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LED Tube Light Assembly Machine

led tube light assembly machine for sale

What is LED tube light assembly machine?

LED tube light assembly machine means that each production unit only focuses on the work of assembling a single segment of a certain LED light tube. Hence, this LED tube light assembly machine is widely applied to LED tube light manufacturing, such as industrial LED tube light, machine tube lights and the like.

Through the mechanical automation of LED tube light assembly machines, led tube light manufacturing and assembly realizes automatic loading and unloading of products, automatic insertion of lamp bead boards, automatic welding wire assembly and inspection, so as to save labor, control quality, and achieve high efficiency and high yield.

Working process of LED tube light assembly machine

a. The main line adopts the 3.0 times speed chain belt carrier plate fixture flowing water conveying mode.

b. The tooling board of the LED tube light assembly machine adopts a 1 out 3 respectively positioning methods.

c. The light tube silo is lifted and automatically arrayed to grab and load the material. The light tube silo feeds and lifts the material, visually locates and automatically transmits and arrays, and the entire group of robotic arms grabs and puts it into the main line tooling board.

d. The light strips in the LED tube light assembly machine are automatically guided and pushed into the lamp tube after being put into the card slot by the manual splitter. The light bar is divided into boards and pushed in, and the manual splitter is divided into light bars, put into the card slot, automatically positioned, and the pressure wheel rotates and pushes in the light tube (pushed in by 3 light bars).

e. Manual feeding (soft wire) of single-wire lamp head, automatic stripping, grabbing and putting it into the tooling board. The single-line lamp head is manually loaded and stuck line, automatically managed and stripped wires, the mechanical arm takes it into the clamping position of the tooling board, and the next station is automatically welded.

f. The power board is manually loaded and stuck line, the wire is automatically managed and stripped, the light head vibrating plate is feed and the direction is visually recognized. Then laser marking, automatic insertion and pressing of the power board and the lamp head, the mechanical arm taking and placing the tooling board into the clamping position, and the next station automatically welding.
a) The power board with wires is manually loaded and stuck line, and automatic positioning to manage and strip wires.

b) Line light head automatic feeding and arraying (visual positioning) automatic marking (laser).

c) In the LED tube light assembly machine, the power board and the light head are first assembled and riveted, then automatically grabbed and put into the tooling board.

g. Automatic tin feeding and welding (three-axis soldering machine).

h. Automatic installing of light head (six-axis robot). And 1 set of six-axis robots on the left and right respectively installed in the light head.

i. Automatic power test and automatic grabbing and sorting of NG products. After the test sorting and power-on test, the robotic arm automatically grabs out the NG products.

j. In the LED tube light assembly machine, finished products are automatically grabbed and output by the robotic arm. Finally, the lifters at both ends of the line body automatically return to the board for circulation.

LED tube light aging test line

a. After the light tube enters the horizontal input pipe splitter, it enters the lamp tube conveyor belt in the form of 10 pieces at a time, and moves to the working position of the upper tube manipulator to wait. Then the manipulator raises the light tube horizontally and rotates vertically, and sends it to the tube loading station of the main machine. The light tube is pressed by the station head, the manipulator returns, the main engine turns the position, and the lamp tube enters the electrified area.

b. It is divided into four energized areas according to the circumference. And the power supply of the LED tube light assembly machine is uniformly controlled and output by the control cabinet. Besides, a pair of conductive wheels in the upper station and a conductive wheel in the lower station provide power for double (single) LED tube lights. Finally, the large plate rotates counterclockwise to complete the whole process of aging.

c. When the light tube is moved to the working position of the tube unloading manipulator, the tube unloading manipulator clamps and unloads the tubes with 10 pieces at a time, rotates, puts them horizontally into the conveyor chain, enters the operation of the conveyor chain at the sub-station, and completes the corresponding electrical performance test and rejects defective products. In addition, the qualified product in the LED tube light assembly machine slides out from the inclined platform and is sent to the automatic electric measuring line.

d. Setting of the automatic electrical test line function
a) Light up test power
b) Measure operating current and operating voltage
c) Measure PF
d) Measure illuminance (5 test points can be set)
e) Measure whether the two light pins are connected
f) Pressure test
g) Insulation resistance
h) Leakage current

Components of LED tube light assembly machine

The head and tail of the double speed chain
The head and tail of the double-speed chain are made of 40X40 aluminum, equipped with 2 large power rollers, and are made by machining and knurling.

