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Edible Oil Filling Machine

Edible oil filling machine for sale

What is edible oil filling machine?

Edible oil filling machine is a packaging machinery and equipment with a high degree of automation, which can be used for quantitative filling of liquids, and can be divided into quantitative drums, quantitative tanks, vacuum pumps and pneumatic filling valves. Cooking oil packing machine is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

Edible oil packing machine generally adopts the technology of flow meter type filling. Flow meter type filling is a computer automatically tracking the oil temperature and density changes at any time to adjust the amount of oil delivery, so that the quality of oil delivery to reduce the error with the change of temperature and density, the measurement accuracy is higher. This technology adopts two kinds of metering methods: constant volume filling and constant mass filling.

Working principle of edible oil filling machine

Edible oil filling generally adopts the atmospheric pressure filling method, which directly relies on the self-weight of the filled liquid to flow into the packaging container under atmospheric pressure.

The process of edible oil filling machine is as follows.

a. Liquid into the exhaust, that is, the liquid into the container, while the air in the container is discharged.

b. Stop feeding liquid, that is, when the liquid in the container reaches the quantitative requirements, the liquid into the automatic stop.

c. Exclude the remaining liquid, that is, to exclude the residual liquid in the exhaust pipe.

The atmospheric pressure method is mainly used for filling low viscosity, non-gas liquid materials, such as milk, white wine, soy sauce, etc.

Structure of edible oil filling machine

The main components of cooking oil filling machine include: container inlet and outlet turntable, liquid dosing mechanism, loading valve, transmission mechanism, lifting cylinder, filling cylinder, capping machine, bottle breaking and separating mechanism, etc.

a. Filling cylinder, filling valve and parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel with polished inner wall, which is corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

b. The filling part of the beverage can automatically rinse the broken bottles to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

c. The whole machine is equipped with CIP automatic cleaning pipeline, automatic circulation, easy to clean.

d. Adopting high-speed, high-precision filling valve, the liquid level in the bottle is accurately controlled to ensure excellent filling quality.

e. Equipped with safe and reliable automatic filling system, which automatically closes the valve when there is no bottle and does not make liquid loss.

f. There are float level control device and crown cap detection device.

g. Protective facilities are available to ensure safe operation.

h. It adopts giant ball bearings, and the star wheel and bottle-feeding screw are made of super high polymer plastic to ensure noiseless operation.

i. When the machine changes the bottle type, it is only necessary to change the plastic parts such as bottle feed screw and star wheel, which is extremely convenient to operate.

j. It adopts stepless transmission, which can adjust the production capacity.

Type of edible oil filling machine

Edible oil filling machine can be divided into semi-automatic edible oil filling machine and automatic edible oil filling machine according to the degree of automation. According to the function, it can be divided into double-headed semi-automatic edible oil filling machine.

Semi-automatic edible oil filling machine

Semi-automatic edible oil filling machines are generally equipped with a foot switch. Quantification → put the barrel → foot start → nozzle drop → filling → nozzle back up → vacuum suck back → put down a group of empty barrels.

Semi-automatic edible oil filling machine is divided into single head and double head, single head filling capacity 120 barrels/hour (calculated by 5 liters). Double-head small package filling capacity: 360 barrels/hour (based on 5 liters).

Full-automatic edible oil filling machine

The flow of automatic edible oil filling machine is as follows.

Manual quantification → manual bottle release → automatic sensing of bottle mouth position nozzle drop → automatic filling → automatic transmission → manual cap release → automatic cap pressing → automatic code spraying → conveyor storage (This process only requires two manual operations of manual bottle release and manual cap release, also can realize unmanned filling.)

Feature of edible oil filling machine

Oil is a relatively special liquid with a certain viscosity, and edible oil needs to meet hygiene standards, so filling machinery also has certain standards.

Flow meter type filling machine is a common edible oil filling machine with high filling accuracy, stable operation, simple operation and high production efficiency.

The basic features of the flow meter type edible oil filling machine are as follows.

a. The edible oil bottle filling machine is applied to the filling and dispensing measurement of edible oil, lubricating oil, chemical products, various greases, oil oils and liquid materials.

b. The machine is mainly composed of magnetic cylinder, oil cylinder and electrical control components. Simple structure, small footprint, easy to operate.

c. Adopting quantitative cup structure, with high quantitative accuracy, fast filling speed and high efficiency, it can reach the demand of large production volume.

d. Fast and then slow type filling to prevent the material filling machine from overflowing when it is almost full.

Flow meter edible oil filling machine filling accurate, easy to operate, filling materials, can meet the filling needs of a variety of materials.

By its very nature, an edible oil packaging machine is a precise dispensing tool it is a precise dispensing tool that is a good way to improve efficiency, reduce costs, reduce waste and save labor. Many companies previously did not have edible oil filling machines, the main packaging by human to complete the development and growth of the introduction of automatic edible oil filling production line. The edible oil filling line can automatically complete the process of filling, labeling, capping and coding of edible oil in one stop, and the whole process is aseptic and unmanned to ensure the food health and safety of edible oil.

Use of edible oil filling machine

a. Check before use. After the machine is installed, turn on the power, test run the three-phase motor to ensure the correct direction of operation, to ensure the pressure and flow of compressed air, check whether the motor, bearings, etc. need to add oil, no oil-free operation is strictly prohibited, normal before starting the machine, while observing whether the fasteners in various parts are loose, and only after the operation of the parts is stable, can be used normally.

b. Check whether the safety facilities function normally.

c. Before starting the machine carefully check all the water tank whether there is water, the chain plate has no jam, whether there is debris on the conveyor belt, Chu cap box whether there are bottle caps, water source, power supply, gas source whether a few barrels. When all ready, in the closed main power supply, power indicator light, fault indicator, emergency stop indicator light is not lit, then the start conditions are available, press the start button on the control box and filling at the start switch, the whole machine start running, into the external washing, rinsing, filling automatic work mode, stop can be at the filling and control box, press the stop button, stop off the main power.

Safety rules for using edible oil filling machine

a. Check that there are no foreign objects (such as tools, rags, etc.) in the equipment.

b. The oil filling machine is not allowed to have abnormal rattling (if so, it should be stopped immediately to check the cause).

c. All protective objects should be safe and reliable, and it is strictly forbidden to wear foreign objects that may be hung by moving parts (such as scarves, bracelets, watches, etc.).

d. Operators with long hair should wear a hair cover.

e. Do not use water and other liquids to clean the electrical unit.

f. Cleaners should wear work clothes, gloves, eye stare, to prevent strong acid, strong alkali corrosion.

g. When running, there must be someone to monitor, do not use tools or other objects close to the machine.

h. Do not let people not related to the operation of the equipment close.

How to order edible oil filling machine?

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