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What is a UV printer?
    How UV printer works?
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Types of UV printer
Use of UV printer
How to order UV printer?

What is UV printer?

Nowadays, printers are very common office equipment in our life. With the increasing demand for handling official business, printer equipment is constantly updated and iterated. Now there are different types of printing products on the market to meet different user needs. The ultraviolet printer (UV printer) is an upgraded version of the printer, who is focusing on the industrial field of printing patterns. It is not suitable for office or home printing used.

UV printer is a kind of machine that is in the field of short edition digital printing. It uses direct printing and does not need other accessories like plate, film, color, etc. It can also print patterns on glass, tile, acrylic, and hundreds of other materials. UV printing has changed the traditional way of water-based ink printing, especially the function of printing white ink. At the same time, it can be printed without color limitation of products and let white ink and color ink synchronous print synchronously. UV color printing is popular around the world.

A UV printer is composed of a jet, control system (board card), UV ink, mechanical and electrical, ink supply system, RIP, and print media.

How UV printer works?

As a form of digital printing, UV printing uses ultra-violet lights to dry or cure ink as it is printed. When the printer distributes ink on the surface of a substrate, specially designed UV lights follow close behind, curing - or drying - the ink instantly.

UV printer working principle: curing, printing, and positioning.

Curing principle: the LED cold light source in the curing UV printer emits ultraviolet waves that react with the photosensitive curing agent in the UV ink to cause pigment molecules in UV ink to solidify on the surface of the material and achieve the drying of ink. Unlike traditional printing equipment, which requires baking and drying, this process improves productivity while reducing unnecessary equipment and personnel costs.

Printing principle: UV printer adopts piezoelectric inkjet printing technology. In this way, it can rely on the voltage inside the jet to let the ink in the jet hole spray onto the surface of the substrate to achieve the purpose of printing pictures without direct contact with the material surface. The jet plays a key role in the machine. A small jet has thousands of holes, and it is difficult to see these holes with the naked eye. By using the UV jet, the printer can control the amount of ink out of the hole accurately.

Positioning principle: UV printers can definitely achieve the purpose of printing patterns on items of different materials, different volumes, different heights, and different shapes. In the position of the X-axis, the printer relies on the raster decoder to direct the horizontal printing of the device. On the Y-axis, it depends on a servo motor drive to control the length of the printing material. In height positioning, it depends on the lifting function of the nose.

UV printing applications

UV printers have been developed for more than ten years and are applied in many industries. At present, UV printers are used in the industries like the advertising industry, mobile phone case industry, home decoration industry, personality customization industry, leather industry, cosmetics industry, etc.

Because of the characteristics of the UV printer, it can be used in various aspects of art. In the past, the printing process must be manually operated. But the UV printer now can print any plane material and finally liberate productivity to realize mechanization of production.

UV printer not only plays a significant role in the field of art but also greatly influenced the decoration industry. The output of the UV printer pattern is completely controlled by a computer, making it more convenient to apply in the decoration industry. This characteristic makes it quickly open the market in the field of decoration and obtain a certain market share. A wide-format UV printer can print home decoration products like art glass, ceramics, bamboo, wood fiber integrated wall panels, and so on. The wide-format UV printer is a kind of inkjet printer. Ultra-large format UV printer is another type of inkjet printer.

The emergence of UV printers brought a great change in the advertising industry. The cost of small-batch printing was too high in the past. The invention of the UV printer makes it possible to print advertisements individually. It is a good way to save costs. At the same time, the LED cold light source allows the UV printer to be applied to any flat or cylindrical material.

Besides, UV printing on wood, UV printing on silicone, UV printing on plastic, UV printing on metal, UV printing on leather, UV printing on glass, UV printing on fabric, UV printing on ceramic tiles, UV printing on aluminum, UV printing on acrylic is required in these industries.

Types of UV printer

UV printers are mainly divided into two categories: UV flatbed printers and UV roll to roll printers.

UV flated printer is also known as universal flatbed printer or flatbed printer. It has broken through the bottleneck of digital printing technology and achieved a real sense of one-piece printing, no plate making, and full-color image printing complete in one machine at the same time. It has many advantages so it is used in many aspects. There are wide-format UV flatbed printers, glass UV flatbed printers, leather UV flatbed printers, wood UV flatbed printers, mini UV flatbed printers, LED UV flatbed printers, large format UC flatbed printers, inkjet flatbed printers, hand top UV flatbed printers, etc.
UV roll-to-roll printer is a special machine for flexible, soft materials, and roll-to-roll printing. Full-color images can be directly completed by digital printing. It is widely used in the advertising industry. Compared with the UV flatbed printer, the materials that roll-to-roll UV printers can print are less, but the length of the materials can be an almost infinite extension. It is equipped with a number of air expansion shafts and large diameter cots so that the material will not have ups and downs or wrinkles. This printer improves stability, accuracy, and speed, which makes it able to print better patterns.

Use of  UV printer

The UV flatbed printers have three different flatbed printings.

General color printing: different from traditional color printing machines, UV printers can print a larger size picture.

Flat 3D color printing: 3D color printing makes the picture more three-dimensional feeling and more real.

Emboss 3D printing: the picture is embossed by printing with this technology. When touching the picture, flat 3D color printing is flat, and embossing 3D printing is concave and convex.

How to order UV printer?

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