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Gas Filling Machine

Gas filling machine for sale

What is gas filling machine?

Gas filling machine is a machine that relies directly on a pressurized pump to fill the gas to be filled. Its overall structure and function are similar to the pressure liquid filling machine.

The common gases used for gas filling are natural gas, coal gas, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and so on.

Gas refill machine has high requirements for the working environment, which requires filling in a ventilated, low-temperature, no open flame working area.

Working principle of gas filling machine

Gas filling machine is a kind of equipment used to fill gases into containers. It mainly consists of gas supply system, filling system, control system and safety system.

Gas supply system

The gas supply system is an important part of the gas filling motor. It is responsible for delivering the gas from the gas cylinder or gas pipeline to the filling system. Usually, the gas supply system includes pressure regulator, flow meter and gas pipeline. The pressure regulator is used to regulate the pressure of the gas to ensure that the gas enters the filling system at the proper pressure. A flow meter is used to measure the flow rate of the gas to ensure a steady supply of gas during the filling process. The gas piping is the connection between the pressure regulator and the flow meter, which deliver the gas to the filling system through the gas piping.

Filling system

Filling system is the core part of the automatic air filling machine. It is responsible for introducing gas from the gas supply system into the container. The filling system usually consists of a filling head, a filling valve and a filling pipe The filling head is the part that is connected to the container in a hermetically sealed manner and is responsible for introducing the gas into the container. The filling valve is the device that controls the flow of the gas, it opens or closes as needed to control the amount of gas filled. Filling ducts are the pipes that connect the filling head to the filling valve and they direct the gas through the filling duct to the filling valve.

Control system

The control system is an important part of the auto gas filling machine. It is responsible for monitoring and controlling the working status of the gas filling machine. The control system usually includes sensors, controllers and actuators. Sensors are used to monitor parameters such as pressure, flow and temperature of the gas, as well as the filling of the container. The controller controls and adjusts the work of the gas filling machine based on the signals from the sensors. The actuator controls the work of the gas supply system and the filling system according to the instructions of the controller.

Safety system

The safety system is the key to guarantee the safe operation of the gas filling equipment. It mainly includes safety valve pressure relief device and gas leakage detection device. The safety valve is used to release the overpressure gas when the gas pressure exceeds the set value to protect the safety of the gas filling machine. Pressure relief device is used to release part of the gas to reduce the pressure when excessive pressure is generated in the gas pipeline. Air leakage detection device is used to monitor the air leakage in the gas supply system and filling system, and will issue an alarm and take appropriate measures once the leakage is detected.

Working process of gas filling machine

In the working process of the gas filling machine, firstly, you need to connect the gas supply system with the filling system and adjust the pressure and flow rate of the gas. Then, connect the container with the filling head and open the filling valve to make the gas enter into the container. When the container is full of gas, close the filling valve and disconnect the container from the filling head to complete the primary filling process. During the whole filling process, the control system will constantly monitor the gas pressure, flow and container filling and adjust and control as needed to ensure the normal operation of the gas filling machine and filling quality.

The gas packing machine introduces the gas into the filling system through the gas supply system and then monitors and controls the gas pressure, flow rate and filling situation through the control system to finally fill the gas into the container. It has the features of simple operation, high efficiency, stable filling quality, etc., and is widely used in the filling process of various gases.

Technical parameter of gas filling machine

Power supply voltageAC220V +10-15%, 50H (gas filling machine should have a good grounding and cannot be shared with motors, relays or heaters and other equipment prone to generate power noise of a power supply)
Power consumptionS50W
Operating temperature-10°C~40%C
Relative humidityS90%R.H. 4.
Accuracy levelClass I
Large weighing capacity150kg
Indexing value50g
Display14-bit LED segment code display, 5 LED status indicator
Floor space550mmx450mm

Feature of gas filling machine

a. Dual displays for instantaneous weight, target weight or actual filling and other information.

b. All filling data are entered by keystrokes and stored in the memory.

c. All filling data are protected against power failure.

d. Automatic zero tracking; automatic zero catching at power on.

e. Automatic classification and accumulation of filling weight and number of bottles.

f. Each filling has the functions of coarse filling, fine filling and automatic correction of advance value.

g. Dynamic and static anti-vibration interference combination software package.

h. Gas filling machine with gross weight filling, net weight filling arbitrary selection function.

i. Gas filling device adopts pneumatic cut-off valve with reliable operation, accurate cut-off, durability, low failure rate, and so on.

Application of gas filling machine

Automatic gas filling machine equipment is very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to choose to use. It can be widely used for filling all kinds of common gas products, such as: oxygen, air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and so on.

Use of gas filling machine

a. Before starting the machine, carefully check whether there is any foreign matter in each working gap of gas filling machine. If there is, the operator needs to clean up.

b. Check whether the oil circuit and gas circuit are open. Each steam service valve should be closed after draining.

c. Make sure everything is normal after the host motor running. Check whether the rotating parts are working well during operation.

d. Add materials and tighten the top cover.

e. Open the air inlet valve, the air pressure control within 0.2 to close the air inlet valve.

f. Open the material valve to start filling.

g. When the need for temporary shutdown, the operator can press the stop button.

h. When the machine has a malfunction or an abnormal situation such as a strange odor or a strange sound, the operator should stop the machine immediately to check. Wait until the fault is removed before starting the gas refill machine.

i. Pay attention to the hygiene of the floor and the iron bench, so that the machine is dust-free, no oil leakage, gas leakage, water leakage, no oil stains on the floor and the footbridge, no residue, no confetti, no wood, so as to avoid slipping and falling when working.

j. Turn off the power at the end of the shift, including fans and fluorescent lights. Scrape the glue and debris on the drum, and add oil to each part of the friction.

k. Turn off the motor, fan, lighting and other power supply, as well as turn off the water source.

l. Improve the environmental hygiene in the workshop, and place the items in an orderly and neat manner.

m. Check carefully and leave work when everything is in order.

How to order gas filling machine?

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