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Small Scale Bottle Filling Machine

Small scale bottle filling machine for sale

What is small scale bottle filling machine?

Small scale bottle filling machine is a quantitative liquid dispensing machine designed with electric, crank and piston structure. It is suitable for quantitative filling in hospital preparation room, ampoule, eye drops, various oral liquids, shampoo and various aqueous agents; small liquid filling machine can also be used for quantitative continuous liquid filling in various chemical analysis tests, and it is also suitable for small-scale liquid dispensing in large, medium and small pesticide factories. It is the ideal small equipment for quantitative liquid dispensing in small doses.

Working principle of small-scale bottle filling machine

Small-scale bottle filling machine is a high precision liquid filling equipment with precise control by mathematical operation. It works on the principle of accurate flow control, which makes the liquid in the bottle precisely reach the established volume and weight. This kind of equipment usually consists of filling machine body, transmission system, nozzle, metering system, etc. It has the features of easy operation, high production efficiency, high precision and wide application range.

The working principle of small quantitative liquid filling machine is to convey the liquid through the transfer to the nozzle, and then the nozzle will do the bottling and spraying. The design of the nozzle has a great impact on the fineness of the equipment. A good nozzle should have the following characteristics: nozzle diameter should be reasonable, adjustable precision; nozzle material should be wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the product; easy to clean and disassemble, easy to maintain; should be able to effectively coordinate with the conveying system, metering system.

The transmission system is the core of the small-scale water bottling equipment, responsible for transporting the liquid to the nozzle. Different liquids are transferred in different ways. When filling more than two liquids at the same time, the small quantitative liquid filling machine needs to introduce the liquid transfer into a proportioning box, and then use the transfer pump to transport the mixed liquid to the nozzle.

The metering system is also one of the key components of a small scale filling machine. The metering system usually consists of two parts: the metering sealing tank and the metering pump. In operation, the control system controls the flow of the liquid through the metering pump, while the sealing tank ensures that the different liquids are metered without mixing. With the help of sensors, the metering tank can be monitored precisely. Therefore, the use of small quantitative liquid filling machine can precisely control the flow of liquid and achieve better production results.

Working process of small scale bottle filling machine

a. Bottle feeding. First, the bottles need to be delivered to the feeding port of the small bottle liquid filling machine. At the feeding port, the bottles will be recognized by the machine and automatically proceed to the next processing step.

b. Filling. Before going to the next processing step, the bottles need to be filled with nitrogen, which is an inert gas that protects the material (add or not according to the demand)

c. Liquid filling. Once the bottle is finished filling, the liquid will be filled into the bottle. This step requires great care to avoid bottle breakage or liquid leakage.

d. Bottle cap filling. After the liquid filling is completed, the bottle cap will also be placed on the bottle. The machine will put the cap on the bottle by automation and use the force to tighten it.

e. Product discharge. Finally, the filled bottles will come out of the machine and go to the next production step.

The actual production process of the small bottle liquid filling machine has a lot of details. For example, in order to increase productivity, the machine needs to accurately identify the size, shape and material of the bottles to ensure that they can be handled correctly. In addition, the filling machine also needs to be adjusted and optimized accordingly to match the manufacturer's production process and production needs.

In short, small scale bottle filling machines are an important part of the production process. Manufacturers need to choose the right small bottle liquid filling machine for their situation to ensure production efficiency and product quality.

Feature of small-scale bottle filling machine

a. Small scale bottle filling machine is all made of stainless steel, with novel and beautiful shape.

b. Water bottling equipment small scale has simple structure, reliable and less failure.

c. Small scale water bottling equipment adopts cone piston, with good sealing performance, accurate dispensing liquid volume and convenient liquid volume adjustment.

d. Small scale filling machine is connected to the liquid part by activity, and it is easy to load and unload, and it can be aseptically dispensed.

e. The cylinder, push rod and piston of the machine are made of stainless steel, which are corrosion and wear resistant.

f. Machine speed is continuously adjustable, easy to operate.

g. The machine adopts fixed sleeve gear drive, electronic speed motor, smooth operation and low noise.

Use of small-scale bottle filling machine

a. The machine must be well grounded before work, and then choose the appropriate standard syringe according to the different dispensing volume.

b. Set out the inner core of the syringe and put the screw sleeve on the inner core of the syringe (Note: 10ml models due to the large difference in the diameter of the syringe, you also need to select the gasket according to its outer circle size) and use the screw sleeve to tighten it and the lower base properly (disassembly and installation of the syringe must pay attention to clean).

c. Put the upper clamp seat on the syringe jacket outlet end, and tighten the nuts on both sides appropriately (tighten the bushing together with the 5ml syringe, and note that if you tighten it too much, the jacket tube will be easily broken).

d. Assemble the inner core and jacket of the syringe into one, so that the liquid injection system is assembled.

e. Fix the valve with the arrow facing up and the arrow mark facing out on the fixing screw with a nut.

f. The complete fluid injection system will be assembled, and the upper and lower round holes of the fluid injection system assembly will be aligned with the upper and lower fixed rods, respectively, and set on the bearings, and make the outer end surface and the bearing surface level. When assembling the lower end, do not make the sleeve and crank touch each other to prevent abnormal sound when the upper crank is rotating (about 1mm between the sleeve and crank when installed correctly), after the liquid injection system is correctly installed, tighten the upper and lower set screws. Use a short hose to connect the syringe to the valve connection nozzle. The inlet pipe of small-scale bottle filling machine is connected to the water inlet and the outlet pipe is connected to the water outlet. To prevent the liquid inlet and outlet pipes from winding up, snap the liquid inlet and outlet pipes into the mouth of the side support ears of the housing.

g. If the crank handle is toggled by hand, it should be able to rotate freely, otherwise the assembly is wrong, and the liquid filling system should be checked to see if it is fastened to the rotating bearing.

Maintenance of small scale bottle filling machine

The crank cannot rotate normally after turning on the machine.a. The upper fixing rod is down, and the inner and outer tubes are stuck when the syringe is pushed, resulting in the crank not rotating, the nut should be screwed loosely ①, and the nut should be screwed tightly after the upper fixing rod is moved up to the proper position.
b. The syringe is not clean and stuck between the inner and outer tubes during assembly, so the syringe should be removed for cleaning.
c. The liquid injection system is installed into the bearing part at the end. So that it does not work properly, it is necessary to reinstall.
Liquid injection is not uniform, the joint is tightened at the end and there is air leakage.Need to further tighten.
The machine rotates normally, but no dispensing liquid is discharged.a. There is a foreign body inside the valve needs to be cleaned.
b. The upper and lower two thimbles inside the valve are placed wrongly, (both thimbles are pointed down, not to be installed backwards).
c. 100、500ml type If there is liquid leakage from the lower outlet of the piston, the cylinder should be disassembled to replace the random seal ring. Note: Seal ring with φ65×3.1 acid and alkali resistant seal ring.

How to order small scale bottle filling machine?

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