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What is bottle filling machine?

Bottle-filling machine is a kind of equipment used to fill liquid products into bottles or containers. Water bottling machine plays the role of automation and high efficiency in the filling and closing process, and is widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

Composition of bottle filling machine

Bottle filler plays an important role in the modern filling and packaging industry. Automatic bottle-filling machines utilize advanced technology and automation features to provide efficient, accurate, and reliable filling solutions to meet the needs of various industries for product packaging.

A liquid filling machine usually consists of the following main components.
Transport systemA transport system is used to transport empty bottles from the storage area to the filling area. The transport system can be in the form of a conveyor belt, air flow conveyor, or robotic arm to ensure that the bottles enter the filling table in order.
Filling systemThe filling system is the core part of a bottle liquid filling machine and is used to inject the liquid product into the bottle accurately. The filling system usually includes a dosing and measuring device, a filling nozzle and a control system. Through flow sensors or weight sensors, the dosing device can accurately measure the volume of liquid and feed it into the bottle. Filling nozzles usually have an anti-drip design to ensure each bottle is filled to the exact amount.
Closure systemOnce the bottle has been filled, the closure system seals the neck of the bottle to ensure product tightness and safety. The closure system can include a capping machine, capping machine, or bottle stopper, and the appropriate closure method is selected according to different products and container types.
Control systemThe control system is the brain of the whole bottle liquid filling machine, which is used to monitor and control the whole filling process. The control system can detect the position and status of bottles through sensors and adjust the filling speed and volume. It can also coordinate the work between different components to ensure the coordinated operation of the whole system.
The advantage of the automatic bottle-filling machine is that it improves productivity and product quality. Compared with manual operation, it can complete filling tasks with higher speed and accuracy, reducing labor costs and the risk of human error. It also features adjustable parameters and flexible adaptability to accommodate bottles of different sizes and shapes and to fill many types of liquid products.

Working principle of bottle filling machine

Transmission principleThe motor of the bottle filling machine transfers the power to the worm gear shaft of the speed reducer through the belt pulley, and then the power of filling is transferred to the dial wheel shaft and the filling part and the cap rolling head through the gear of the worm gear shaft. The filling part, cap rolling head, and each dial wheel of the automatic liquid filling machine are synchronized in action, and the power can be transmitted to the bottle-feeding dial wheel device through the bevel gear.
Principle of filling partThe bottle to be filled arrives at the transition dial through the bottle feed wheel, and is then driven to the synchronous belt through the transition dial so that the synchronous belt of the block drags the bottle to run forward at a uniform speed. Under the control of the tracking mechanism, the needle is inserted into the mouth of the bottle, and the bottle runs forward synchronously to achieve tracking and filling.
RemarkAdjustment of the filling volume must be accurate. Companies can use bottles to help get accurate filling volume for their products. At the same time, companies can also print the calibration value on the bottle, which can improve the efficiency of manual checking by the staff, because printing the calibration value on the bottle can effectively solve the problem of filling volume detection.

Technical parameter of bottle filling machine

Packing speed35-55 bottles/min
Filling range10-300g
Packaging accuracy≤+1g
Air consumption≥0.4m³/mi
Main machine power supplyThree-phase 380V
Control power supplyDC24V
Total power4.0Kw
Overall dimension1900*1770*2550mm(including conveyor lifter)

Function of bottle filling machine

a. Bottle filler has a perfect structure, complete control system, convenient operation, and high automation.

b. The parts in contact with materials in bottling equipment are made of stainless steel, hygienic, and easy to clean.

c. Water bottle filling machine adopts a highly efficient capping system and has perfect feeding technology and protection device.

d. Automatic liquid filling machine is equipped with an overload protection device, which can effectively protect the machine equipment and operator.

e. The control system of the bottle packing machine has automatic control of material water level and an automatic stopping device for jammed bottles.

f. Water bottling equipment adopts hanging-type filling, different bottle types and bottle thickness can be used.

g. The host adopts frequency conversion belt control, which can be easily adapted to speed regulation of production capacity.

h. Microelectronic data control, stable performance, so that the operation is simple and more humane.

i. Cylinder as filling power, high productivity, simple structure, easy maintenance.

j. The capping part is equipped with an automatic slipping device, and the cap is tightened and loosened appropriately.

k. The mixing of soft drinks adopts high-intensity atomization, pressure degradation, and room temperature mixing, which can achieve the ideal effect of containing soft drinks without refrigeration.

l. Separate filling of soft drink/paste, no bubbling, no anti-paste, more convenient to change production line.

Application of bottle filling machine

Water filling machine can be used for direct automatic filling of glass and plastic bottles. The materials that can be filled include fried foods, dried fruits, pickles, semi-fluids, liquids, powders, and so on.

Working process of bottling filling line

Preparation of raw materials

Before the bottling line starts working, the required raw materials and packaging materials need to be prepared. The raw materials can be various liquid products such as beverages, juices, oils, etc. At the same time, suitable bottles and caps need to be prepared, as well as labels boxes, and other auxiliary materials.

Bottle conveyor

The prepared bottles are dropped into the bottle conveyor system. The bottle conveying system can use conveyor belts, conveyor rails, and other equipment to ensure that the bottles are transported in an orderly manner by the specified spacing and direction to the next work section.

Cleaning and sterilization

To ensure product hygiene and safety, bottles need to go through the cleaning and sterilization process. Usually, high-pressure water flow and disinfectant solutions are used to clean and sterilize the bottles to completely remove the impurities and bacteria on the surface of the bottles.

Filling and dosing

After cleaning and disinfecting the bottle during the filling session, in this section, the liquid filling machine will automatically pour the liquid product into each bottle according to the preset filling volume. The filling process can be accurately controlled by the metering device to ensure the same amount of liquid in each bottle.

Sealing and labelling

After completing the filling, the bottles need to be sealed and labeled. Usually use the capping machine or capping machine for cap encapsulation operation, to ensure that the cap is tightly fixed on the bottle. At the same time, the bottle can be labeled by the labeling machine to identify the product information or advertising.

Packaging and packaging inspection

After the sealing and sealing label processing of bottled products into the packaging process. Packaging can be automated by packaging machinery, and bottles into the box to complete the finished product set and protection. In this link also need to carry out an appearance inspection and quality inspection of the packaging box to ensure product integrity and packaging quality.

Palletizing and dispatching of boxes

After loading, the packing boxes need to be palletized and the stacking method should be determined according to the attributes of the products. After palletizing, the finished products can be shipped out of the warehouse, and ready to be sent to the market for sale or distribution.

How to order bottle filling machine?

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