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Syringe Assembly Machine

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What is syringe assembly machine?

Syringe assembly machine is a high-speed automatic assembly equipment for syringe products. And it is mainly used to assemble various types of syringes into complete products, and can perform subsequent operations such as packaging and testing. Moreover, syringe automatic assembly machine has the functions of automatic feeding, automatic sorting, automatic detection, automatic assembly and automatic packaging.

Syringe assembly machine

Syringe assembly machine runs smoothly, operates easily, and is equipped with an intelligent detection device. Meanwhile, it has a high degree of automation and is easy to maintain. Therefore, syringe assembly machine is an ideal equipment for assembling syringes.

The function of the syringe assembly machine is to automatically arrange the plastic tubes into the main machine, automatically detect the plastic tubes, automatically discharge the silicone assembly, automatically feed the end cap by the vibrating plate, screw the cap, and then automatically install the push rod, and the push rod is installed to complete the assembly process.
a) The surface of the syringe assembly machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, and the parts in contact with materials are made of SUS316L stainless steel and medical grade silicone rubber, which meets the requirements of GMP regulations.

b) Syringe assembly machine is suitable for all types of prefilled syringes, and special types of syringes can also be customized. In addition, the automatic syringe assembly machine has a variety of filling dosages and filling methods to choose from, and supports the storage of various formulation parameters.

c) The ceramic plunger pump realizes quantitative filling, is resistant to acid and alkali erosion, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant, and has high filling accuracy.

d) The arraying and conveying of the caps is realized by the vibrating plate, using SUS316L stainless steel clean plate, no cleaning dead angle, the top plate is detachable and supports sterilization.

e) The feeding of the syringe is realized through the centrifugal disc, which has high stability, fast speed and low noise. In addition, syringe assembly machine makes use of the fully automatic operation, so it has the functions of automatic feeding, automatic filling, automatic cap sorting, automatic cap screwing.

f) Syringe assembly machine adopts electrical components of internationally renowned brands, implements non-interference modular control and all synchronous actions are controlled by servo motors, which are accurate, reliable, and easy to operate. Moreover, the automatic syringe assembly machine is controlled by a PLC programming controller to run the motor, the man-machine interface monitors and displays the working status of each station in real time, and the real-time automatic alarm displays the fault location and fault prompt.

g) First of all, the syringe assembly machine can be applied to various specifications of syringes by changing the specification parts. And it adopts the modular design, which is easy to expand. Besides, this machine can be used as a stand-alone machine or connected with lifters, labeling machines, light inspection machines and other equipment to form a production line. Secondly, the disposable syringe assembly machine can be equipped with an automatic feeding system, which adopts liquid level sensing and automatically replenishes when there is a shortage of materials. Finally, the syringe assembly machine can be equipped with a class A laminar flow hood to achieve high-demand clean production.

Working principle of syringe assembly machine

Syringe assembly machine consists of the operation console and the template, guide post, pressure plate, fixing plate and cylinder on the operation table to form its core components.

Firstly, the cylinder is installed on the fixed plate, the lower part of the cylinder is connected with the pressure plate, and the fixed plate is fixed on the operation console by the support rod. Secondly, the template is suspended and fixed by the guide post, and at the same time, the guide post and the elastic limit rod jointly control the sliding of the pressure plate; the pressure plate can slide up and down on the guide post for compression, and after the compression is completed, it will pass the elastic limit rod to return to original position. Finally, the template is provided with a U-shaped groove for placing a high-pressure injector, and through holes are provided at both ends to facilitate the installation and fixing of guide posts.

When in use, the hand-placed rotary cap and rotary joint or the three-way valve body and valve core can be placed on the template according to the needs, and each U-shaped groove on the template can be placed, which can complete instant assembly several syringes for realizing fast and efficient assembly.

Technical parameters of syringe assembly machine

Applicable materialsWater aqua and ointment
Applicable specificationsVarious types of prefilled syringes
Filling range0.1-30ml (plunger pump needs to be replaced)
Number of injection needles2
Filling accuracy≤±1.5%
Production capacity3600-3900 syringes/hour
Total power4KW
Voltage380V, 50Hz
Compressed air0.6-0.7Mpa
Weight of the whole machine800KG

Features of syringe assembly machine

a. Efficient production
Automatic syringe assembly machine can efficiently complete various operations and improve production efficiency.

b. Multifunction
Syringe assembly machine can adapt to various types and specifications of syringe products to realize automatic assembly and packaging.

c. High precision
Disposable syringe assembly machine adopts advanced control system and high-precision parts, which ensure the stability and accuracy of the machine.

d. Flexible configuration
The layout of the syringe assembly machine can be configured according to different product requirements, and can adapt to different production scales and production requirements.

e. Save labor cost
Syringe automatic assembly machine can realize automatic material tracking and optimize the management of the production process to reduce manpower and management costs.

Advantages of syringe assembly machine

a. Increase productivity
Automatic syringe assembly machine greatly reduces the manual operation time and improves the production efficiency by automatically completing the assembly process. Compared with manual assembly, automated assembly machines work faster and more stably, and can complete product assembly at a higher speed, thereby greatly improving production efficiency.

b. Decrease labor cost
The use of automatic syringe assembly machines can reduce manual participation and reduce the labor cost of enterprises. Compared with manual assembly, automated assembly machines can complete more work with less manpower, reducing the need for labor, thereby reducing the labor cost of enterprises.

c. Improve product quality
Syringe assembly machine has high precision and high stability, so it can reduce or eliminate the influence of human factors on product quality, thereby improving product consistency and accuracy. In addition, the machine operates with high precision and is not prone to fatigue or mistakes, which can guarantee the high quality and stability of the product.

d. Reduce production risk
Syringe assembly machine can reduce the occurrence of production accidents and product quality problems caused by human negligence, fatigue or wrong operation during operation. Because the disposable syringe assembly machine can be assembled in a precise and stable manner, it helps to avoid risks and hidden dangers caused by human factors and improves production safety.

e. Improve the competitiveness of enterprises
Syringe assembly machine can improve the production efficiency and product quality of the enterprise, and reduce the production cost. By improving production efficiency and reducing costs, enterprises can provide more competitive products and prices, and occupy a more favorable position in the market, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.

f. Optimize the production process
Automatic syringe assembly machine can monitor and adjust the entire production and assembly process, which can give real-time feedback and correct problems in production. It can automatically collect and analyze data, provide guidance and recommendations to optimize the production process, improve production efficiency and quality.

g. Adapt to diverse production needs
Syringe assembly machine can be adjusted and changed according to different products and batch requirements. By providing flexible assembly modes and tools, the syringe assembly machine can adapt to the assembly requirements of different products and meet diverse production needs.

Syringe assembly machine price

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