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What is medical device assembly machines?

The operating table, also called the operating bed, can prop up the patient during the operation and adjust the body position on the basis of the requirements of the operation to offer a convenient operating environment for the doctor. And the operating table is the fundamental device of the operating room. The electro-hydraulic operating table uses electric power to control the hydraulic system, which can automatically adjust parameters such as height and inclination according to needs, thereby improving surgical efficiency.

Medical device assembly machine is a mechanical equipment used for automatic mechanical assembly of medical equipment and medical consumables. Therefore, this automated assembly equipment can be applied to assembly such as operating tables, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, etc.

Operating table assembly equipment

The composition of the operating table is very complex, including the bed, bed frame, bed surface, mattress, bed wheel, motor, control system and other parts. These parts cooperate with each other to form a complete operating table, which provides a solid guarantee for doctors to perform operations.

CNC shearing machine

CNC shearing machine of the medical device assembly machines is used to cut the metal material of the bed frame and panel.

a) Check the power connection: Make sure the CNC shearing machine is appropriately connected to the power supply and the power is on.

b) Prepare tools and materials: Prepare the metal sheet that needs to be cut, as well as the corresponding tools and materials, such as fixtures, knives, etc.

c) Adjust the workbench: adjust the position and angle of the workbench according to the size and shape of the board to be cut.

Operating steps
a) Input program: Input the shape and size of the plate to be cut into the computer of the CNC shearing machine, so that the machine can cut according to the requirements.

b) Install the tool: According to the thickness and material of the plate to be cut, select the appropriate tool and install it on the CNC shearing machine.

c) Adjust the jig: Clamp the plate to be cut on the jig, and adjust the position and angle of the jig to ensure the cutting accuracy.

d) Start cutting: Press the start button, and the CNC shearing machine will cut according to the instructions in the program. During the cutting process, it is necessary to observe the working status of the machine to ensure the cutting quality and safety.

e) Completion of cutting: When the CNC shearing machine completes the cutting, the cut plate needs to be removed, checked and sorted. At the same time, maintenance of the machine is also required to ensure its normal operation.

CNC Turret punch

CNC punching machines are used for punching, punching and other processing of bed frames, panels and other parts.

CNC punching machine installed in the medical device assembly machines can be applied to the processing of a variety of metal thin plate parts, and can automatically finish all kinds of complex pass and shallow stretch forming processing at a time. (According to the requirements, holes of different sizes and different shapes can be automatically processed, and small punches can also be used to punch large round holes, square holes, waist-shaped holes and curved contours of various shapes by nibbling, and special processing can also be carried out, such as shutters, shallow draws, countersunk holes, flanging holes, ribs, embossing, etc.) By means of simple mold combination, in contrast to conventional stamping, it saves numerous mold costs, can process small batches and diversified products with low cost and short cycle time, and has a large processing range and processing ability, thereby adapting to the market and product variations without delay.

CNC Bending Machine

In the medical device assembly machines, CNC bending machines are used to bend metal materials into the shape of bed frames and other components.

a) The slider part adopts hydraulic transmission, and the slider part is made up of a slider, an oil cylinder and a fine-tuning structure of a mechanical stop block. The right and left oil cylinders are fixed on the rack, and the piston (rod) drives the slider to move up and down through hydraulic pressure, and the mechanical stop block is controlled by the numerical control system to adjust the value.

b) The workbench is handled by the button box, so that the motor drives the material blocker to move forward and backward, and the moving distance is handled by the numerical control system. And its minimum reading is 0.01mm (front and rear position with travel switch limit).

c) Synchronization system: Unlike general bending devices, this device employs hydraulic equipment such as servo valves and grating rulers to form a closed-loop circuit, thereby accurately controlling a variety of actions of the bending machine.

d) Blocking materials mechanism: The stopper is actuated by a motor, and the two screw rods are driven to move simultaneously via the chain operation, and the size of the stopper is controlled by the numerical control system.

