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Quantitative Filling Machine

Quantitative filling machine for sale

What is quantitative filling machine?

Quantitative filling machine is a machine for measuring and filling by controlling the volume of liquid filled into the packaging container, with simple, reliable structure, less failure, adopting cone piston, good sealing performance, accurate dispensing liquid volume and convenient liquid volume adjustment.

Working principle of quantitative filling machine

The basic working principle of quantitative filling machine is to realize the quantitative filling of materials by adjusting the piston travel or rotating screw, and the filling quantity can be adjusted and changed according to the needs. The quantitative filling machine is suitable for packaging all kinds of fluid and semi-fluid materials, such as sauces, cosmetics, pesticides, lubricating oils, and so on.

Working process of quantitative filling machine

a. Preparation. Turn on the machine switch, adjust the parameters and filling volume, and preheat the equipment.

b. Filling process. Place the bag under the filling opening, press the start button to start filling, when the material in the bag reaches the preset filling amount, the machine will automatically stop filling.

c. Sealing process. The machine will automatically fold and seal the bag to complete the packaging process.

d. Safety testing. Check whether the packaging meets the requirements, and conduct quality testing on the packaging to ensure that the product meets the standard.

Feature of quantitative filling machine

a. Fast speed, high accuracy and precision solenoid valve metering.

b. Easy adjustment of the filling volume. Inside through the keyboard to adjust the filling time or replace the filling head continuously adjustable.

c. Quantitative automatic packing machines are made of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials, with fewer wearing parts and easy to clean, maintain and replace materials.

d. The height of working table can be adjusted to adapt to different sizes of packing containers.

e. Equipped with automatic feeding device and material recycling interface to minimize waste.

Application of quantitative filling machine

Usually, quantitative filling machine is suitable for quantitative filling in hospital preparation room, ampoule, eye drops, all kinds of oral liquid, shampoo and all kinds of aqueous agent; meanwhile, it can also be used for all kinds of liquid quantitatively and continuously adding liquid in various chemical analysis tests, and it is especially suitable for liquid dispensing of large, medium and small pesticide factories. It is suitable for filling toxic, corrosive and volatile liquids such as pesticide, toluene, xylene, liquid fertilizer, veterinary medicine, disinfectant solution, oral liquid, alcohol and other materials.

Use of quantitative filling machine

a. Before working, the machine must be well grounded, and then select the appropriate standard syringe according to different dispensing volume. General dispensing range of 0.2-1ml with 1ml syringe; 1-5ml with 5ml syringe; 5-10ml with 10ml syringe; 20ml model, using 20ml glass enema; 100ml model, using 100ml glass enema, (can also use the special stainless steel filling system produced by the factory); 500ml model, using the special stainless steel filling system produced by the factory. For 500ml model, the special stainless steel filling system produced by our factory is used.

b. For 10, 20, 100ml models need to first dial out the syringe core, the screw sleeve on the syringe core (Note: 10ml models due to the large difference in diameter of the syringe, but also according to the size of the outer circle of the selected gasket) and the screw will be and the lower base of the appropriate fastening (disassembly of the syringe must pay attention to clean).

c. Put the upper clamp seat on the spout end of the syringe jacket, and then tighten the nuts on both sides appropriately (tighten the bushing together when using a 5ml syringe, and pay attention to tightening too tightly, the jacket tube is easy to break).

d. Assemble the syringe core and jacket into one piece, so the liquid injection system is assembled.

e. Fix the valve with the arrow pointing upward and the arrow mark facing outward on the set screw with a nut.

f. When assembling the complete fluid injection system, align the upper and lower holes of the fluid injection system assembly with the upper and lower retaining rods, respectively, and set them on the bearings so that their outer end surfaces are level with the bearing surfaces. When assembling the lower end, do not make the screw sleeve and crank touch each other, in order to prevent the upper crank from making an abnormal sound when rotating (when installed correctly, the screw sleeve and the crank are about 1mm apart), after the fluid injection system is installed correctly, tighten the upper and lower set screws. Use a short hose to connect the syringe to the valve connection nozzle. The inlet pipe is connected to the inlet port and the outlet pipe is connected to the outlet port. In order to prevent the inlet and outlet tubes from getting tangled, insert the inlet and outlet tubes into the side lugs of the casing.

g. The crank should be able to rotate freely when it is dialed by hand, otherwise, the assembly is wrong, and the liquid injection system should be checked whether it is fastened on top of the rotating bearing.

