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Juice Filling Machine

Juice filling machine for sale

What is juice filling machine?

Juice filling machine is a kind of machine that utilizes atmospheric pressure and relies on the self-weight of the liquid to fill the juice.

Working principle of juice filling machine

The main machine of juice bottling machine mainly includes the glass bottle rinsing component, filling component, aluminum cap sealing component and conveyor chain, capping machine.

During the filling process of the juice bottle filling machine, the glass bottle is supported by the bottom structure and lifted upward until the filling valve is pressed, the filling valve is opened upward from the mouth of the glass bottle, and the filling of the juice starts under the action of gravity and negative pressure. The special design of the glass bottle support structure makes the glass bottle not easy to break during the filling process. Even if the glass bottle is broken, it will not affect the whole machine's operation. The juice bottle sealing machine's filling and cap sealing components have been specially designed and can be applied to different calibers and heights of the bottle.

Working process of juice filling machine

StepWorking processDetailed description
1Raw material selectionRaw materials for juice making should be soft fruits with high maturity, excluding fermented and unripe fruits.
2WashingWashing of raw materials before juicing is an important measure to minimize contamination, and more attention should be paid when juicing with skin. Therefore, it is necessary to use flowing water to wash the sediment and impurities on the peel. If necessary, rinse with a solution and then drench with water.
3PulpingThe concentrated fruit juice production line is pulped and peeled with the pulping machine. The pulp is wrapped with cloth to extract juice, and the juice yield can be more than 70%. Or the washed fruit is poured into the press to extract juice, and then filtered by the scraper filter to remove the peel, seeds, and some crude fiber.
4BlendingThe roughly filtered juice is first diluted with water to a refractive index of 4%. Then by 9O kg of juice plus 10 kg of sugar ratio blended, stirring constantly, so that the sugar is completely dissolved.
5FiltrationThe blended juice is filtered and separated by the centrifugal filter to remove the residual peel, seeds, some of the fibers, broken pulp pieces, and impurities.
6HomogenizationThe filtered juice is homogenized by a homogenizer, which can further break the fine pulp and keep the uniform turbid state of the juice. Homogenizer pressure of 10 ~ 12 MPa.
7Sterilization and coolingThe use of high-temperature sterilization and other ways to sterilize the juice concentrate, sterilization for 5-10/100 ℃, and then quickly cooled to below 40 ℃.
8Filling and sealingJuice heating, filling under the condition of juice temperature not less than 80℃, and sealing quickly.

Technical parameter of juice filling machine

Production capacity150/bottle per minute
Main motor working voltage3-phase 380V50Hz + 10%
Main motor power3KW
Auxiliary motor working voltageSingle-phase 220V50Hz+10
Auxiliary motor power25W
Overall Dimension3.1×2.2×2.3m
WeightAbout 680KG
Filling granule rangeф5㎜ -ф6㎜

Type of juice filling machine

According to the filling principle, juice filling machine can be divided into atmospheric pressure juice filling machine, pressure juice filling machine and vacuum juice filling machine.

Atmospheric pressure juice filling and sealing machine is under atmospheric pressure by liquid weight filling machine. This type of filling machine is divided into two kinds: timing filling and fixed capacity filling, only suitable for filling low viscosity liquid without gas such as milk, wine, etc.

Pressure fruit juice packaging machine is a machine for filling under higher than atmospheric pressure. It can also be divided into two kinds. One is the pressure in the storage cylinder and the bottle pressure is equal, by liquid self-weight into the bottle and filling, known as isobaric filling; the other is the pressure in the storage cylinder is higher than the pressure in the bottle, the liquid flows into the bottle by the pressure difference, the high-speed production line is mostly used in this way. The pressure filling machine is suitable for gas-containing liquids filling, such as beer, soft drinks, champagne, etc.

Vacuum fruit juice filling machine is filling under the pressure in the bottle which is lower than the atmospheric pressure. This filling machine structure is simple, and high efficiency, and the viscosity of the material adapts to a wider range, such as oils, syrups, fruit wines, etc. can be applied.

Feature of juice filling machine

a. Juice filling machine has a compact structure, perfect control system, convenient operation, and high automation.

b. Changing the shape of the bottle can be realized by replacing the star wheel of the capping part and the curved guide plate.

c. The parts in contact with materials are made of high-quality stainless steel, have no dead space, and are easy to clean.

d. Adopting a high-speed filling valve, the liquid level is accurate without liquid loss, to ensure that the filling process requirements.

e. Juice pouch packing machine adopts high efficient lid management system and has perfect self-control and protection device.

f. Juice pouch filling machine is equipped with a perfect overload protection device, which can effectively protect the equipment and the safety of the operator.

g. The control system of juice bottling equipment has the functions of production speed control, lack of cap detection, self-stop, and output counting.

h. Automatic juice filling machine operation adopts advanced touch screen control, which can realize man-machine dialogue operation.

Advantage of juice filling machine

AdvantageDetailed description
Improve production efficiencyAutomatic juice filling machine has the characteristics of high-speed filling and automatic production, which greatly improves production efficiency.
Cost reductionThe automation feature and high efficiency of the liquid filling machine reduce labor costs, so juice drink producers can better cope with market competition.
Improve product qualityJuice filling machine can accurately control the filling volume, reduce spillage and waste, and ensure the consistency of product quality.
Maintaining hygiene and safetyMade of stainless steel, the juice filling machine is easy to clean and sanitize, helping to keep juice drinks sanitary and safe.

Application of juice filling machine

Juice drink filling machine is suitable for filling and producing small bottle-type juice drinks with capacities of 350, 500, 1L, 1.5L, and so on. Its packaging is divided into plastic bottle packaging, glass bottle packaging, roof box packaging, and so on.

Juice drinks are becoming more and more popular in modern life. In order to meet the market demand, juice drink manufacturers use advanced technology and equipment, and large filling machine in the juice drink industry is increasingly important. Large filling machines have a wide range of applications in the juice beverage industry, including bottled juice, bagged juice, and canned juice. Through the filling machine, juice beverage manufacturers can achieve high efficiency, standardized production processes, and improved production capacity. At the same time, large filling machines can also meet different consumer needs through different filling methods, such as capping filling, flushing filling, and vacuum filling.

Use of juice filling machine

a. Before operating the filling machine, the equipment needs to be inspected and cleaned. Check whether the equipment is functioning properly, and clean the impurities and dirt inside and outside the equipment to ensure that the equipment is hygienic and safe. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the various components of the filling machine are intact, such as pipes, valves, transmission devices, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

b. When carrying out the filling operation, it needs to be adjusted according to different juice drinks. For example, for thick juice drinks, you need to adjust the flow and speed of the filling machine to ensure that the filling is uniform and stable. For carbonated drinks, the pressure and temperature of the filling machine need to be adjusted to ensure the quality and taste of the filling.

Precaution of juice filling machine

a. The operator of the juice-filling machine needs to wear clean overalls and gloves to ensure the hygiene and safety of the equipment.

b. The operator of fruit juice packing machine needs to master the operation skills and safety knowledge of the equipment to avoid accidents.

c. The operator of a juice bottle sealing machine needs to regularly maintain and service the machine to prolong the life of the machine and ensure its normal operation.

How to order juice filling machine?

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