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Coffee Capsule Filling Machine

Coffee capsule filling machine for sale

What is coffee capsule filling machine?

Coffee capsule filling machine is designed as a fully automatic packaging line with automatic empty cup refilling device, horizontal design, air claw for capsule feeding, stable and accurate.

Coffee capsule making machine uses pre-made cups. If no capsule is found, there is no filler and no sealing. Additional nitrogen flushing to extend the shelf life of the coffee.

The nitrogen protection piping from the capsule loading station to the sealing station feeds into a storage hopper for nitrogen. Automatic transportation of the powder product from the above ground storage tank to the screw conveyor hopper via piping. Coffee capsule packaging machine is a non-standard product, which can be customized to pack all kinds of cups and boxes, liquids, powders, granules and so on. This machine is a fully automatic filling and sealing machine, which realizes automatic cup dropping through PLC controller and various electrical accessories. Automatic filling, automatic sealing, automatic coding (optional), finished products are automatically sent to the assembly line to realize mass production. This machine is specialized in filling and sealing of powder, granule, liquid and paste materials such as coffee powder, mouthwash, yogurt, honey, ice cream, etc. It can automatically complete the process of cup lifting, quantitative filling, heat sealing, and a series of processes.

Working principle of coffee capsule filling machine

Coffee capsule filling machine consists of main drive, cup drop, feeding, filling, metering, robotic film sucking, heat sealing, finished product conveying and electrical control etc.

When the motor is running, it drives the forward movement of the membrane plate and the up and down movement of the pad sealing head as well as the work of the water pump at the same time. It is realized by connecting rod and chain drive, and the robot sucking the film is completed by 2 cylinders and a vacuum generator respectively. Through three proximity switches to control the opening and closing time of the three solenoid valves, near to control the cylinder action.

Connection equipment for coffee capsule filling machines

Connection equipmentFunction
Air compressorProvide the gas needed for KCUP filling machine
Nitrogen generatorProvide nitrogen for coffee preservation
Automatic coffee powder feederConstant supply of coffee powder to KCUP filling machine

Technical parameter of coffee capsule filling machine

Power supplyThree-phase four-wire 380V/50HZ (can be customized)
Output00-700 cups/hour, 700-1200 cups/hour (two kinds of output can be selected)
Power rate2KW/H
External size1500mm×1200mm×1800mm
Temperature control range0-400℃
Air consumption0.6m3/s
Working air pressure0.65-0.85MPA

Working process of coffee capsule filling machine

a. The user needs to put a bunch of cups on the cup loading station.

b. Then the panel runs and loads 2 cups at the same time and rotates to the filling station.

c. The machine fills and pours the ground coffee into the 2 cups.

d. The machine will drop the pre-cut lid onto the top of the cups.

e. 2 cups are sealed.

f. The completed cups are shipped out.

Function of coffee capsule filling machine

Coffee capsule sealing machine can automatically complete the functions of automatic cup dropping, coffee powder filling, sterilizing, pneumatic cylinder monitoring automatic film walking, automatic film cutting, sealing and automatic cup discharging by continuous operation with pneumatic mechanism.

Coffee capsule maker machine has the features of compact structure, high automation, easy to use, simple maintenance and high production efficiency. It can work continuously for 24 hours.

Feature of coffee capsule filling machine

a. The work of coffee capsule filling and sealing machine is stable, safe and reliable.

b. The capsule qualification rate of coffee powder capsule filling is more than 99%, and the dosage is accurate.

c. Coffee capsule filling sealing machine can realize timing frequency conversion and programmable control.

d. Coffee capsule packing machine adopts new type of closed structure, which conforms to GMP standard.

e. Automatic cup drop. Put the cups into the cup dropping rack, the machine will automatically drop the box or cups into the alumina-resistant mold.

f. Aluminate-resistant mold ensures longer service life, no rust, safer and hygienic.

g. Automatic filling. When the cup or box moves to the filling position, the machine senses the cup and fills it automatically, no need to manually control the switch, no cup without filling.

h. Automatic film release. After filling, the cup or box runs to the film release position, the machine senses the cup and releases the film automatically, no cup.

i. Automatic sealing. The cup or box runs to the sealing position, the machine automatically senses the sealing.

j. Automatic cup discharge. All processes are completed automatically out of the cup, can also be matched with conveyor belt.

Use of coffee capsule filling machine

a. Turn on air pressure to the machine and make sure there is 0.75-0.85 air pressure.

b. Check the power switch and make sure the manual/stop/automatic switch is in the stop position.

c. Insert the machine's power plug into an AC220V single-phase, three-wire outlet, and make sure it is well grounded.

d. Turn the manual/stop/automatic switch on the control panel to manual position, turn on the power switch, the power indicator light is on at this moment.

e. Turn on the temperature controller switch, set the sealing temperature and make the electric heating element began to heat up, about 10 minutes can rise to the set temperature.

f. Wait for the ironing head temperature rises to the set temperature (at this moment the temperature meter on the green indicator light off, red indicator light).

g. Turn the manual/stop/automatic switch to the manual position, press any one of the enabling switches (sealing 1, sealing 2, film cutting, film proofreading, marking, filling, sending cups) corresponding to the indicator light is on, the machine starts to execute the corresponding program.

h. Turn the manual/stop/automatic switch to the automatic position, the rest of the enabling switch are not open (indicator lamp does not light) at this time only to walk the board, such as sealing and other functions to open the corresponding enabling switch (indicator light) can be. When the product is sealed and sent out from the cup, check whether the sealing is firm, and make appropriate adjustments according to the specific circumstances.

Maintenance of coffee capsule filling machine

a. Add oil to all running parts before starting the machine.

b. Clean the sealing hot head before starting the machine, in order to prevent affecting the sealing effect.

c. Before starting the machine, make sure the duplex is lubricated.

How to order coffee capsule filling machine?

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