Filling volume adjustment of quantitative filling machine

a. Loosen the nut and adjust the screw so that the position of the lower fixing rod changes. Thus, the push and pull length of the syringe is also changed to achieve the purpose of free adjustment of the dispensing volume. Clockwise adjustment of the screw will increase the volume, and vice versa will decrease the volume, which is indicated by the pointer. With 5ml syringe, look at the 5ml side of the label, with 10ml syringe look at the 10ml side of the label, 20, 100, 500 type directly look at the scale, the pointer quantitative, but due to the thickness of each syringe is different, the actual amount of dispensing error, to the syringe scale shall prevail, but also in the beginning of the dispensing of the amount of the most accurate with the number of measurements of the cup.

b. After adjustment, tighten the nut, so that the following fixed rod and crank tightly fixed firmly.

c. Loosen the nut and determine the correct position of the upper fixing lever according to different syringe push and pull lengths. After the lower fixed rod is adjusted, turn the crank so that the syringe turns to the upper dead center, and then lift the syringe outer sleeve up about 2mm to avoid the top of the rotten needle tube, and then tighten the nut before starting the machine.

d. If quantitative filling machine assembly without error, open the switch. When the machine is working, the crank drives the syringe to pull up and down to draw liquid, adjust the speed knob to choose the appropriate dispensing speed; start working normally, adjust the governor knob, clockwise dispensing speed is fast, and vice versa, the speed is slow.

Disinfection and flushing of quantitative filling machine

a. Loosen the upper and lower fastening screws in the quantitative filling machine. Then remove the filling system for sterilization as a whole, or disassemble it individually for sterilization and cleaning.

b. Put the liquid inlet pipe in the cleaning liquid to open the machine for cleaning.

c. 500ml model in the actual filling may have error, in the official filling before using a measuring cylinder to measure until accurate.

d. The syringe for filling machine, 10 type use standard 5ml or 10ml syringe, 20 type use 20ml glass filler, 100 type use 100ml glass quantitative filling machine.

Maintenance of quantitative filling machine

Inaccurate filling volumeIn the filling of large specifications, the tank is not enough material, resulting in unstable liquid level, you can increase the amount of filler or re-closed small filling head above the ball valve, reset the filling time (lengthening the filling time) to slow down the filling speed to solve the problem.
The time does not change after adjusting the numeric dials or units.Turn off the power to reconnect the power.
Liquid level is stable, filling volume is not accurate.There are debris blocking the filling channel, mainly in the material tank entrance or in the filling mouth, check and clean up.
Drip after closinga. When the orifice of the inflatable nozzle is damaged, you can take out the nozzle to repair the orifice. Note that the diameter of the orifice should not be larger than 7.5 mm. After repairing the diameter of the orifice, it is necessary to gently smooth the surface of the orifice with sandpaper under water.
b. The ball valve in the filling head is damaged, need to replace the ball valve.
No filling after touching the filler switch, the time relay digital indication LED does not flash.The filling switch is damaged or the base of time relay is loose, replace the same type of filling switch or press the base of time relay.
After touching the injection switch, the digital LED indicator of the time relay flashes, but does not fill the material.Check whether there is air pressure or air pressure is too low, such as air pressure in line with the requirements (4-6Kg/cm2), may be damaged solenoid valve coil or pneumatic valve spool is stuck by the stolen goods, you can unplug the power supply, open the board, with the object of rotating or pressing the corresponding solenoid valve coil next to the button. If the valve can be reversed action, that is, the solenoid valve coil is damaged; such as cannot be reversed, it is the valve spool is jammed, can replace the solenoid valve coil or decomposition of the valve for repair (need an electrician or a person with general knowledge of pneumatic can be decomposed or checked).

How to order quantitative filling machine?

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