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Powder Filling Machine

Powder filling machine for sale

What is powder filling machine?

Powder filling machine is a kind of machine suitable for quantitative filling of powdery and granular materials such as pesticides, veterinary drugs, premixes, additives, milk powder, starch, flavorings, enzymes, feeds, and so on.

Working principle of powder filling machine

Powder filling machine is a kind of filling equipment specialized in powdery materials. Working principle of powder filler is to send the powder material into the filling chamber of the filling machine through the conveying system, then compress the powder material into a certain volume by compressed air or mechanical force, and finally fill the powder material into the packaging container through the outlet of the filling machine.

The working principle of powder packing machine can be divided into the following steps.

a. Conveying system. Powdery materials are sent into the filling chamber of the filling machine through the conveying system, which can be in the form of screw conveyor, vibrating conveyor, and so on.

b. Filling chamber. The filling chamber is the core component of the powder filling machine, which consists of a cylindrical container and a piston. When the powder material enters the filling chamber, the piston will move downward and compress the powder material into a certain volume.

c. Compressed air or mechanical force. In order to compress the powdered material into a certain volume, the powder filling machine needs to use compressed air or mechanical force. In the filling chamber, the compressed air or mechanical force will move the piston downward to compress the powdered material into a certain volume.

d. Filling outlet. When the powdered material is compressed into a certain volume, it will be filled into the packaging container through the outlet of the filling machine. Filling outlet can be rotary, linear and other forms.

In general, the working principle of the powder packaging machine is relatively simple, but in the actual application of some details need to pay attention to, such as the conveying speed of the powder material, the volume size of the filling chamber, the control of compressed air or mechanical force. Only in this way can we ensure the normal operation of the powder filling machine and filling effect.

Technical parameter of powder filling machine

Packing specification5g-5000g
Packaging error≤ ± 1%
Measuring methodScrew metering
Packing speed1500-3000 bags/hour
Total weight380KG
Machine sizeL*W*H=1000*650*2000(mm)

Feature of powder filling machine

a. Powder filling machine is a combination of machine, electricity, light, instrumentation in one machine. It can realize single-chip computer control, with automatic dosing, automatic filling, automatic adjustment of measurement error and other functions.

b. Fast speed. Adopt spiral discharging and optical control technology.

c. High precision. Stepping motor and electronic weighing technology are adopted.

d. Wide filling range. The same quantitative filling machine can be continuously adjusted by the keyboard of the electronic scale and the replacement of different specifications of the lower material screw within 5-5000g.

e. Wide range of application. There is a certain fluidity of powdery, granular materials can be.

f. Automatic powder filling machine is suitable for quantitative packing of powder in various containers such as bags, cans and bottles.

g. The error caused by material specific gravity and material level change can be automatically tracked and corrected.

h. Semi-automatic powder filling machine can realize photoelectric switch control (manual bagging), clean bag mouth and easy to seal.

i. Stainless steel is used in the parts contacting with materials, which is convenient for cleaning and preventing cross-contamination.

Advantage of powder filling machine

Powder filling and sealing machine can be used to pack all kinds of powder from a few grams to several kilograms.

Powder weighing and filling machine has high working efficiency, low energy consumption, but high mechanical precision, small footprint and high site utilization.

Powder filling equipment can also increase the de-static device and dust-absorbing device.

Powder filling line can solve the problem of fully automatic packing of dust. Good airtightness without dust, easy to clean and change packing specifications, low cost of equipment, low failure rate and easy maintenance, low cost of package materials.

Application of powder filling machine

Powder filling machine is suitable for packing granules, powder medicines, sugar, and other particles. The equipment has a wide range of applications - suitable for packaging work in medicine, food, chemical, pesticides, and so on. It is a popular equipment in the packaging industry nowadays. The small powder filling machine is controlled by PLC programmable, which makes the operation of the equipment simpler, easy to adjust, and has a high degree of automation. Dry powder filling machine with all stainless-steel sealed body, anti-corrosion and dustproof. The exterior is beautiful and generous, the equipment is easy to maintain, in line with GMP requirements.

