open printing machine, full-sheet printing machine, and super full-sheet printing machine.
Pressure application methodFlat presses, round presses, and circular presses.

Use of carton printing machine

Production preparation

a. Check the carton coding machine power switch is not normal, production tools are complete, clean up the machine debris to ensure safety, normal production.

b. Check the cardboard material, printing offset and production sheet information is consistent, found that there are abnormalities in a timely manner to respond to the manufacturer.

c. Be sure to tighten the screws after adjusting the gauge to prevent the alignment, and adjust the folding position and press line depth appropriately according to the thickness and requirements of the cardboard.

Production operation

a. Start the machine power supply and empty the machine, start the machine to check the machine low and swiftly running normally.

b. Lock the ink wheel, according to the production order or sample board on the requirements of good ink, and control the amount of delivery.

c. According to the thickness of the cardboard on the bite wheel, the pressure wheel to adjust the test print, slow rotation cardboard box printing machine to check the printing position and printing effect, debugging end of the production of the first piece of goods.

d. Machinists and deputies should check and verify the first product, and confirm the colors of eight inches of content position without error indentation depth - consistent, and confirmed by the quality inspector before birth.

e. During the production process, the machine operator and the assistant operator should at least make a random check to prevent abnormal situation from appearing.

f. Production of products must be timely and stacked neatly, the direction of the same.

g. The defective products in the production are stacked separately.

h. After the printing is completed, remove the rubber plate, clean up the debris on the cylinder, let the ink flow clean, clean the valve wheel to drain the residual water, separate the steel flower wheel and rubber wheel, cover the amount and put in the designated position.

i. Timely clear away the edge of the production of waste, and keep the work area clean and smooth.

j. If you find any abnormal noise in the machinery during production, you should stop the machine immediately and communicate with the manufacturer.

End of production

a. Stop the carton printer machine and turn off the power switch.

b. Clean and sanitize the machine and work area, and keep the press roll clean.

c. Organize and keep the tools, and place the offset plate properly.

d. Add oil to the mechanical shaft, drain the air compressor, and change the filter element regularly.

Safety warning

a. Every time before starting the machine must ring the alarm bell to remind.

b. Manipulation process, sleeves, and hair should be buried and tied up, so as not to get involved in the machinery.

c. In the process of machine operation, the operator shall not grab the paper and cannot pull the paper, otherwise, it is very easy to accident.

d. Power must be switched off for maintenance, gauge adjustment, etc.

Maintenance of carton printing machine

To ensure the normal operation of the printing machine for carton box, routine maintenance, and repair are essential and very necessary. Printing machine routine maintenance and maintenance is an important task in the management of printing equipment.

Static maintenance

Carton printing machine static maintenance refers to the machine being in a static state of maintenance of the machine.

a. Establish the rules and regulations of machine maintenance. Offset printing machine maintenance should be based on the machine's instructions. Such as regular oil changes, cleaning filters, and regular testing of machine accuracy.

b. Strengthen the maintenance of important parts. Gears, cams, sprockets, cylinders, and bearings are the most important parts of the printing machine, their maintenance should be different from other parts because changes in their accuracy will affect the final print quality. Springs are the most important parts of the machine used in the force balancing mechanism, and their good or bad performance directly determines the precision of the interplay of the moving parts. Springs must be sensitive to elasticity, and hysteresis and irrecoverable plastic deformation are extremely unfavorable to the work of springs. If the above problems are found, the springs should be replaced immediately.

c. Technical changes to enhance machine maintenance. Machine maintenance requires that the machine be designed with ease of maintenance in mind. However, due to the complexity of the printing machine, it is obviously impossible to take every factor into account, and as the environment changes, the content of machine maintenance will also change. It is therefore necessary to make improvements to structures that are not conducive to machine maintenance without affecting the normal operation of the machine.

Dynamic maintenance

Dynamic maintenance of the carton overprinting machine refers to the printing machine in motion under the maintenance of the machine. Static machine maintenance is a prerequisite for dynamic machine maintenance, while the dynamic operation of the machine can in turn test the level of static machine maintenance. Dynamic machine maintenance is very important.

a. Machine readiness detection. Machine readiness can be checked by tapping or panning. Such as tools and other items stuck in the machine; printing plate installation position is appropriate, if not appropriate, it is possible to make the plate damage or to find the rules to bring great difficulties; rubber cloth installation is appropriate, if not appropriate, it may cause printing faults, serious cases may make the rubber cloth or machine damage.

b. Lubrication of the machine. First of all, you can observe through the oil mark whether the oil circuit of the machine is smooth, such as the oil mark no oil or the oil mark at the observation is not clear, then you should stop the car to carefully check whether there is oil leakage phenomenon of the oil circuit. Although it is easy to observe the oil leakage of the machine, it is very difficult to find the cause. Low speeds are detrimental to the lubrication of machines with plain bearings, especially when the machine is started or operated at low speeds. It is therefore a good idea to run the machine at idle to lubricate it before carrying out such operations, and this is one of the first things that should be done before starting work on each job. In some machines, the oil pump is driven by the main engine, so when the point is reversed, the oil circuit not only cannot be refueled but also sucks the oil from the circuit back to the oil tank, which is very dangerous, so the point should be avoided. Some of the more important parts of the lubrication can also be detected by the temperature of the metal near it, such as high temperature, indicating that the lubrication problem.

c. Shocks during machine operation. The lower the impact of machine operation, the more favorable to printing, but also extends the service life of the machine. Reducing the printing pressure (in the broad sense of the pressure) is to ensure that the machine runs smoothly and steadily an important condition, in order to ensure the quality of the print, the printing pressure is as small as possible. Reducing the speed of the machine to reduce the machine inertia is another important condition, the lower the speed of the machine, the smaller its inertia, so the machine should not always be in high-speed operation.

How to order carton printing machine?

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