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What is manual filling machine?

Manual filling machine is commonly used for industrial filling.

Manual filling machine can be divided into manual capsule filling machine, manual liquid filling machine, manual bottle filling machine, manual powder filling machine, and so on. For example, manual piston liquid filling machine can fill medicinal liquid, fluid food, lubricating oil, shampoo, shampoo cream and other paste/liquid substances, with paste liquid filling machine function. Its structure is simple and reasonable, manual operation is convenient, without any energy, suitable for medicine, daily chemical, food, pesticide and special industries, is the ideal liquid/paste filling equipment. Material contacting parts are made of 316L stainless steel, which meets the GMP requirements, filling volume and filling speed can be controlled manually.

Working principle of manual filling machine

Manual filling machine is a manually operated small filling equipment. It is widely used in small batch production and laboratory test in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Its principle is to make the liquid flow out from the container by manual pressure, and accurately fill into the products.

Manual filler consists of capping device, filling device, pressure device and control device etc. Its principle is to use manual pressure to make the liquid flow out from the container, fit the filling mouth with the container mouth through the capping device, and inject the liquid into the products through the filling device.

In the operation of the hand operated filling machine, first of all need to prepare the products to be filled and the liquid container and then put the liquid container on the stand of the filling machine, align the filling mouth of the filling machine with the container mouth, through the capping device will be tightly affixed. Next, use manual pressure to flow the liquid from the container until the volume of liquid in the product reaches the desired standard.

Technical parameter of manual filling machine

Filling range0-50g
Filling speed10-25 bottles/minute
Hopper volume5L
Overall Dimension320x220x580mm

Feature of manual filling machine

a. Manual filling machine adopts vertical plunger type quantitative filling method to ensure the metering accuracy.

b. Hand operated filling machine adopts plug-valve type integrated structure, which ensures the filling process requirements of high viscosity and with certain granular materials. The material nozzle of manual filling machine can be replaced at any time according to the type of container, which is convenient and practical.

c. Adjustable to any value desired by the user within the metering range, with + 1% metering accuracy. Convenient operation, simple flushing, can be adapted to any kinds of containers, including bottles, tubes, bags, and so on.

d. The parts in contact with the medium are made of special stainless steel and PTFE, so it can resist acid, alkali and corrosion. Non-toxic.

Advantage of manual filling machine

The advantages of manual filling machine are its simplicity and ease of operation, low cost, and wide range of application. Since it is manually operated, it does not require electricity or gas supply, so it can be used anywhere. In addition, hand-pressure filling machines can be easily replaced with different sizes of filling ports to accommodate products of different specifications.

Disadvantage of manual filling machine

Despite its many advantages, the manual filling machine has some disadvantages. Firstly, it is less productive than automated equipment. Secondly, since it is manually operated, the operator needs to have certain experience and skills, otherwise it may cause liquid waste or product damage.

Type of manual filling machine

Manual filling machines are used in a wide range of applications and there are many types for different purposes. There are categorized as follows.

Manual capsule filling machine / hand operated capsule filling machine / manual capsule filler / capsule filling machine hand operated

Manual liquid filling machine

Manual bottle filling machine / manual bottle filler / manual bottling machine / bottle packing machine manual / manual bottle packing machine

Manual paste filling machine

Oil filling machine manual

Manual honey filling machine

Manual powder filling machine

Manual tube filling machine

Manual bag filling machine / pouch filling machine manual

Manual aerosol filling machine

Manual cream filling machine

Manual sauce filling machine

Manual water bottle packing machine / manual water bottle filling machine

Manual filling machine for cosmetics

Manual encapsulation machine

Manual lotion filling machine

400 holes capsule filling machine

Manual donut filler

Manual syringe filling machine

Manual ice cream filling machine

Manual soda filling machine

Manual beer bottle filler

Manual ghee filling machine

Manual juice filling machine

Manual shampoo filling machine

Application of manual filling machine

Manual filling machines are mainly used for filling small containers and safe materials. The scope of application is a small production line or small batch production enterprises. If it is a large volume production line, manual filling machine cannot meet the demand, you need to use semi-automatic or auto filling machine.

Use of manual filling machine


a. Place the manual filling machine in a smooth, dry and well-ventilated place.

b. Check whether the equipment is clean and tidy, and whether the manufacturing materials of each part meet the specified requirements.

c. Prepare the material to be filled into the container.

Operation procedure

a. Place the container to be filled with liquid under the manual filling machine and adjust the position and height of the container.

b. Manually insert the filling tube of the filling machine into the container and hold the opening of the filling tube close to the bottom of the container.

c. The operator manually rotates the fill lever above the filler to lower it until it builds up a certain pressure at the bottom of the container and begins to fill with liquid.

d. When the liquid is filled into the container, the filling lever is compressed and rises. When the filling lever rises to a certain height, the liquid enters the filling tube and begins to form a liquid level in the container.

e. When the liquid level reaches the required level, manually rotate the liquid filling lever to make it rise and stop the liquid filling.

f. Remove the filled container and close the valve of the liquid filler.

Precaution of manual filling machine

a. Operators need to wear gloves, masks and other necessary protective equipment to avoid accidents.

b. When filling materials, the corresponding filling tube should be selected according to the nature of the material to ensure that the liquid will not occur chemical reaction or volatilization, combustion and other accidents.

c. When using the filling machine, it should be operated in strict accordance with the instruction manual of the filling machine, and it is prohibited to operate it without mastering the operation skills.

d. When the liquid level reaches the requirement, the valve of the filling machine should be closed in time to avoid liquid overflow.

e. In the process of operation, if you encounter any abnormal situation, you should stop the operation in time and contact the relevant technical personnel for inspection and maintenance.

How to order manual filling machine?

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