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Paste labeling machine for sale

What is paste labeling machine?
Working principle of paste labeling machine
Working process of paste labeling machine
Technical parameter of paste labeling machine
Type of paste labeling machine
    Solid granular (powder) paste labeling machine packaging
    Solid paste labeling machine packaging
    Paste labeling machine spray packaging
    Liquid, paste, emulsion paste labeling machine packaging
Feature of paste labeling machine
Use of paste labeling machine
Precaution of paste labeling machine
How to order paste labeling machine?

What is paste labeling machine?

Paste labeling machine is suitable for paste labeling of 20-1200ml plastic bottles or glass bottles, cylindrical containers in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.

Working principle of paste labeling machine

The work process of paste labeling machine begins with the boxes being fed on a conveyor belt towards the paste labeler at a constant speed. Mechanical fixtures separate the boxes by a fixed distance and propel the boxes in the direction of the conveyor belt.

The drive wheel intermittently drags the labeling belt in motion, and the labeling belt is pulled from the reel while passing over the paste labeler wheel. The paste labeler wheel presses the label tape against the case. Maintaining the tension of the label tape is an open-loop displacement control on the reel. Because the labels are in close proximity to each other on the labeling belt, the labeling belt must constantly start and stop. 

The labels are applied to the boxes at the same speed that the labeling wheels are moving with the boxes. When the conveyor reaches a specific position, the labeling belt drive wheel accelerates to match the speed of the conveyor, applies the label, and then decelerates to a stop. 

Since the paste labeler label belt can slip, it has registration marks on it that are used to ensure that each label is placed correctly. The registration mark is read by a sensor, and during the deceleration phase of the labeling belt, the drive wheels are repositioned to correct any positional errors on the labeling belt.

Working process of paste labeling machine

The workflow of the paste labeling machine is usually bottle infeeding, paste application, label taking, drum labeling, and so on. The whole machine adopts frequency conversion speed control, and is equipped with photoelectric automatic control system to keep the whole line of action coordinated. Automatic labeling machine adopts paste to take the label, take the label is stable and reliable, with high working efficiency. Adopting screw bottle feeding, the bottle runs smoothly and the positioning is reliable. The labeling machine adopts rolling mechanism, good label adhesion, enhance the reliability of labeling, with no bottle without handing the label, no slurry, no labeling and other protective devices. Simple machine structure, easy to use and replace specifications.

Technical parameter of paste labeling machine

Power supplyAC 380V; 50 HZ
Applicable bottle typeMedium 35-medium 110mm
Maximum label specification (length and width)240mm*100mm
Production capacity0-120 bottles / min
WeightAbout 500kg
Overall Dimension: (L*W*H)3000*950*1000mm
Required gas source<0.5MPa clean and stable gas source

Type of paste labeling machine

Paste labeling machine mainly solid paste labeling machine, solid granular (powder) paste labeling machine, liquid and emulsion paste labeling machine and cream labeling machine these categories.

Solid granular (powder) paste labeling machine packaging

Solid granular (powder) paste labeling machine is mainly foundation, talcum powder and other granular (powder) products, often used packaging methods are mainly cartons, composite cartons (mostly cylindrical box type), glass bottles (wide-mouth, small), metal boxes, plastic boxes, plastic bottles (wide-mouth, small), composite film bags and so on. In general, the packaging container to be beautifully decorated and printed, at the same time, in the use of plastic and metal containers packaging, often with beautifully printed cartons to match. The use of cartons, composite carton packaging can be used Starfire brand pillow packaging machine, which is designed for all types of solid regular object packaging; for bulk or individual separation of the object, it is necessary to be packaged first in the box, or will be tied into one in the packaging.

Solid paste labeling machine packaging

There are fewer types of solid paste labeling machines, which are mainly used in eyebrow pencils, powders and all kinds of lipsticks. The packaging of these paste labeling machines is simpler and is usually done using a shrink-wrapping machine. Shrink packaging is one of the more advanced packaging methods on the market, it is the use of shrink film wrapped around the outside of the solid paste labeling machine, and heating, so that when the packaging material is cooled contraction and thus wrapped paste labeling machine, fully display the appearance of the plastic blowing machine, to improve the exhibition of the product, in order to increase the aesthetics and sense of value.

Paste labeling machine spray packaging

Spray packaging with accurate, effective, simple, hygienic, on-demand quantitative access and other advantages, commonly used in higher-grade paste labeling machine and the requirements of directional, quantitative access to the paste labeling machine packaging. The use of this packaging form of hair mousse, hair spray glue paste labeling machine. The commonly used spray packaging containers are mainly used in metal spray cans, glass spray cans and plastic spray cans. Commonly used packaging machinery are quantitative packaging machine, weighing packaging machine, packaging shrink packaging machine, and so on.

