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Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule filling machine for sale

What is capsule filling machine?

Capsule filling machine is used for filling capsules in health product factories, small pharmaceutical factories, specialist clinics, pharmacies, pharmaceutical research units, hospital preparation rooms, tonic health product stores and other units.

Working principle of capsule filling machine

a. Empty capsules are discharged from the capsule hopper and pushed through the capsule tank by the pusher in an orderly manner into station 1 (sorting station), this station uses vacuum suction to separate the top and bottom of the capsule body, with the capsule cap in the upper module and the capsule body in the lower module, and then into station 2, these are usually the monitoring stations for the operator.

b. After the cap and capsule body go through the 3rd transition station, they enter the 4, 5 and 6 filling stations. The filling station is to push the filled and pressed pillar (powder pillar) into the capsule body of the next module. Usually, the powder filling is completed in the 5th station, the tablet filling is completed in the 4th station, and the micro-pill filling is completed in the 6th station.

c. After the transition station at station 7, the filled capsules enter station 8, which rejects non-conforming capsules, including those that are not separated, those that are inserted incorrectly or those with two capsules. The purpose is to ensure that the capsules are filled correctly.

d. The 9th station is the positioning station where the machine aligns the upper and lower parts of the capsule. After the capsules are aligned, they enter the sealing station at station 10, which has a special top bar for up and down reciprocating movement. At this point of operation, the machine can be said to have completed the automatic filling of capsules and powder.

e. The filled capsules come to the 11th station, the capsule discharge station, where the capsules are ejected or discharged using a fixed rod. The 12th station is a vacuum cleaning station with automatic blowing parts to clean the upper and lower modules. After that, it goes to the next working cycle.

Feature of capsule filling machine

a. Quick and easy production changeover to different sizes of products because of the large number of molds used.

b. Standard sorting module for automatic feeding and sorting of empty capsules.

c. The application of vacuum pump makes the product automatically suck out into the finished product hopper.

d. The main drive motor of the equipment is controlled by frequency conversion, and the production operation is divided into full-automatic mode and point-action mode.

e. PLC program control system, touch operation panel to improve the safety and stability of production, a greater increase in production efficiency.

f. Fully enclosed production, safe and sanitary, low noise, high speed and high precision filling.

Advantage of capsule filling machine

Capsule filling machine fills faster and with less size difference. Capsule filler combines powder-filled capsule shell finishing, capsule cap finishing and capsule set into one, which is compact and convenient. The capsule making machine has the function of capsule arrangement and locking, which reduces the space of the machine body and the ground, and has the advantages of being beautiful and compact, meeting the requirements of hygiene, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low power consumption and economic and practical. The pill capsule filler requires only one or two people to operate, and no special training is required. The capsules in the capsule filling tray are arranged quickly and evenly, and the product qualification rate is high. When you need to change the capsule maker machine to use a different type of capsule, you only need to change the corresponding type of capsule filling plate. The pill filling machine is most suitable for filling capsules in health product factories, small pharmaceutical factories, pharmaceutical research units, hospital preparation rooms, specialist clinics, pharmacies, tonic health product stores, etc.

Application of capsule filling machine

Capsule filling machine in the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry must have the capacity to supply large quantities of capsules for medical purposes. Therefore, it is only natural that they must have the necessary type of equipment that matches the demand. The automatic capsule filling machine is one such piece of equipment that can serve as a panacea for this problem. This capsule maker has good processability and the automation of its operation ensures that there are no large number of workers concentrated in one particular operation. Pill filler also ensures that the tablets produced, meet medical standards.

Pharmaceutical companies mostly use automatic capsule filling machine to assist in the production of hard capsules. They are used for formulating pellets, granules, and powders, either individually or in unison to provide different combinations. The tamping needle technology in automatic capsule fillers helps form segment plugs that accurately push hard capsules. Capsule filling lines include a range of machines and capsule fillers, so they are used in the pharmaceutical industry where large quantities of capsules need to be produced. Some of the machines on the filling line are automatic capsule polishers, broken capsule sorters, metal detectors, and empty capsule ejectors.

It is clear to see that one of the main advantages of capsule filling machines is that they are compatible with a large number of production line machines, which helps to improve the quality of capsules.

Several important features of automatic capsule filling machines

a. The rotating table in the automatic capsule filling machine helps to stop the interaction of dust particles with the machine components.

b. Automatic capsule filling machine uses vacuum operation for capsule separation, which reduces the dust generated during the operation.

c. The closed dosing system in the automatic capsule filling machine ensures much less frequent cleaning with the help of vacuum.

d. The dosing tool of the machine is so precise that it adjusts the filling weight of the capsules. Thus, it ensures that the contents of the capsules are filled correctly, resulting in accurate tablet filling.

Other production line machinery in conjunction with the automatic capsule filling machine

Capsule filling lines and capsule filling machines also include other equipment that play an important role in the quality maintenance of tablets. Automatic capsule polishing machines help to polish the outer surface of the capsules to make them appear in a more attractive form. On the other hand, an empty capsule ejector removes capsules from the batch that are not filled with their contents. This helps to detect defective capsules so that they are not packaged and shipped. The damaged capsule sorter is a machine that helps to standardize the quality of capsule production. It sorts defective capsules and allows only perfectly shaped and sized capsules to enter the machine's hopper, thus facilitating operation.

Use of capsule filling machine

a. Press the green button in the power switch to power on.

b. Slowly adjust the vibration strength adjustment knob, clockwise rotation. At this time and the vibration bracket is integrated into the finishing plate began to vibrate. Touch the finishing plate with your hand and adjust it to a certain oscillation intensity by feeling.

c. Put the powdered capsule shells into the powdered capsule shells finishing tray, about 300 capsules at a time. Put the capsule cap into the capsule cap finishing tray, about 300 capsules each time. The finishing tray is made of Plexiglas plate, on which there are a lot of large and small funnel-shaped round holes drilled, the diameter of the holes corresponds to the diameter of the capsule number. At this time, the vibration table plate capsule shell before and after the slow and steady movement, so that grain by grain into the table plate hole.

d. In about 30 seconds, the powdered capsule shell and capsule cap will fall into the round hole with the opening facing up. In case of individual openings facing down, the capsule cap can be used to gently press down the set, you can set out.

e. Hold the powdered capsule shell splice plate horizontally. With a gentle push in the lower part of the finishing tray, the powdered capsule shells in the finishing tray will fall down into the round holes of the splice plate and the splice plate will be removed. In the same way, use the capsule cap to remove the capsule cap.

f. It can be prepared in advance a bottom area of 500 × 500mm, about 10mm high on all sides of the powder square tray, filled with powder. Put the powder capsule shell splice plate flat in the powder square plate. Then the randomly matched Plexiglas frame over the powder capsule plate, with a small handful of bucket shovel powder into the frame. A scrape with the edge of the frame, can be filled with powder, and scrape off the excess powder.

g. Use the random capsule cap set plate, placed on the capsule cap splice plate, there are alignment holes, easy to place. Flip the capsule cap cover plate, so that the capsule opening facing down, set in the powdered capsule shell has been installed on the plate, there are also alignment holes, it is easy to set together.

h. Place the capsule plate into the cavity under the capsule capping forming plate and pull down the lever by hand. Do not use too much force after placing it, because there is a positioning mechanism to control the downward pressure height. Remove the capped capsule plate, pour out the capsule and the filling has done. The next plate is ready for circulation.

How to order capsule filling machine?

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