Automatic welding machine

Automatic welding machines of the medical device assembly machines are used to weld individual components, including the welding of bed frames and the welding of connections between individual components.

a) Mechanical device
In order to conform to the requirements of the soldering process, the pressurizing mechanism (soldering gun) makes use of a double-stroke rapid pneumatic transmission mechanism, and the opening of the soldering gun can be altered by the switchover of the stroke control handle, which can be split into large opening and small opening to satisfy the soldering operation requirements. The normal mode is that the soldering tweezers are open in a short stroke. When the control button is shifted to the "power on" position, pull the handle switch to clamp and pressurize the soldering tweezers. Meanwhile, the electric current goes back to the short stroke tension open state after finishing a soldering cycle in the control of the control system.

b) Power supply
The main power circuit is made up of resistance soldering transformer, thyristor unit, main power switch, soldering circuit and so on. The welding device used is a single-phase power frequency AC resistance welding device with a power of 200kVA and a secondary output voltage of 20V. Because of the collinear production of multifarious models, the soldering tweezers must solder high-strength steel plates and low-carbon steel sheets, and the gun arms of the soldering tweezers must deliver relatively large mechanical forces and welding currents. Hence, the intensity, rigidity, and heat generation of soldering tweezers must conform to certain requirements. And it must possess favorable conductivity of heat and electricity. Meanwhile, the soldering tweezers are needed to be cooled by water, so a new type of soldering tweezers that can support a pressure of 400kg is chosen for the ARM of the soldering tweezers.

c) Control device
Control device principally offers signals to control the action of the resistance welder to realize the on-off of the welding current, control the size of the welding current, and carry out fault monitoring and processing.

Spraying equipment

Spraying equipment is used to paint bed frames and other components to protect their surfaces and enhance their aesthetics. This automated spraying equipment can automatically spray a large area on the basis of the set parameters, lessen numerous workers, and have high spraying efficiency. And the spraying quality is stable and uniform.

Assembly line

In the medical device assembly machines, the assembly line is used to assemble various components to form the final operating table product. This process may require the use of some special tools and equipment, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.

Test equipment

It is used to carry out various functional and performance tests on the operating bed, such as testing the durability of the operating bed to ensure that it meets relevant technical standards and requirements.

Features of medical device assembly machines

a. Efficiency
Operating table automatic assembly machines have the characteristics of high efficiency. Due to the adoption of automation technology, these machines can realize continuous and high-speed operation during operation, thereby improving work efficiency.

b. Accuracy
Medical device assembly machines have a high degree of precision. Completing the manufacturing process through automated equipment such as robots can eliminate worker errors and fatigue, and ensure the accuracy and quality of product assembly and processing.

c. Stability
Medical device assembly machines have high stability. This automatic assembly equipment employs intelligent control systems such as sensors to monitor the operation status of the equipment. Once an abnormal situation is found, it can respond in time to ensure the stability and reliability of the entire production process.

d. Flexibility
Operating table automatic assembly equipment has the characteristics of flexibility. Hence, this assembly equipment can adjust and improve the production line, adapt to different product requirements, and meet diversified needs in different production stages.

e. Scalability
Medical device assembly machines arre scalable. Therefore, more equipment can be added as needed to meet changes in production demand and enhance the production capacity and competitiveness of the enterprise.

Advantages of medical device assembly machines

a. High precision production. The automatic assembly machine of the medical device is carefully crafted in product planning, the automatic equipment operates accurately, the production precision is extremely high, and the product quality can be effectively improved.

b. The production speed is fast. Medical device assembly machines adopt high-efficiency motors, which greatly improves the production capacity, far exceeding manual production.

c. Stable operation and reliable quality. The failure rate of the medical device assembly machine is extremely low, and a professional automation engineer has established a tracking service for each product to ensure product quality.

d. Easy to use. Medical device assembly machines can be operated by ordinary workers, which greatly reduces labor costs and processing costs, and is conducive to ensuring versatility.

e. Low cost. If we choose to assemble the machine by hand, it will take a lot of time and effort, but if we can choose the automatic medical device assembly machines, they will be useful to reduce the cost; they are very easy in the actual equipment process, or they can be said that they are really meaningful, because the assembly effect and actual efficiency can be guaranteed in the true sense.

How to buy medical device assembly machines?

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