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What is engine assembly line?

The engine is the most technology-intensive critical part in the automotive field, so the automotive engine assembly line is extremely crucial. In the meantime, the automobile motor assembly line is an assembly line craft of sequentially assembling the engine.

The automobile motor assembly line is mainly composed of general assembly line, sub-assembly line, station facilities and online instruments, etc. In the final assembly line and sub-assembly line, flexible conveyor line is generally applied to convey workpiece, and automated assembly device is equipped on the line to enhance efficiency. And the flexible conveyor line principally includes: friction roller way and start-stop power roller way. In addition, the automation device on the engine assembly line principally contains automated marking device, tightening device, automatic flippers and other special assembly deviceauto, which can enhance the assembly ability of the assembly line to a great extent.

Working principle of engine assembly line

Engine assembly line usually makes use of the field bus control method, and the running of the assembly line is uniformly controlled via the on-site distributed I/O and the communication between each station is finished. At the same time, the on-site information supervision system is established using Ethernet and other means to finish functions like information collection, production scheduling and distribution, station supervision and assembly reminders on the assembly line.

In the production of engine, the assembly shows the final state, final structure and final precision of the motor, which is crucial to assure the precision and quality of the motor. An engine assembly line must assure the assembly technical conditions of the engine to realize high accuracy; it must assure the assembly cycle to realize high efficiency; it must assemble multiple models simultaneously to realize high flexibility; it must availably control assembly precision to realize high quality.

Components of engine assembly line

Engine assembly line consists of cylinder body subassembly, crankshaft subassembly, piston subassembly, cylinder head subassembly, crankshaft rotation torque detection, bare metal leak test, main line assembly, cold test, assembly leakage test, other tests, heat (ignition) test and performance test (sampling test).

Powertrain final assembly line is divided into two circular routes, inner and outer. It is conveyed by a flexible friction roller table, which is composed of a friction wheel motorized roller table, a tray, a stopper, a lifting precise positioning device, a lifting slewing device, a lifting transfer device, etc. The end surface of the friction roller table rubs against each other, and the friction force is adjustable. Except for the contact surface between the roller and the pallet, the rest are closed. The automatic station on the line is equipped with a pallet precise positioning device, and each station is equipped with a stopper, and the release of the workpiece is controlled by a switch.

Engine cylinder head subassembly line

Engine cylinder head subassembly line is a circular line. The flexible friction roller conveying line is adopted, and the cylinder head is sent to the corresponding assembly station on the final assembly line through the conveying mechanism after being assembled.

a) Automatic bolt tightening machine
Automatic bolt tightening machine of the engine assembly line can be widely used in the fastening of bolts in the production lines of cars, trucks, engines, rolling stock, tractors, motorcycles, etc., so it is very suitable for the engine cylinder head tightening station with particularly high torque accuracy requirements.

The main control computer, servo driver, servo motor, torque sensor, upper monitoring computer and balance system of the bolt automatic tightening machine system are all imported famous brand products, which has a strong adaptability to the environments of vibration, shock, dust, temperature, humidity and electromagnetic interference, so it has long trouble-free working time, and high system reliability. In addition, the system of the bolt automatic tightening machine carefully designs the real-time control software and monitoring software and adopts advanced intelligent control algorithm for the quality of the bolts, so it can automatically adjust the tightening speed according to the hardness and softness of the bolt material and the tightness of the fit. Meanwhile, the system also adopts an effective anti-interference measures, thus ensuring high precision in the tightening of various bolts.

b) Valve oil seal press fitting machine
The fully automatic mode of the valve oil seal press-fitting machine includes automatic loading of oil seal, automatic feeding of the pressure head, and automatic press-fitting.

Valve oil seal press fitting machine automatically reads the RFID identification model → the roller table conveys the pallet in place and blocks it → the lifting mechanism lifts the workpiece and the pallet off the roller table → the workpiece and the pallet automatically turn over the angle until the end face of the exhaust side conduit is perpendicular to the pressure head → the oil seal automatic feeding mechanism arranges 8 oil seals to spray oil and slide to the designated position→ the oil seal pressing mechanism automatically takes 8 oil seals and moves them to the top of the center of the workpiece exhaust duct → the oil seal pressing mechanism presses the exhaust side oil seal → the oil seal pressing mechanism rises back to the oil seal feeding place→ the oil seal automatic loading mechanism arranges 8 oil seals to spray oil and slide to the designated position→ the workpiece and the pallet automatically turn over the angle until the end face of the inlet side conduit is perpendicular to the pressure head→ the oil seal press-fitting mechanism takes 8 oil seals and puts them in place and moves to the top of the center of the inlet side conduit of the workpiece → the oil seal press-fitting mechanism press-fit the intake side oil seal → reset the oil seal press-fitting mechanism → reset the turning-over mechanism → reset the lifting mechanism → release the blocker → convey the workpiece and the pallet into the next process by the roller way.
c) Automatic flipper
Automatic flipper in the engine  assembly line is mainly composed of a chassis, a column, a lifting system and a flipping system. When working, first put the material into the material barrel, then activate the lifting button to raise the material bin to the required height, and then activate the flip button, the material bin can be flipped 180 degrees, and the rotating column is airtightly docked with the feeding equipment for feeding operation.

