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Pill packaging machine for sale

What is pill packaging machine?

Pill packaging machine is mainly used for packaging capsules, tablets, pills, suppositories and other solid drugs, using the form of internal heating, is the smallest and most advanced at home and abroad the price of the lower models. This machine is suitable for: capsules, shaped, etc. as well as medical ware, light chemical food, electronic components blister sealed packaging.

Working principle of pill packaging machine

The basic packaging principle of automatic stretch film vacuum packaging machine is that after the film is heated to have moldability and processability, the film material is conveyed to the mold system by using the installed forming molds of the packaging machine, stamping out the shape of the bag and filling the items to be packaged into the bag for vacuum treatment.

Composition of pill packaging machine

The unit dose medication packaging machine, as part of the packaging machinery, includes the following eight components.

a. Weighing and feeding device for pharmaceuticals. This refers to the system of measuring, sorting, arranging and conveying the packaged drugs to the predetermined work stations.

b. Packaging material sorting and feeding system. It refers to the equipment system to cut off or arrange the packaging materials in fixed length and convey them to the locked station one by one. Some in the process of supply and delivery also complete the bag or packaging container erection, shaping, positioning.

c. Main conveyor system. This is the system of devices to transfer the packaged drug and packaging material from one packaging station to the next. Single-station packaging machine is not the main conveyor system.

d. Packaging actuator. This refers to the direct near line wrapping, filling, sealing, labeling, strapping and container forming and other packaging operations.

e. Finished product output mechanism. This is the mechanism that unloads the finished package from the packaging machine, arranges it in a directional manner and outputs it. Some machines are unloaded by the main conveyor system or by the self-weight of the finished product.

f. Power machine and transmission system. This refers to the device system that transmits the power and motion of the power machine to the actuator and control elements to achieve the intended action. It is usually composed of various forms of transmission, manipulation, control and auxiliary devices such as machine, electricity, light, liquid and gas.

g. Control system. Composed of a variety of automatic and manual control devices, etc., is an important part of the modern pharmaceutical packaging machine, including the packaging process and its parameters of control, packaging quality, failure and safety control.

h. The body of the apparatus. This is used to support and fix the relevant parts, maintain their relative position required for work, and play a certain role in the protection and beautification of the appearance.

Feature of pill packer machine

Tablet packing machine has been recognized by many users, as an advanced equipment, its performance is more stable. And drugs if you use the tablet blister packing machine will reduce the chance of counterfeit imitation of the original drug packaging, but also more clearly printed on the top of the note, so that consumers clearly buy and take, in recent years the pharmaceutical industry in the rapid development of the pharmaceutical packaging machine is also increasing. In the use of really reduce the amount of manual labor, but also quite high production efficiency. For companies to also reduce their recruitment of people some pressure.

Pill packer machine in the work of the speed, out of these more obvious advantages, but also in favor of the product packaging more standard and more uniform, reducing the manual error. You can calculate the annual cost of a labor to 40,000 or more, saving labor to apply automated equipment is the mainstream trend of the current factory. This greatly saves costs, increases gross profit, but also increases the price reduction space, increasing the competitiveness of the factory.

The pharmaceutical packaging machine is mainly used for packaging of polypropylene/polyethylene, polyester/aluminized/polyethylene, nylon/polyethylene, polyester/polyethylene and other composite materials. The pharmaceutical packaging machine is a new design of powder metering mechanism with more accurate metering and easy to change the screw. It has the following features.

a. With high power transmission mechanism, the main drive shaft adopts row chain transmission, which avoids the error and noise of other gear transmission.

b. The whole machine adopts sectional combination. PVC forming, feeding and heat sealing are one section; Tropical aluminum cold forming, heat sealing and discharging are one section, which can be packed separately.

c. Adopting imported control system, it can be configured with missing material, missing grain detection and exclusion device for mechanical online detection according to customer requirements.

