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Cream Filling Machine

Cream filling machine for sale

What is cream filling machine?

Cream filling machine is a kind of mechanical equipment with high degree of automation, which is mainly used for filling cream or milk fat products into designated containers.

Lotion filling machine is often used for beauty creams, for foodstuffs, for pastes, sauces, for paints, for adhesive materials.

A cream filling machine is actually a small cosmetic cream filling machine, but it is often mistaken for an ice cream filling machine.

Working principle of cream filling machine

The cream enters into the metering system through the feeding system. After being accurately measured, it enters the packing container through the filling system. Then through the transmission system to convey the packaged products to the designated position. Finally, the control system controls the normal operation of the machine as a whole.

Technical parameter of cream filling machine

Filling volume5-60 ml, 10-120 ml, 25-250 ml, 50-500 ml, 100-1000 ml
Filling precision≤±1%
Filling speedAdjustable
Working modePneumatic
Air pressure0.2-0.6 MPa
Material of contact parts304 stainless-steel
Filling materialCream, liquid detergent, water, milk, juice, oil, etc.
Noise≤ 70 dB

Feature of cream filling machine

a. Filling machines for cosmetic creams & lotions are usually a kind of semi-automatic cream filling machine.

b. The filling volume and filling speed of cream tube filling machine can be adjusted arbitrarily.

c. The face cream filling machine is easy to operate, high precision, easy to maintain, easy to clean.

d. Manual gear and automatic gear can be set.

e. The structure of manual cream filling machine is simple and reasonable, easy to disassemble and install.

f. Filling head is customized according to customer requirements, can be more into multiple outlets, can meet the filling of different flower shape.

g. The filling head realizes up and down lifting and filling by air cylinder.

Advantage of cream filling machine

a. Cream filling machine is equipped with a pneumatic three-way valve for both cream and liquid, and is made of SS316 stainless steel. There is no corner in the pneumatic three-way valve, easy to clean.

b. There is a standard measuring scale, filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily.

c. There is a counting device can automatically calculate how many times filling.

d. The material contact parts of cream roll filling machine are made of 316 stainless-steel, which meets the GMP requirements.

e. The seals are made of silicone rubber and fluorine rubber. Silicone rubber is resistant to abrasion, high temperature, acid and alkali and corrosion, while fluorine rubber is resistant to abrasion, strong acid and alkali and corrosion.

f. The filling head of cosmetic cream filling machine is equipped with anti-stretching, anti-dripping device and lifting filling device.

g. The filling speed is fast, the lotion filler can fill back and forth 30 times per minute, take 500ml for example, the filling precision is plus or minus ≤±1%.

h. The filling machine for creams can be used with a variety of equipment, such as the new semi-automatic sealing machine (with adjustable speed), spray sterilizing and cooling machine, and so on.

Application of cream filling machine

Cream filling machine is a kind of packaging equipment for bottled and canned cream products, suitable for medium and high viscosity cream materials in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

The intermittent rotation of the contour gauge is driven by a splitter for precise positioning. Positioning is the prerequisite for filling, and it is also the part of filling that cannot be sloppy.

The filling machine for thick lotion is a double-head filling, cylinder driven piston, two filling head filling at the same time, fast.

The positioning of the cream filling machine is accurate. A machine with filling in place, no bubbling, no leakage filling function is also a test of filling technology.

Automatic lotion filling machine has stable performance, defoaming and smooth filling process. Cream filling machine adopts advanced PLC control system and is suitable for filling cream products in various dosages. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, the closed filling environment is an excellent guarantee for the hygiene and safety of food, medicine and cosmetics.

Food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals are very strict on the production environment and production equipment requirements, so cream packing machine filling, sealing requirements are extremely strict. And because the cream is oil-in-water emulsion, the water is easy to evaporate, easy to shrink, so the packaging seal is the key and important factor to affect the shelf life.

In short, a professional cream filling machine is necessary.

Use of cream filling machine

a. There is always a risk of scalding for cream filling machines equipped with hot glue devices. When working on this kind of machine, wear appropriate protective clothing.

b. For cream filling machines equipped with solvent gluing devices there is always a risk of explosion. Smoking or the use of open flames in the vicinity of these machines is strictly prohibited. Thoroughly remove all solvents before welding or working with open flames.

c. Periodically check that the system used to extract solvent vapors is operating properly.

d. Make sure that you set the correct date and corresponding data if the cream filling machine is equipped with a date coding device. It is important to provide the expiration date on the product. Also check whether the date coding device is functioning properly.

How to order cream filling machine?

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