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Liquid filling machine for sale

What is liquid filling machine?

Liquid filling machine is an automatic quantitative liquid dispenser designed with electric, crank and piston structure, which is suitable for quantitative filling in hospital preparation rooms, ampoules, eye drops, various oral liquids, shampoos and various aqueous agents; water filling machine can also be used for quantitative and continuous liquid addition of various liquids in various chemical analysis tests, especially for liquid dispensing in large, medium and small pesticide factories.

Working principle of liquid filling machine

The magnetic pump in liquid filling machine is also called magnetic drive pump. Its main components are pump head, magnetic actuator (magnetic cylinder), motor, base and several other parts. Magnetic pump magnetic drive consists of outer magnetic rotor, inner magnetic rotor and non-permeable barrier sleeve. When the motor drives the outer magnetic rotor through the coupling, the magnetic field can penetrate the air space and the non-magnetic material barrier sleeve, and drive the inner magnetic rotor connected with the impeller for synchronous rotation, completing the contactless synchronous transmission of power, transforming the dynamic sealing structure of simple leakage into the static sealing structure of zero leakage.

Technical parameters of liquid filling machine

Liquid volume range10-100ml (filling volume adjustable)
50-500ml (filling volume adjustable)
Filling speed10 - 30 bottles/min (filling speed adjustable)
10 - 20 bottles/min (filling speed adjustable)
External dimension180×300×480mm

Filling volume commissioning of liquid filling machine

a. Loosen the nut and adjust the screw so that the position of the lower fixed rod changes accordingly. Thus, the push-pull length of the syringe is also changed to achieve the purpose of free adjustment of the dispensing volume. The screw is adjusted clockwise to increase the volume, and vice versa to decrease the volume, in which the pointer is indicated. With a 5ml syringe, look at the side marked 5ml, with a 10ml syringe look at the side marked 10ml, 20, 100, 500 directly look at the scale, pointer quantitative, but due to the different thickness of each syringe, the actual amount of dispensing error, to the syringe scale shall prevail, but also at the beginning of the dispensing amount of cup to measure the most accurate.

b. After adjustment, then screw the nut tightly, so that the following fixed rod and crank tightly fixed solid.

c. Loosen the screw cap and determine the correct position of the upper fixed rod according to the push-pull length of different syringes. After the lower fixed rod is adjusted, turn the crank so that the syringe turns to the upper dead point, and then lift the syringe jacket tube up about 2mm to avoid rotting the needle tube, and then tighten the nut before turning on the machine.

d. Turn on the switch after the machine is assembled without error. When the machine is operating, the crank is pulled up and down to drive the syringe to pump the liquid. Adjust the speed knob to select the appropriate dispensing speed and start working normally. Adjust the speed governor knob to dispense clockwise at a fast speed and vice versa at a slow speed.

Type of liquid filling machine

Due to the wide range of liquid filling machinery included, so for a wide range of liquid filling machinery. Different classifications have corresponding filling equipment.

According to the filling principle, liquid filling machine can be divided into atmospheric pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine, vacuum filling machine, automatic quantitative liquid filling machine.

According to the type of filling operation, liquid filling machine can be divided into automatic liquid filling machine and semi-automatic liquid filling machine.

According to the different types of filling, liquid filling machine can be divided into diluted liquid filling machine thick liquid filling machine and oil filling machine, etc.

Atmospheric pressure filling machine

Atmospheric pressure filling machines are filled under atmospheric pressure by the self-weight of the liquid. These filling machines are subdivided into two types of filling machines: timed filling and constant volume filling, which are only suitable for filling low viscosity liquids without gas such as milk, wine, etc.

Pressure filling machine

Pressure filling machine is a machine that fills at a pressure higher than the atmospheric pressure. It is usually divided into two kinds. One is that the pressure in the storage cylinder is equal to the pressure inside the bottle, and the liquid flows into the bottle by its own weight, which is called isobaric filling. The other is that the pressure inside the cylinder is higher than the pressure inside the bottle, and the liquid flows into the bottle by the pressure difference, which is mostly used in high-speed production lines.

Pressure filling machine is suitable for filling liquids containing gas, such as beer, soft drinks, champagne, etc.

Vacuum filling machine

Vacuum filling machine is a machine that fills bottles with a pressure lower than atmospheric pressure. This type of filling machine has a simple structure, high efficiency and a wide range of adaptability to the viscosity of the material, such as oil, syrup, fruit wine, etc. can be applied.

Quantitative (liquid) filling machine

Quantitative (liquid) filling machine is also known as automatic quantitative liquid filling machine.

Feature of liquid filling machine

a. Using the filling machine can increase the speed of filling and has high precision. Each filling machine is set up with a precision solenoid valve.

b. The size of the liquid filling volume can be adjusted by the staff. Each filling machine is set up to operate the keyboard, even the filling time can be more their own needs to set.

c. Liquid filling machines are used are made of anticorrosive materials, such as the extensive use of stainless-steel products. To ensure that the operation is not affected, the design is as far as possible to reduce the perishable elements, easy to clean, easy to maintain, etc.

d. The height of the working table can be adjusted to suit your needs. The same filling machine can be used when filling containers of different sizes.

e. To reduce material waste, the water filling machine is equipped with an automatic feeding device and a material recovery device.

Advantage of liquid filling machine

a. The automation of the liquid filling machine can complete all processes, such as filling, weighing, etc.

b. Reduce cost, reduce labor cost, can save space reduce rent, etc., can reduce the waste of raw materials.

c. Work simplification, the use of filling machines can simplify the manual process, and the operation is simple and easy to get started.

d. Improve the quality, the sanitary environment inside the mechanical conveying system is very stable, which can reduce the risk of contamination.

e. Increased production capacity, through mechanization, filling accuracy is increased and operational efficiency is increased.

f. Flexible production system, the line can be adjusted, the line speed can be adjusted faster in high season and slower in low season.

g. Visualization of the production process, which increases efficiency, such as improving product safety and reliability, inventory and quality control. Automatic filling machine without manual operation to complete the production operation. Realize automatic filling, metering and other filling production operations. If the automatic filling machine is equipped with a whole filling line, it can realize automatic bottle management, bottle conveying, filling, automatic capping, automatic capping, and then labeling, coding and other production operations. Reduce cost and increase production capacity.

h. Increase the benefits of the company, reduce labor costs, filling machine error in 1%, effective control of the quality of filling products, improve the efficiency of the work, and naturally increase the benefits of the company.

Application of liquid filling machine

Material contact material using imported 316L, which can be resistant to a variety of corrosive low viscosity non-particulate liquid. Such as a variety of pharmaceuticals (oil, wine, alcohol, eye drops, syrup), chemicals (solvent, acetone), oils (edible oil, essential oil), cosmetics (toner, makeup remover, spray), food (can withstand 100 degrees high temperature, such as milk, soy milk), beverages (fruit juice, fruit wine), condiments (soy sauce vinegar sesame oil) and other non-granular liquid; high and low foam liquid (care solution, cleaning agent).

Due to the rich variety of liquid products, there are very many types and forms of liquid product packaging machines. Among them, the liquid packaging machine used to package liquid food is technically more demanding, aseptic and hygienic is the basic requirement of liquid food packaging machine.

The use of liquid filling machine is suitable for soy sauce, vinegar, juice, milk and other liquids. 0.08mm polyethylene film is used, and the processes of forming, bag making, quantitative filling, ink printing and sealing and cutting are all carried out automatically, and the film is disinfected with ultraviolet light before packaging to meet the requirements of food hygiene.

How to order liquid filling machine?

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