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Perfume Filling Machine

Perfume filling machine for sale

What is perfume filling machine?

Perfume filling machine is usually used in the appropriate pharmaceutical, food, light industry, chemical and other industries of glass, plastic, metal and other containers of vacuum negative pressure, self-priming filling equipment. Perfume packaging machine is used to fill the container should be small in diameter, the caliber of the liquid surface up stress should be greater than the liquid static pressure, that is, the container inverted liquid will not flow out,  such as oral liquid plastic bottles. The bottle of wind oil essence, eye drops, cosmetic perfume bottles, battery liquid filling, etc.

Technical parameter of perfume filling machine

ItemTechnical parameter
Volume of the body60L
Filled container length340mm
Filling volume30L
Filling bottle area136900mm²
Liquid storage volume50 L
Diameter of filled containerФ380mm
Production capacity50 times / h
Motor power0.75KW/2825 r.p.m
External dimension850*510*1300mm

Feature of perfume filling machine

a. The perfume filling machine adopts negative pressure suction filling. The product filling volume is measured by the liquid level.

b. The perfume packaging machine adopts vacuum filling machine, which is designed to apply pressure through the filling head and the vacuum generator to achieve a local sealing environment in the return bottle and the bottle to be filled, generating a local vacuum (negative pressure) and achieving filling through vacuum suction.

c. The perfume bottle filler is made of 304 stainless-steel with material contact parts and table surface.

d. Automatic perfume filling machine is easy to adjust, operate and maintain.

e. The perfume bottling machine adopts full pneumatic control, which is especially suitable for the filling of high bubble and irregular volume of material bottles.

f. The perfume refill machine can achieve the ideal filling speed and effect by actual debugging according to the customer's bottle type, and it is the ideal choice model.

Advantage of perfume filling machine

Automatic perfume filling machine is an efficient and precise filling equipment for the production line of perfume and cosmetic industries. This equipment is made by professional manufacturers with advanced control system and high-quality materials, which has been optimized and improved many times to ensure the filling efficiency and precision of perfume.

Perfume filling machine is easy to operate and can be adjusted and set in many ways to suit different production needs. At the same time, the automatic perfume filling machine also features a high degree of automation and stable work, which greatly improves production efficiency and product quality. Whether it is a small production plant or a large factory, automatic perfume filling machine is an ideal choice. The quality and after-sales service provided by the manufacturer also allow customers to use and maintain with confidence.

Application of perfume filling machine

Perfume filling machine can be applied to juice drinks, carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages, mineral water, pure water, hair care products, skin care products, cosmetics, cleaning, washing products, oral liquids, pharmaceuticals.

Perfume filling process with perfume filling machine

Liquid filling - Sealing - Inflating - Weighing - Water inspection - Nozzle on - Big cap on - Spray code on line - Sealing and packing

Perfume filling equipment production line with perfume filling machine

Perfume filling equipment production line is divided into basic line and auxiliary line.

The basic line contains the processes of bottle management, liquid filling, sealing, filling, putting on big cap, packing, etc.

The auxiliary line contains the operations of weighing, water inspection, nozzles, spraying code on the line, etc.

The working table is composed of bottle management table, automatic filling machine, automatic valve machine, automatic sealing and filling machine, automatic weighing, automatic water inspection, automatic nozzle machine, automatic big cap machine, on line coding machine, sealing and packing. It can be equipped with automatic glass bead machine, labeling machine and tube labeling machine.

Use of perfume filling machine

a. Clean and disinfect the scoops, spatulas and buckets to be used and prepare them for use.

b. Check whether the containers and semi-finished products are required for the day's production, check whether the labels of semi-finished products match with the actual ones, and consult whether the test results have been issued.

c. After the monitor signs and confirms the semi-finished products, tear off the two labels on the lid and the wall of the barrel and stick them to a certain position.

d. Unfold the lid of the semi-finished product barrel and carefully lift the cling film inside to put it in. Use the transfer barrel to add the semi-finished products into the hopper, do not add too much material to avoid overflow of semi-finished products. After each filling, we should give the semi-finished products storage barrel, transfer barrel and filling machine hopper with cover in time.

e. The inspection of the semi-finished products should be strengthened in the process of filling, and any abnormalities found should be reported to the team leader in time.

f. After each barrel is added, the stainless-steel shovel should be used to shovel the semi-finished products attached to the wall of the storage barrel, and the empty barrel should be sent to the inner corridor, and the next barrel of semi-finished products should be collected.

g. A batch of semi-finished products can only be distributed to the next batch after the end of the distribution. And notify the shift manager in advance. At the same time, check whether the semi-finished products of the previous material have indeed been divided and assembled. The change of batch number should be timely and accurate, and should be confirmed by the signature of the shift manager and the monitoring worker.

h. Timely replenish semi-finished products to the filling machine hopper and replenish containers for the dispenser. Disinfect the hands with 75% alcohol every half hour during work.

i. When replacing containers of different suppliers, you should make a good handover with the material control worker and inform the line manager that all the remaining tubes, caps and plugs are returned to the material control worker, and no omission should occur.

j. When replacing varieties, check whether the varieties of semi-finished products or containers have been played out, and return all the extra semi-finished products and containers to the warehouse, and clean and disinfect all kinds of utensils for spare.

k. In the process of adding materials, try to avoid spilling materials on the ground or splashing equipment surface. If there is a spill, it should be wiped away with clean gauze in time.

l. After the work, the apparatus and machine should be cleaned and disinfected and put in the planned position.

How to order perfume filling machine?

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