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Connector Assembly Machine

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What is connector assembly machine?

Connectors generally refer to electrical appliance connectors, which are devices that connect two active devices and are used to transmit current or signals. In addition, the male end and the female end can transmit information or current after contact, also known as a connector.

Connector automatic assembly machine is an automated equipment used to assemble connector products quickly and accurately on the production line. It combines technologies such as automated control systems, mechanical structures, and sensors to efficiently complete connector assembly tasks.

Main body of connector assembly machine

a. Transportation system
Transportation system installed in the connector assembly machine is used to move components and assembled connectors to different workstations, often using conveyor belts, transfer robotic arm, etc.

b. Precise positioning system
Precise positioning system uses sensors, cameras and other technologies to achieve precise positioning of components and connectors to ensure assembly accuracy.

c. Assembly workstation
In the connector assembly machine, assembly workstation includes various tools and devices for completing various assembly tasks of the connector, such as pin/socket assembly, lead wire welding, etc.

d. Control system
Use computers to control and monitor the operation of connector automatic assembly machines, and realize automated process control and parameter adjustment.

Working process of connector assembly machine

a. Specific design
Connector automatic assembly machine is designed for different types and specifications of connectors, and has corresponding modules and workstations according to the requirements of the connectors.

b. Automatic assembly
Connector automatic assembly machine delivers the connector parts to be assembled to the workbench through a conveyor belt system, and then uses a robotic arm or mechanical assembly hand to assemble the parts together. And the assembly process may include pins, sockets, welding, crimping, and the like.

c. Automatic testing
After the connector automatic assembly machine is assembled, it will automatically test to ensure the quality of the connector. Testing can include electrical performance testing, signal transmission testing, mechanical performance testing, etc., to ensure that the connector meets the specified standards and requirements.

d. Automatic packaging
After passing the test, connector automatic assembly machine will automatically package the connector, which can be in the form of plastic bags, foam trays or cartons. This protects the connector from damage and makes shipping and selling easier.

Parameters of connector assembly machine

Parameter nameParameter
Power supplyAV220V 50-60HZ
Barometric pressure>0.5Mpa
Chassis size2450*750*700(mm)
Equipment capacity1500PCS/H

Features of connector assembly machine

a. Assembly process
Describe the assembly process of the connector, including the supply, positioning, assembly, welding and other links of components, as well as the sequence and coordination relationship between each link.

b. Component supply method
Describe the supply method of parts required in the connector assembly process, such as manual placement, automatic transportation, etc.

c. Component positioning method
Describe the positioning methods of components required in the connector assembly process, such as sensor detection, camera positioning, etc.

d. Assembly quality control
Describe the quality control methods and indicators during the connector assembly process, such as welding quality inspection, connector functional testing, etc.

Advantages of connector assembly machine

By using connector assembly machines, companies can achieve efficient mass production of connectors and improve production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, connector assembly machine also greatly reduces the tediousness and error rate of manual operations, bringing significant economic and technical advantages to connector manufacturing companies.

How to buy connector assembly machine?

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