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What is IBC filling machine?

IBC filling machine is a semi-automatic or automatic, rotary spray valve liquid filling machine (the maximum movable volume in the horizontal direction is 600mm). IBC filling equipment adopts the filling on the liquid surface or under the liquid surface, which can satisfy the needs of a variety of liquids automatic filling. The uniquely designed spray valve is easy to operate, quick to fill and minimizes dripping of residual liquid at the end of filling. It is suitable for safe environments and can fill a wide range of drums and containers.

Working principle of IBC filling machine

IBC is the abbreviation of Intermediate Bulk Container, which means Intermediate Bulk Container IBC. IBC filling is designed to work on the basis of the principles of physics, and it is a kind of container used for storing and transporting liquids and bulk materials. The IBC is designed to improve the efficiency of transportation, reduce pollution and reduce the cost of transportation.

The appearance of an IBC is similar to that of an ordinary cubic container, but it is made of stronger materials that can withstand higher pressures and weights. The main body of an IBC consists of a shell, supports, valves, connections, and other accessories. The outer shell is usually made of plastic, such as high-density polyethylene, to prevent leakage of liquids and damage to the contents during transportation.

The operating principle of the IBC is based on the principle of gravitational flow of liquids. Liquid flows in through a sloped opening at the top of the IBC and enters the bottom of the IBC through valves and pipes. The valves control the flow of liquids when they are needed, and IBCs can be equipped with accessories such as pumps, piping, and filters for easier, safer, and more efficient transfer and handling of liquids.

In short, IBCs work based on the principles of physics and bring a lot of convenience to our production and life by preventing liquid leakage and damage to items, improving transportation efficiency, reducing pollution and lowering transportation costs.

Technical parameter of IBC filling machine

Power supplyAC220V 50/60HZ
Air source0.5~0.7 Mpa
Filling volume100~1500kg
Graduated value100g
Filling capacity20 barrels/hour
Filling precision<0.05% F.S.
Material of filling gunSUS304/SUS316
Explosion-proof gradeExd11BT5 (optional)

Working process of IBC filling machine

a. Manual loading of pallets (containing empty drums) onto the weighing table.

b. Manually move the filling nozzle, move to the mouth of the barrel, position it, and give the signal to start filling.

c. The controller of IBC filling machine automatically monitors and feeds back the control signal.

d. According to the control signal of IBC filling equipment, through the solenoid valve control, filling valve to realize the flow of large, small, cut off and other control.

e. According to the material characteristics of the design of the filling nozzle lifting control.

Type of IBC filling machine

The IBC filling equipment can realize semi-automatic filling and full-automatic filling according to the user's automation requirements.

Semi-automatic IBC filling machine - Manually open the cap, manually adjust the mouth of the barrel, automatically measure, automatically fill, manually close the cap, manually press the anti-theft cap.

Semi-automatic filling machine's main function is filling, less attached to other functions, unlike the automatic filling machine can be attached to the conveyor belt, capping machine, capping machine, spraying machine, carton machine, sealing machine and other ancillary equipment. Semi-automatic filling machine classification is also many, a variety of filling principle can be divided into volume metering type, quality metering type and volume quality type, according to the number of filling head can be divided into single-head, double-head and multi-head, semi-automatic filling machine and the traditional filling compared to the effect of high efficiency, easy to operate, cost-effective.

Full-automatic IBC filling machine - Manual pail loading, automatic pail transfer, automatic cap opening, automatic measuring, automatic filling, automatic cap closing, automatic anti-theft cap pressing

According to the requirements of material characteristics, it can realize filling on the liquid surface and filling under the liquid surface, and can add explosion-proof function, nitrogen filling function, accompanying heat function and blowing function, etc. respectively.

According to the different filling containers, it can realize the individual filling or compatible filling of various plastic containers and steel containers, such as 18L-250L and IBC tonnage drums.

According to the filling volume per unit time, i.e. filling speed, single station, double station and multi-station filling can be realized respectively.

Semi-automatic equipment according to the type of filling materials can be used to fill a variety of materials with a single charging head, double charging head and multiple charging head.

Feature of IBC filling machine

a. Four 50-200kg barrels can be placed on the pallet at the same time, and the barrels can be filled one by one after manually aligning the mouths of the barrels, which eliminates the trouble of stacking the pallet after single barrel filling.

b. Weighing display control instrument and load cell.

c. The filling gun is mounted on the special device, and the manual puller can be freely retracted and rotated to the barrel.

d. The filling gun adopts insertion type filling, avoiding the material flying shallow on the barrel and affecting the packaging.

e. The system adopts two-stage size material automatic filling method to improve the accuracy.

f. Each time in the filling start at the same time the system will automatically perform the function of deducting the weight, the weight on the weighing table will be cleared to zero.

g. After the filling value of single barrel arrives, the filling gun will be automatically lifted to wait for the next start.

h. After the filling is completed, the operator just need to manually push the barrel out of the pound platform.

i. In case of emergency, press the emergency stop button to cancel the filling.

j. When the filling gun is not inserted into the barrel but topped outside the mouth of the barrel, the filling gun will be lifted up automatically and no filling will be executed.

k. Anti-drip device to avoid material dripping on the barrel.

l. After the filling is finished, you only need to push out the whole pallet out of the pound table manually.

m. Adopts one-button operation. Start - Filling gun down - Automatic tare - Start filling - Finish filling gun up.

Advantage of IBC filling machine

a. The system of IBC filling machine adopts programmable PLC controller, full Chinese guide operation performance is reliable.

b. The filling gun is made of whole process, eliminating dripping and splash-proof; quick release connector, easy to dismantle and clean.

c. The target value of the system is set freely, and the height of the filling gun is adjustable, which is suitable for rapid filling of various specifications of drums.

d. Configuration of large and small ball valves and double-stage filling gun, large, medium, small and micro four-stage filling design, filling more accurate.

e. Weighing platform without barrels prohibit filling, differential pressure type zero-time difference collision barrel protection net weight/gross weight (each barrel automatically tared) two filling methods automatically select.

f. One-key operation, easy to get started; multi-window display of filling quantity, barrels, cumulative quantity and other information.

g. There are signal indicator lights for instant display, and automatic alarm for over-difference; good stability, reduce loss, save cost, improve operation efficiency, and reduce the pressure of manual operation.

Application of IBC filling machine

IBC filling machine can be used as weighing and quantitative filling equipment for petroleum, chemical, solvent, oil, high temperature asphalt, coating, paint, ink, adhesive, curing agent, organic solvent, daily chemical, detergent, pesticide, medicine, lubricant, edible oil and all kinds of flowable liquid. The equipment has a variety of configurations to choose from: explosion-proof control system, lift and dive filling system, anti-drip device, solenoid valve, PLC, control system, and so on.

How to order IBC filling machine?

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