Machine bracket
Machine bracket is made of 40X40 aluminum, connected by corner codes, equipped with galvanized foot cups, and can be adjusted in height.

Line body
Line body of LED tube light assembly machine is made of 40X70 aluminum material, and a φ25mm galvanized pipe roller is provided at an interval of 250mm.

Transmission system
Transmission system adopts a 1HP motor, equipped with a 60-type reducer, and the head and tail of the machine are equipped with power sprockets, chains, bearings and pulleys for transmission.

Conveyor belt
In the LED tube light assembly machine, conveyor belt makes use of green PVC belt, the specification is L24M×W400mm×T2.0mm, and adopts seamless belt thermal joint.

Speed governor
Speed governor adopts a 1HP frequency converter, and the speed is adjustable from 0 to 6m/min.

Light stand
Light stand is made of 40×40 aluminum profile, each section is 2 meters; the height is 1150mm, and it is connected through the whole line.

Lighting adopts 40W fluorescent lamps, a single light tube with a cover, a total of 16 sets, which are evenly installed.

Wire groove socket
Wire groove socket is installed in the middle of the rack with a single aluminum wire groove, and a three-position multifunctional socket is equipped every 1 meter.

Electrical control box
Electrical control box installed in the LED tube light assembly machine has a set of control air switch, the socket and the fluorescent lamp are controlled separately, and are installed on the machine head.

Craft instruction card
Craft instruction card adopts H-shaped special aluminum profile, the bottom plate is green acrylic board, and the panel is white transparent acrylic board. And its specification is L300mm×W300mm, one set per meter, 12 sets in total.

Storage table
Storage table is made of 18mm plywood, the upper surface is pasted with white fireproof board, and the semi-circular wood is wrapped. And its specification is L12m×W400mm.

Long working table
The tabletop of the long workbench made of 18mm plywood is 12mm×W400mm in specification, the upper surface is pasted with white fireproof board, and the semi-circular wood is wrapped. The specification of the long working table is L12m×W400mm. Installed on both sides, the platform bracket is made of angle iron.

Features of LED tube light assembly machine

a. The lighting impact and aging time of the LED tube light assembly machine can be set freely, and the product quality is strictly checked and tested through the destructive aging test.

b. LED tube light assembly machine is equipped with up/down automatic cycle return plate/hoist, PLC programming control, frequency conversion speed regulation and stopper two functions, intelligent heating system, impact zone, roaming zone, high pressure/normal pressure/low pressure function test area, current monitoring and testing area (option).

c. LED tube light assembly equipment can simulate the product use environment to do temperature destructive aging test. Moreover, this device can also simulate the power grid for destructive aging tests. In addition, the electrical conductivity of the led tube light assembly equipment is stable, and the products are subjected to high and low voltage impact aging.

Advantages of LED tube light assembly machine

a. The equipment utilization rate of LED tube light assembly machine is high. The highly automated operation of industrial led tube light assembly makes the output of a group of machine tools into the assembly production line several times higher than that of the group of machine tools when they are scattered and stand-alone.

b. LED tube light assembly machine reduces production costs, improves production efficiency, and has the features of high efficiency, energy saving, stability, high quality, and high equipment utilization, so that it can reduce WIP by about 80%.

c. The production capacity of LED tube light assembly and manufacturing machines is relatively stable. The automatic processing system of the led tube light assembly machine is made up of one or more machine tools. When a failure appears, it has the function to lower the operation, and the material delivery system also has the capacity to bypass the faulty machine tool by itself.

d. The products manufactured on the LED tube light assembly machine are of high quality. During the processing of parts, feeding and blanking is finished at one time, with high processing accuracy and steady processing form.

e. LED tube light assembly machine adopts modular combination design, so it can realize fast delivery and has the advantages of beautiful appearance, super value price and easy maintenance.

f. There is no relative movement between the materials on the transmission lines of the LED tube light assembly machine and the conveyor, which can avoid crash to the transported materials. And the device is appropriate for occasions where the working environment needs a relatively quiet environment.

g. The double-speed chains equipped on the LED tube light assembly machines can be applied to finish various different transporting and processing tasks. And the machine can also perform continuous or intermittent motion.

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