Use of powder filling machine

a. There are two ways to choose between manual and automatic filling of the filling machine. When the machine is in use, both manual powder filling machine and automatic filling machine for powder must be turned on the vibration (stirring) mode of the operation interface, so as to prevent the formation of voids inside the barrels when the machine is running for discharging, resulting in inconsistent weight.

b. The time setting of vibration mode needs to be determined according to the actual discharging time.

c. If the powder filling machine is set to automatic filling mode the automatic delay time on the operator interface is the time between the discharging and the second discharging. The automatic delay time should be greater than the time between each bagging, discharging and to the second bagging.

d. Filling weight setting. The filling weight is obtained by adjusting the number of turns; the number of turns is proportional to the weight of the material.

e. Screw feeding machine power should be obtained from the filling machine, and is strictly prohibited directly connected to other power sources! Screw feeding machine has automatic feeding and automatic discharging and overload protection function.

f. When the powder reaches the material level sensor, the feeding machine will automatically stop; when the powder is lower than the material level sensor, the feeding machine will be delayed for 10 seconds before automatically feeding; normal production will cycle this function.

g. The loading machine is blocked because the powder material contains mixed debris, lines, etc. At this time, the feeding machine because the load increases, the overload function is enabled and automatically stop. When this situation occurs, it is necessary to turn off the main power supply, clean up the debris mixed in the powder material, and then restart the feeding machine.

h. When the powder inside the pipe of the spiral feeder needs to be cleaned, the function switch of the feeder should be rotated, and then open the discharge port at the lower end of the feeder for discharging.

Precaution of powder filling machine

a. Before each startup, check and observe whether there is any abnormality around the powder filling machine.

b. It is forbidden to put your hands and head near or touch the moving parts of the automatic filling machine for powder.

c. When the powder packaging equipment is running, it is strictly prohibited to put hands and tools into the sealing tool holder.

d. Prohibit frequent switching of operation buttons during normal operation of powder capsule filling machine, and prohibit arbitrary change of parameter setting value.

e. Prohibit long-term fast running powder auger.

Maintenance of powder filling machine

a. When the powder bag filling machine is running, the cutting orientation of the bag has a large deviation, the gap between the color codes is too large, the color codes are positioned incorrectly, and the photoelectric tracking compensation fails to operate. In this case, you are able to readjust the orientation of the photoelectric switch first. If it fails, clean the former, insert the packaging material into the lead plate and adjust the orientation of the lead plate so that the light spot coincides with the middle of the color code.

b. During the packaging process, the feed motor of the auger filling machine gets stuck and will not rotate or rotates out of control. This is also a very common fault. First check whether the feed lever is jammed, whether the start capacitor is damaged and whether the fuse has been exhausted. Problems, and then based on the results of the view will be replaced.

c. The packaging container is not sealed. This phenomenon not only wastes the material, but also because the material is powder, it is very simple to spread and contaminate the filling machine equipment and workshop environment. In this case, it is necessary to check whether the packaging containers comply with the relevant provisions, remove the counterfeit packaging containers, and then try to adjust the sealing pressure and increase the heat-sealing temperature.

d. The filler is not pulling bags and the bag puller motor is off the chain. The reason for the failure is simply a wiring problem. The bag proximity switch is damaged, the controller is faulty, and the stepper motor driver is faulty.

e. During operation, the container is torn off by the filler. If this happens, check the motor circuit to see if the proximity switch is damaged.

f. The set pulse cannot be transmitted to the electrical control cabinet or not the material situation, may be due to the sensitivity of the photoelectric switch is too high or is caused by the blocking, at this time, please adjust the sensitivity of the photoelectric switch to the appropriate position or move away from the blocking material.

g. The number of pulses increased, and the actual portion of the reduction, to be added, the actual portion of the phenomenon of over-difference, this is because the hopper level difference is too large caused by the adjustment of a few bags, can be rehabilitated after normal. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably manipulate the material level in the hopper (artificial feeding) or adjust the number of preset bags (automatic feeding).

h. If the calibration scale zero point instability (zero drift) phenomenon, there may be a large airflow in the vicinity (such as wind, fans, air conditioning) or source of boom; other environmental humidity, if the circuit board moisture will also present the phenomenon, then please carefully remove the electronic scale shell, with a hairdryer to drive away the moisture, pay attention to: hairdryer should not be too close to the circuit board should not be a long-term heating of a place to drive away the moisture, to avoid damage to the components.

i. Present spiral rotation (i.e., stepper motor blocking) or measurement of the phenomenon of good and bad, may be the material in the debris caused by excessive resistance or material cup eccentricity to, in this case, please turn off the machine, unloading the material cup, remove debris or adjust the orientation of the material cup can be. The operator will be the bottom of the container against the outlet of the material cup to change the operation method.

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