Installation and precautions of pill packaging machine

a. Dedicated personnel training operation and maintenance.

b. The tablet strip packing machine should be connected to the ground according to the location specified by the grounding label.

c. The pill pack machine should be kept neat and tidy.

d. Pharmacy pill packaging machine in the production of various parts must be refueled before (refer to the operating rules).

e. The automatic pill packaging machine is shipped from the factory with lubricant in the transmission case. It must be oiled before production.

f. It is suggested that the machine should preferably use oil-free air compressor.

g. Forming, heat sealing, creasing and other parts of the pressure should not be too large, otherwise it will affect the service life. Forming and creasing of the type pad should be left with a floating margin of about one millimeter.

Pre-operation process of pill packaging machine

a. Turn on the power to the lighting line according to the safety electricity regulations. To the motor trial power supply, turn on the power and point the host to check whether the normal operation.

b. Pass water. According to the body seat sign showing the word, cooling water into, out of the faucet whether the phenomenon of leakage drip, water to pass into, out of the water smoothly shall prevail.

c. Air pump. The air machine air delivery pipe into the airway tap, while opening the air compressor, air pressure up to 0.2 ~ 0.4 MAP or more before use.

d. Refueling. Add oil to the case and to the gearbox. Note: Refueling for 2/3 oil volume in the box.

e. PVC plastic on the bearing shaft, adjust the inner and outer cone nuts, the die running to the lower point, PVC plastic and over, the back of the starting seat open pressure, pay attention to PVC plastic in the machine plate surface to the track prevail, both sides equally even.

Operating procedures of pill packaging machine

a. When the green light is on, the two heating switches of forming and heat sealing are turned to "ON" position respectively. In the operation of the table, first, temperature control instrument control forming temperature, generally preset 90C˚ and 100C˚ respectively; second, temperature control instrument heat sealing, forming and heat-sealing temperature control instrument preset temperature, the specific discretion.

b. Put down up the lead roller on the pressure block, molding heating plate temperature in place, and then open the host, plastic PVC first molding, molding bubble eye and heat-sealing mold hole position in line, pay attention to the heat-sealing die seat with a handle to put down the heat sealing die pressed aluminum foil, aluminum foil will be driven to the punching. Observe whether the plastic (referring to the machine board surface has been formed PVC) walking left and right deviation. If there is bias should adjust the starting guide pressure roller seat to mobilize the starting guide direction.

c. If the aluminum foil deviates from left to right, adjust the knuckle roller seat hand wheel to adjust down. If the front and back deviation adjustable box move.

d. Heat sealing punching normal after moderately open the feeder gate, so that the appropriate amount of drugs (tablets capsules, sugar coating) into the filling chamber, such as a small amount of missing particles can be filled manually, fill the particles when the primary attention: roller pressure roller rolling hand and hook broken aluminum foil, in addition to forming bubble eye over to the side of the pressure roller, there is a lack of particles, do not reluctantly fill again, fill the inadmissible hole, drugs are brought into when the more serious impact on synchronization, light this in the aluminum foil sealing sticky mold on, to set The machine should be handled.

e. Due to the increase of drug weight, aluminum foil pulling force and machine temperature gradually change procedures are not equal, may produce forming and heat-sealing asynchronous phenomenon, over or lagging, first check whether the plastic PVC and aluminum foil have yin partition, then use the machine on the fine adjustment mechanism to adjust. The fine-tuning mechanism is adjusted in the mold forward and backward, because of its adjustment distance or box front and back. Therefore, it should be put in neutral position before starting the machine before moving forward and backward, and it can also be adjusted by moving the front box. After moving correctly, the section will be correct only after a dozen editions have been walked, so don't adjust around indiscriminately when it is not finished.

f. Plastic aluminum foil heat sealing quality (bonding uniform firm leveling) by the temperature or pressure, anilox board leveling degree to evidence, if there is bad heat sealing, generally desirable temperature, generally desirable temperature, pressure is slightly lower, adjust the temperature, the most adjust the screw register pressure.

g. Punching offset, cutting down with version offset, stopping the hand adjustment box to move, has been able to adjust the mold shift.

How to order pill packaging machine?

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