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Unit Dose Packaging Machine

Unit dose packaging machine for sale

What is unit dose packaging machine?

Unit dose packaging machine is widely used in the separation processing system for constant small packages, generally associated with constant volume systems and multiple dispensing distribution systems. For example, salt 500g package, coffee 13g bar package, milk powder 25g bar package, etc. of convenient application packaging processing.

Working principle of unit dose packaging machine

Usually, when the quantitative packaging machine into automatic operation, the weighing control system to open the feeding door to start feeding. The feeding device is fast, medium and slow feeding mode. When the material weight reaches the fast feeding setting value, stop fast feeding and keep medium feeding; when the material weight reaches the fast feeding setting value, stop medium feeding and keep slow feeding; when the material weight reaches the final setting value, close the feeding door and finish. At this time, the system detects whether the bag clamping device is in the predetermined state, and when the bag is clamped, the system issues a control signal. Open the weighing hopper unloading door, put the material into the bag, and automatically close the weighing hopper unloading door when the material is finished; after unloading the empty material, release the bag clamping device, and the bag will fall automatically; after the bag is down, sewing is carried out and conveyed to the next station. After the bag is dropped, it is sewn and transported to the next station. This cycle runs automatically.

Working process of unit dose packaging machine

Press the start button of the packaging scale, the scale starts the weighing cycle, if the weighing hopper is empty at this time, or if the weight is very small and within the auto-zero range, the packaging scale automatically clears the zero after which the weighing controller issues the fast-add, medium-add and slow-add signals. When the weight of the material in the measuring hopper reaches the set weight point SP2, the fast-add signal is turned off, leaving the medium-add and slow-add signals to continue feeding until the weight of the material in the measuring hopper reaches the set weight point SP3, the medium-add signal is turned off, leaving the slow-add and slow-add signals to control the slow-feeding mechanism to continue feeding until the target weight is reached and the slow-feeding is finished. This is the normal three-stage feeding process, some pneumatic scales are simplified to two-stage feeding, so that the speed and accuracy will be inferior to the three-stage feeding. After the end of slow feeding, through a certain stable time, the controller after final judgment, if the weight value is within the range of the excess difference, it will open the completion signal normally and wait for the release signal, if the weight exceeds the error range, it will light up the excess difference pause indicator and stop automatically, waiting for manual intervention.

Structure of unit dose packaging machine

Single-dose packaging machine is composed of weighing unit, trolley, sewing bag conveying device, pneumatic system, dust removal system, quantitative packaging controller, etc. One of the key components affecting the packing speed and accuracy is the weighing unit. It includes storage bin, gate, cutting device, scale body, bag clamping device, bracket, electric control device, etc. The storage bin is a buffer type bin, used to store material and provide near uniform material flow; the gate is located at the bottom of the storage bin, used to seal the material in the storage bin when the equipment is overhauled or malfunctioned; the cut-off device consists of cut-off hopper, cut-off door, pneumatic components, air replenishment door, etc. In the weighing process to provide fast, medium and slow three-stage feeding, its fast, medium and slow feeding flow rate can be adjusted individually, so as to ensure that the quantitative packaging machine to meet the metering accuracy, and then ensure that the quantitative packaging machine to meet the requirements of metering accuracy and speed; the role of the supplemental air door is to balance the air pressure difference in the system when weighing; weighing body is mainly composed of weighing hopper, load-bearing support and load cell, to complete the conversion of weight to electrical signals and The bag clamping device is mainly composed of bag clamping mechanism, pneumatic components, etc. Its role is to clamp the bag, so that all the weighed materials fall into the electrical control device is composed of weighing display controller, electrical components and control cabinet, used to control the work of the system, so that the whole system works in an orderly manner according to the pre-set program.

Technical parameters of unit dose packaging machine

Technical parameterSpecify
Packaging materialLaminated film packaging material
Packaging speed40~60 (bags/min)
Measuring range1~80 (ml)
Bag making sizeLength 50~120 , Width 60~85 (mm)
Power supply voltageThree-phase four-wire system 380V/50Hz
Power1.72 kW
External dimensions665×770×1640(mm)

Function of unit dose packaging machine

a. Adaptive software, with automatic setting of control parameters, automatic correction of the fall difference, over-difference alarm, fault self-diagnosis and other functions.

b. Automatic packaging machine with high metering accuracy, stable performance, digital display, easier and faster operation.

c. Using imported sensors, pneumatic actuators, reliable work, simple maintenance, cannot be polluted.

d. The use of double scales, high-speed metering system, can be used alternately or synchronously, high efficiency.

e. The shell adopts the spraying process, and the material contact parts are made of imported stainless steel, with good fluidity, high hygiene standard, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life of the equipment.

Application of unit dose packaging machine

Unit dose packaging equipment is widely used in the packaging of all kinds of different granular objects, it is more accurate, thus reducing the waste of raw materials. Granule quantitative packaging machine metering method using screw pusher material, assembled photoelectric control device to ensure the integrity of the bag pattern packaging operation data and adjustment on the display screen intuitive display, direct operation to microcomputer technology control.

The parameters of the drive system of the single dose packaging machine are calculated and the strength of the drive components are checked, and the overall appearance, the box and the support are reasonably improved. Automatic packing of small doses of non-sticky fine granules. The machine mainly consists of material supplying mechanism, counting mechanism, forming machine and cross-sealing mechanism, vertical sealing and cutting mechanism, and transmission mechanism. The machine features automatic bag making, automatic counting, filling and sealing functions.

Unit dose packaging machine constantly to introduce a large number of new technologies and techniques to improve the practical application of machinery and equipment in a flexible, usually combined with a variety of different granular blocks of packaging, it is more accurate, reducing the waste of materials. Automatic granule quantitative packaging machine to further improve the production and manufacture of granular goods, high efficiency, granule weighing and packaging machine long life, good reliability, alternative to manual, fully automatic metering verification; not limited by the plastic packaging containers, suitable for a variety of material types and packaging specifications shift use; large digital display information simple change visualization, packaging product specifications adjustable, work state can be converted at will, the actual operation It is relatively simple to operate.

Unit dose machines can be applied to the following industries.

a. Grains and cereals (soybean, soybean, rice, black rice, red dates, barley, etc.), nut snacks (walnut, almond, macadamia nut, pumpkin seed, barberry, etc.)

b. Hardware accessories industry: screws, nuts, gaskets, household parts, bathroom pendant parts, etc.

c. Chemical granule industry: masterbatches, dry powder granules, biological granules, environmental protection granules, resin granules, etc.

d. Daily necessities granules: laundry gel beads, etc.

Use of unit dose packaging machine

a. Before use, please remove the two screws on the bottom plate.

b. Plug in the power, turn on the switch on the side of the machine, the computer control panel indicator lights up, the machine announces the "drop-" beep, press the lower material key, the machine will automatically clear into standby situation.

c. Pour the granular material you need into the drum, press the plus/minus key on the control panel to set the packing weight you need.

d. Set the speed control panel on the "fast, medium, slow" to select the speed you need.

e. Speed selection, press the start button on the control panel, the machine enters the fully automatic situation, automatic succession of quantitative sub-assembly.

f. Powder quantitative weighing and packaging machine in the beginning of the particle packing, the need to pause or the material has been packed, you can press the stop button to stop the machine in standby mode.

g. Quantitative packaging quantity will be shown in the "number" column, if you need to eradicate the value, you can press the zero button or switch the machine on and off from the beginning.

h. When eradicating the material outside the powder quantitative weighing and packaging machine, please press and hold the release button for 5 seconds and do not release, the machine will enter the release situation.

How to order unit dose packaging machine?

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