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What is medical device assembly?

Medical automatic assembly equipment completes the assembly of the equipment by itself according to the preset procedures. Furthermore, medical device assembly automation can reduce manual participation, effectively improve the efficiency of the production line, decrease production costs, and ensure the safety of medical supplies by using specialized machinery and product components to assemble them into final equipment or medical supplies.

Double wing venous needle catheter assembly machine includes a wing placement table for placing the wings into the carrier. Starting from the wing placement table, a conveyor belt behind the wing placement stage is connected to an upper needle assembly, a conveyor belt behind an upper needle assembly is connected to a right-angle transmission assembly, and a conveyor belt behind a right-angle transmission assembly is connected to an oven. And a conveyor belt behind an oven is connected to an inverted needle detection assembly, a conveyor belt behind an inverted needle detection component is connected to a vehicle direction changing device, and a vehicle direction changing device is provided behind the first gas testing device. Moreover, a conveyor belt behind the first gas testing device is connected to a sheath component, a conveyor belt behind a sheath component is connected to a hose assembling component, and a conveyor belt behind a hose assembly component is connected with the second gas testing device. Besides, a conveyor belt behind the second gas testing device is connected with an upper spiral cap device, and the conveyor belt of an upper spiral cap device is connected with a lower finished product device.

Advantages of medical device assembly

a. The footprint of medical equipment assembly is small, saving land can reduce explicit production costs.

b. Products mass-produced using medical assembly equipment have good consistency, greatly improved efficiency, improved quality, and faster delivery time, which is conducive to seizing the market.

c. The use of medical products assembly equipment is beneficial to improving work efficiency, but also reduces the cost of employment, so it saves the management costs of social security, medical personnel, environmental hazards and other aspects.

d. The use of medical automatic assembly equipment to produce medical supplies ensures the safety of injection hygiene. Because the production process of this machine is automated, it can ensure that the double-winged venous needle catheter assembly of the infusion set will not be polluted during the production process to a certain extent.

Double wing venous needle catheter assembly equipment

Upper needle assembly

Upper needles assembly includes a needle point glue adding device, and the needle point glue adding device includes a base, and a glue tray for placing glue is arranged above the base. It also includes a glue adding wheel that is vertically arranged and is driven by the glue adding motor, and the bottom of the glue adding wheel extends into the glue tray. And the upper needle assembly also includes the glue feeding wheel that is set horizontally and is driven by the glue feeding motor, and it is also provided with a scraper for scraping off the overflowing glue. An overflow tray is arranged under the scraper, and the overflow tray is connected with the glue plate. The glue plate is provided with a glue filling port, and a glue tank is set on the edge of the glue adding tray. In addition, a slider arranged a positioning hole is also included, and the base is set on the slider.

Inverted needle detection component

Inverted needles detection component includes an inverted needles detection device and a picking device.

Vehicle direction changing device

Vehicle direction changing device includes a loading platform. The loading stage is provided with a rotating disk that is driven by an air cylinder arranged under the object stage. And a rotating stage is arranged in a rotating disk, and the rotating stage is provided with a carrier groove. Moreover, the loading platform is provided with arc-shaped protective strips, and there are two symmetrically arranged protective strips. Besides, an output power device also called rodless cylinder conveying device is also included.

Inverted needle detection device

Inverted needles detection device includes a base, and a CCD camera and a carrier groove are arranged above the base. The carrier groove is provided with a retaining device which includes a power cylinder connected with a retaining strip. At the same time, there is also a track groove on the base, and a mobile platform, an induction and a positioning point are arranged on the track groove. A CCD camera and a vertical cylinder are set on the mobile platform, and a push bar is connected to the vertical cylinder.

The first gas testing device

The first gas testing device includes a needles tip adding silicon oil device. The needles tip adding silicone oil device includes a silicone oil groove set on the slot table, and also includes a rotary table, which is set on the frame and is driven by a cylinder group. The cylinder group includes a cylinder, a gear strip and a gear, and a gear strip is linked to a cylinder, the gear strip is engaged with the gear, and the gear is connected to the rotary table. Moreover, the rotary table includes a carrier slot that is provided with an air blowing hole, and the air blowing hole is adapted to the air hole at the bottom of the carrier. In addition, the rotary table also includes an anti-fall device arranged with an anti-fall strip, and the anti-fall strip is connected to the anti-fall motor through a connecting rod.

Sheath assembly

Sheath assembly includes a lower sheath device, and the lower sheath device includes a silo and a frame arranged at the lower part of the silo for support. The silo is surrounded by guard plates and is set in the shape of a penetrating cuboid. There is an electrostatic bar arranged horizontally penetration inside the silo. Both ends of the electrostatic bar are grounded through wires. And the electrostatic bar set in the silo is detachable as well as cylindrical, and its surface is set as a rough surface. In addition, there is an inclined blanking plate under the silo, which also includes a front guard plate, which is a detachable structure and is a transparent plastic guard plate. A partition set in the silo can relatively divide the silo into upper and lower parts. The guide rail groove is arranged on the lower material plate, and the bottom of the guide rail groove is provided with a buffer groove.

Upper spiral cap device

Upper spiral cap device includes a direct vibrating plate and a reclaiming assembly. The direct vibrating plate is provided with a transport slot for transporting caps and a side slide plate which is in contact with the top of the direct vibrating plate. There is a storage slot corresponding to the position of the transport slot on the side slide plate. A material taking component and a material receiving hole are arranged in the directly above the rear of the storage slot slide position, and a thimble is arranged in the storage slot. And the lower end of the reclaiming assembly is provided with a cross ejector rod.

Lower finished product device

Lower finished product device includes a bracket. A support seat is arranged above the bracket, and a finished manipulator is arranged on the support seat. The finished manipulator is connected with the support seat through a vertical cylinder and divided into two groups, and each group of finished manipulators is provided with corresponding mechanical clips. A horizontal cylinder is arranged between the vertical cylinder and the support seat. A horizontal cylinder is a rodless cylinder and is provided with two guide rails and an induction component. Besides, three groups induction block is arranged in an induction component.


Carrier includes a bottom frame. Two or more groups carrier seats are arranged above the bottom frame, and the carrier seat connected with the bottom frame through nuts is provided with a venous needles groove. Moreover, the bottom frame is provided with air holes, and the bottom of the carrier seat is provided with a through hole adapted to the air hole, and the through hole is adapted to the caliber of the venous needle. In addition, the carrier seat is provided with two nuts arranged in a diagonal line, and the groove wall of the venous needle slot is set like a trumpet shaped.

Features of double wing venous needle catheter assembly equipment

a. High security
Since the current double-winged venous needle catheter assembly machine usually completes the assembly process of the venous needle catheter assembly by manual assembly or a combination of manual assembly and equipment assembly, it is easy to attach germs during the packaging process, which is not safe enough. However, the operation of the double-wing venous needle catheter assembly machine is fully automated, so it is not easy to attach germs to the double-wing venous needle catheter during the assembly process, which has a high security.

b. High degree of automation
The assembly process of the double-wing venous needle catheter assembly machine is completely finished by machine operation, which solves the shortcomings of the low automation degree of existing machines and realizes a high degree of automation.

c. High efficiency and strong practicability
Double-wing venous needle catheter assembly machine has a high degree of automation, and does not need to manually pack the venous needle catheter, so the assembly phase rate is greatly improved, which is conducive to large-scale production, and the overall design of the machine is reasonable and the structure is simple. Hence, double-wing venous needle catheter assembly machine has the characteristics of high efficiency and strong practicability.

How to order medical device assembly?

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