d) Valve lock plate assembly machine
Valve lock plate assembly machine can be installed on any platform for use. For different types of engines, the spacing and angle can be changed through the assembly and adjustment of various parts; and for different sizes of valves, the corresponding specification sleeve can be selected, and then the screw assembly can be rotated to compress the valve and disassembly valve lock plate, valve spring, valve oil seal, etc.

e) Valve flapping machine
The driving device of the valve flapping machine includes several fixing seats and a plurality of pressure head assemblies passing through the fixing seats. Each pressure head assembly includes a mandrel, a needle bearing and a pressure block respectively connected to the two ends of the mandrel, and a spring sandwiched between the needle bearing and the fixed seat; the crankshaft rotation assembly includes a mounting plate, a bearing seat fixed on the mounting plate, a crankshaft pivotally connected to the bearing seat and a power mechanism for driving the crankshaft to rotate, the crankshaft is arranged above the pushing device, and the crankshaft includes a plurality of cams for pushing the pressure head assembly. The flapping equipment adopting this structure can realize the flapping and running-in action of multiple valves at the same time, thereby improving the production efficiency.

f) Automatic glue applicator
Engine cylinder head automatic glue applicator is equipped with CCD vision positioning and workpiece rotation functions, which can apply gluing to the front and back of the product at one time. Glue A and B are delivered by a 5-gallon pressure pump, connected through pipelines, and then connected to the screw valve after the pressure is stabilized. At the same time, the glue ratio can be adjusted arbitrarily, the static mixing hose is mixed, and the end rotary valve cuts off the glue instantly, without drawing and glue dripping phenomenon.

g) Lubricating oil applicator
Lubricating oil applicator of the engine assembly line is mainly composed of an oiling applicator chamber, an oil supply system, a hydraulic system, a high-voltage electrostatic system, an electric control system and an operating table.

The oiling applicator chamber is equipped with an upper knife beam/nozzle and a lower knife beam/nozzle, through which the steel belt passes freely. The oil supply system supplies oil to the upper and lower beams. The oil supply is controlled by the PLC after the speed sensor detects the running speed of the steel belt, and the amount of oil on the surface of the steel belt is always kept stable under the conditions of unit speed up, down speed and stable operation; at the same time, the DC high-voltage power supply provides a negative DC high voltage of 0-80KV to be applied to the upper and lower knife beams/nozzles, so that high-voltage static electricity is generated between the knife beams/nozzles and the steel belt as the ground electrode. Additionally, under the action of a high-voltage electrostatic field, the anti-rust oil is atomized and adsorbed on the surface of the steel strip to form a uniform and thin oil film.

h) Electric wrench
When the end face of the nut touches the end face of the workpiece, the resistance moment goes up rapidly, and the rotary spiral groove renders the ball move backward with the active impact block to overcome the friction force and the pressure of the working spring, thereby disengaging the intermeshing teeth of the active impact block and the driven impact block. At this moment, the driven impact block does not move, while the active impact block continuously move backward. After rolling-over the teeth of the driven impact block, the active impact block moves forward instantaneously because of the action of the working spring, and generates an angular acceleration along the spiral groove, which makes the active impact block strikes the driven impact block, and the two teeth come into collision. After that, the spiral groove moves the ball and the active impact block back to debarrass. This goes round and round to produce collisions again and again to obtain the required impact moment to tighten the nut.

Engine final assembly line

The key processes of engine assembly are completed by fully automatic devices, such as operating heavy parts processes (such as cylinder blocks) on the assembly line, and processes required for process control (such as tightening connecting rod caps and cylinder head bolts under yield limit control), requiring a high degree of concentration And error-prone processes (such as cylinder type identification and sealant application), measurement processes (bolt automatic tightening machine, cylinder type identification system, starting such as detection of camshaft and crankshaft rotation torque), etc.

The main assembly equipment on the final assembly line of the engine assembly line includes automatic bolt tightening machine, cylinder block type recognition system, engine number rolling machine, automatic turning over machine, automatic glue applicator, lubricating oil applicator, electric wrench, etc. Besides, engine assembly is automatically transported to the factory test area by a self-propelled trolley.

Piston connecting rod assembly line

Piston connecting rod assembly line is a circular line, which also uses a flexible friction roller conveyor line. The main equipment on the piston connecting rod assembly line includes piston pin pressing machine, piston ring assembling machine, connecting rod big head bolt disassembling machine, etc.

Features of engine assembly line

a. Engine assembly line is developing towards a flexible assembly line.

b. Powertrain assembly line is gradually making use of vacuum filling device.

c. The test and testing device of the automobile engine assembly line is progressing to the direction of microcomputer control, digitization, high accuracy and automation.

d. The appropriative assembly device on the engine assembly line is developing in the direction of high accuracy, adaptability and automation.

e. Replacing the impact pneumatic wrench with a static torque wrench and a constant torque electric wrench is a major development feature of assembly tools for automobile engine assembly lines.

Advantages of engine assembly line

a. Improve productivity and quality
Engine assembly line greatly improves the production efficiency and production accuracy through the automated assembly process, thus ensuring the quality of the manufactured engine.

b. Reduce manufacturing costs
Motor assembly line includes all the core manufacturing links, thus greatly reducing the manufacturing cost.

c. Improve security
The automated process of the engine assembly line reduces the direct contact of workers, thereby reducing the risk of work-related injuries.

d. Excellent environmental performance
By adopting new materials and techniques, the engine assembly line can better meet the requirements of environmental protection, which greatly reduces the carbon emissions and other hazards of the engine.

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