Liquid, paste, emulsion paste labeling machine packaging

Of all the paste labeling machine, this type of paste labeling machine has the most types and numbers. Its packaging forms are very diverse, mainly in a variety of shapes and specifications of plastic bottles (generally after fine decorative printing), plastic bags of composite film bags (commonly used in paste labeling machine economic bag or lower-grade paste labeling machine packaging), a variety of shapes and specifications of glass bottles (including wide-mouth bottles and narrow-mouth bottles, generally used for higher-grade paste labeling machine or volatile, easy to penetrate, containing organic solvents, the paste labeling machine packaging). Packaging, such as nail polish, hair dye, perfume, toner, etc.). For this form of packaging, sometimes also used in conjunction with color printing cartons. Automatic label printing machine and color printing cartons together to form a paste labeling machine sales packaging to improve the grade of the paste labeling machine.

Feature of paste labeling machine

a. The labeling standard is accurate, the label head and tail docking overlap is high as well and the position of the label in the bottle body is accurate.

b. High labeling quality with adjustable filigree stripes. Labeling is flat, with no wrinkles, and no warping, which enhances the packaging grade.

c. High degree of automation, separating, feeding, gluing, labeling, labeling, labeling automatically complete, improve labeling efficiency.

d. Label applicator can be applied stand-alone, can also be configured with the production line together, and is easy to adjust.

e. Save glue. The thickness of the glue can be adjusted according to the need, and the glue is evenly applied. Eliminate glue waste.

f. Applicable to a wide range of products. Automatic label applicator can meet the diameter of 30mm - diameter 120mm range of circumference on the paste labeling.

g. Flexible application, product standing labeling, with automatic bottle separation function. Automatic box labeling machines can be single machine production, and can also be connected to the assembly line production.

h. Automatic label maker adopts screw bottle feeding, bottle running smoothly, and reliable positioning. Label applicator machine adopts a rolling mechanism, and label adhesion is good, to enhance the reliability of labeling, with no bottle without handing the label, no paste, no labeling, and other protection devices.

i. Simple adjustment. Labeling speed, conveying speed, and bottle-splitting speed can realize step-less speed regulation, which can be adjusted according to the needs.

j. Easy to clean, glue box and glue applicator wheel separate design. Cleaning is simple and quick.

k. High stability. Automatic labeler with touch screen operation interface, perfect fault prompting function. Various parameters are simple and quick to adjust, easy to operate.

l. Hygienic. The primary material adopts stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, which meets the GMP production requirements and is beautiful and generous.

m. The dual head design allows for quick labeling or double-sided labeling of cylindrical products.

Use of paste labeling machine

Choice of glue

Paste labelers usually use white glue (polyvinyl acetate emulsion). When adding glue, be sure not to add too much, as long as there is a film of glue on the rubber wheel. Because, too much glue instead of labels in the attachment, due to the bottle and sponge board extrusion will be too much glue left on the paper transfer belt and sponge pads, and impede the future labeling attachment.

Handling of labels

In order for the label to be fully attached to the bottle while adding to the aesthetics of the product, the label should be kept flat before it can be fully glued. Due to the label at room temperature, the label in the air is susceptible to moisture to produce curling phenomenon. Therefore, the label in the preservation must be fixed before and after the rigid board, and then clamped with rubber bands.

Handling of bottles

No oil or dust should be left on the outer surface of the bottle when the label is attached.

Precaution of paste labeling machine

Paper feeding is not smooth

a. The paper limit adjustment is too tight - readjust the limit block.

b. Paper picking claw is sticky - clean the paper picking claw.

c. Too many sheets of paper - adjust the gap between the separation wheel and the separation platform.

Equipment does not respond

a. Confirm that there is no problem with the power cord.

b. Confirm that the fuse next to the transmission socket is intact, if it has been burned out, please replace it.

c. Maybe the wiring inside the electric box is loose, please ask a professional to repair it.

d. The relay is damaged, replace the 24V relay.

Labeling crooked

a. Paper limit is not adjusted - re-adjustment to ensure the accuracy of paper feeding.

b. The product is not placed correctly - re-place the product.

c. The support bar is not parallel to the axis of the bottle, and the bottle goes out of alignment during rotation - adjust the parallelism to ensure that the bottle does not shift during rotation.

How to order paste labeling machine?

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