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Coffee Packaging Machine

Coffee packaging machine for sale

What is coffee packaging machine?

Coffee packaging machine is an automatic machine used to pack coffee powder. It adopts advanced technology and is able to complete the packaging of coffee powder in an efficient manner.

Coffee is one of the top three beverages in the world. As a drink indispensable to modern human life, its attractive charm lies in the aptly sour and bitter taste, fragrant aroma. Since coffee has the effect of stimulating the central nervous system or the tendons, it can restore the tendon fatigue and enhance the efficiency of work, giving it a sobering effect. It also makes the mind lively and responsive, and has the ability to suppress shortness of breath caused by parasympathetic excitement due to the stimulation of sympathetic nerves.

In addition, coffee also has the effect of helping digestion, especially when consuming meat, drinking coffee can make more gastric juice secretion, promote digestion, and prevent stomach prolapse.

Common bagged coffee powder packaging machine are bagging packaging machine, large vertical packaging machine, small vertical packaging machine and multi-column packaging machine, different models, corresponding to the different bag shape and efficiency. Portable strips of coffee powder, with a small vertical packaging machine and multi-column packaging machine, but multi-column packaging machine capacity is many times higher.

Working principle of coffee packaging machine

The common coffee packaging machine consists of several mechanisms, mainly the material tray device, horizontal sealing device, vertical sealing device, bag walking device, material roll device, motor, and so on.

The plastic film roll is shaped into a roll on the material roll device through the shaper and then heat sealed through the vertical sealing device; then the bag is walked forward through the traction mechanism, and in the process of walking the bag, the material tray device injects the measured coffee powder into the vertically sealed bag through the hopper; the bag is sealed and cut off through the horizontal sealing mechanism, and the packaging is completed. According to the requirements of the packaging machine, in the packaging process to ensure coordination between the movement of each device. The transmission scheme should meet the requirements of reliable work, simple structure, compact size, transmission efficiency, easy to use and maintain, and good technology and economy.

The motor drives the V-belt pulley to rotate, and the worm gear decelerates to drive the camshaft to rotate, and then part of the power is transmitted to the material tray shaft through a pair of gears by the synchronous belt shaft. The worm gear reducer is used because its transmission ratio is large enough to reduce the speed to the required size at one time and make the structure simple; using one shaft to drive the horizontal sealing mechanism, vertical sealing mechanism and walking belt mechanism at the same time can make the structure simple and ensure the coordinated work among the three at the same time; using synchronous belt transmission can ensure the accurate transmission ratio and realize the transmission with large center distance. The whole mechanism has compact structure, smooth transmission and small impact.

Type of coffee packaging machine

Coffee stick packaging machine

Coffee stick packaging machine is suitable for packaging materials such as coffee powder and three-in-one coffee with good fluidity and non-stick.


a. Sealing form - back seal.

b. Adopt horizontal screw for discharging, easy to measure.

c. It can automatically complete the functions of bag making, measuring, discharging, sealing, slitting, counting, etc.

d. Adopt advanced microcomputer controller, drive stepper motor control bag long, stable performance, easy adjustment, accurate detection.

Packaging materials

Polypropylene / polyethylene, aluminum foil / polyethylene, polyester / aluminized / polyethylene, nylon / reinforced polyethylene, paper / polyethylene, etc.

Technical parameters

Bag making sizeWidth: 20-140mm
Length: 40-160mm
Production capacity30-60 bags/min
Measuring range3-50ml
Total power220V/50HZ/ 1.9KW
Weight of the whole machine400KG
External dimensions (L×W×H)900×700×1700mm

Drip coffee bag packing machine

Drip coffee bag packing machine is suitable for one-time packing of small granules inside and outside the bag for hanging ear coffee, tea, herbal tea, health tea, plants and so on.

Drip coffee is also called: ear hanging coffee, brewed coffee, filter coffee, Hanging ear coffee, etc.


a. Drip coffee bag packing machine adopts screw metering, accurate weight. It can pack up to 12 grams; all the parts that can contact the material are made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure the hygiene and reliability of the product.

b. Drip coffee bag packaging machine uses a specific hanging ear filter. Three sides are closed and hang directly on the edge of the cup.

c. Drip coffee bag machine adopts PCL control. The precise control system regulates the movement of the whole machine. Compact structure and touch screen operation human-machine interface design make it easy to adjust and maintain.

d. Part of the working cylinder adopts original imported parts to ensure its accurate and stable work. The inner bag length is driven by servo motor, accurate positioning and stable bag length. The outer bag adopts photoelectric switch for positioning and step pulling film, making the bag length accurate and beautiful.

e. The inner bag is a non-woven hanging ear bag, and the sealing adopts advanced ultrasonic sealing, which saves space and is convenient and hygienic for brewing.

f. The outer bag sealing function adopts heat sealing, with good sealing effect and beautiful bag shape.

g. Additional devices can be used to complete the flat shear, date printing, easy to tear the mouth, can add nitrogen filling device (nitrogen purity up to 99.999%, the domestic first-class) and other functions.

Technical parameters

Sealing formThree side seal
Inside bag sizeWidth (W): 90 (mm)
Length (L): 70 or 74 (mm)
(Filter paper width 180mm, bag specification: 90x74mm)
Outer bag sizeWidth (W): 100 (mm)
Length (L): 120 (mm)
(Aluminized composite film width 200mm, bag-making specifications: 100x120mm)
Packaging speed25-45 bags/min
Measuring range5-12ml (special specifications can be set separately)
Power source220V/50Hz/3.7KW
Weight of the machine650KG
External dimensions: (L×W×H)1050*750*1800mm

Application of coffee packaging machine


Fine granules such as punch and water pills, sugar, coffee, fruit jelly, tea, MSG, salt, desiccant, seeds, etc.

Fluid and semi-fluid

Fruit juice, honey, jam, ketchup, shampoo, liquid pesticides, etc.


Milk powder, condiments, soybean powder, wettable pesticide powder, etc.

Tablets and capsules

Pills, capsules, etc.

How to choose a coffee packaging machine?

Barrier performance

The bags need to be sealed to keep the coffee beans fresh. You can see how effective the seal is by looking at whether the bag is equipped with a one-way water inlet valve. Coffee is very sensitive to external influences, so first, you need a barrier on the packaging that will help avoid interference from oxygen, UV rays and other elements. Today, many vertical coffee bags are available with triple metal or pure aluminum panels.

Alternatively, you can choose a double-layer high-barrier polyester laminate bag as it will keep the beans fresh. These composite bags are made of 100% plastic and include a one-way intake valve and sealing device. Double layer high barrier polyester composite bags can be recycled in most Nordic countries. To prevent as much UV light as possible from entering the bag, consider using black or white polyester or printing a dense pattern.

Types of bags

There are many different types of bags for packaging, so you should first determine the right bag for your idea. The main types of bags are stand-up pouches and corner bags.


Although bagged coffee will lose its flavor quickly when opened, bagging keeps the beans fresh. Users need to be aware that when pulling the seal, it is best to expel the air inside first. An unsealed bag is suitable for small quantities of the same item, which means it is more suitable for retail or home consumption. When choosing a self-sealing bag, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the seal to effectively ensure the freshness of the coffee.


The specialty coffee industry loves their labels, and rightly so. You need a good label that states the source of the coffee, how it was handled, the roast date and more information about the beans. Don't rush the design. This key element will take a lot of time to complete.

For commonly used bags, you may need larger pre-printed logos and labels. But for custom bags, a small, clean label can convey the coffee's message and the package design can better reflect the brand image. Try to match the label material to the bag.

How to order coffee packaging machine?

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