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What is cap seal machine?

Cap seal machine is a professional-grade white motion capping equipment that can realize automatic capping, coding, and labeling with remarkable results.

Composition of cap seal machine

Automatic cap sealing machine is composed of a frame, main transmission system, headstock system, side transmission system, and bottle dialing system.

The power of automatic bottle filling capping labeling and sealing machine is divided into three ways the rotary table, planetary frame, center gear, and bottle dialing wheel respectively.
1Line 1 drives the rotary table and planetary frame through the screw and coupling to rotate the rollers to roll along the cam slot of the column, so as to realise the up and down movement of the capping head.
2Through the side gear, timing belt wheel to the center gear, the center gear, and gear sleeve meshing drive the pressure rotary head rotation, complete the capping action.
3The automatic bottle in/out function is achieved by the bottle toggle gear and a clutch mechanism driving the bottle toggle wheel.

Working principle of cap seal machine

The working principle of the bottle sealing machine is to use the rotation of the base of the rotary table, in the vertical base of the rotary movement of the capping machine equipped with sealing strips, as well as coding machines and labeling machines transmitted to the vertical table direction, in the vertical surface using the cam pull rod method, and place the object to be sealed into the capper. The capping machine will have a closed sealing strip in the upper part, which is closed from the lower left side until it is fully matured in the upper right side. Once closed, the capper will be stamped with information such as the date or product number and then closed on the object. Next, the object will be transferred to the labeling machine, affixed with product details, price and instructions, and other labels, and packaged for shipment.

Function of cap seal machine

The application of heat induction sealer is not only limited to capping, it can help enterprises to standardize their workflow as well as to achieve the unification of information and goods. It can effectively enhance the enterprise's external image and commodity image, bring a better market operation effect, and help the enterprise accelerate the development from the local map to expand the market in a wider scope.

The development of capping machines is very rapid, which makes the industry booming. Most capping machines have the flexibility and versatility to meet the specific needs of the customer's market. They play an important role in batch capping tasks and quality control. The versatility of capping machines to meet the capping requirements of different products and the ability to automate operations and process control make them highly efficient and cost-effective.

The appearance of the capping machine brings great changes to the production management of enterprises and helps them to achieve greater value. It helps enterprises to set more strict product quality standards, realize efficient production, establish a perfect quality assurance system, and expand the market more easily at home and abroad to obtain more market share.

Feature of cap seal machine

a. The buffer device is added on the adjusting bracket, which can adapt to the bottle height within 50mm without any broken phenomenon, greatly reducing the waste and increasing the economic benefits.

b. Bottle top sealing machine is equipped with automatic positioning of the bottle top, and at the same time, it has the features of even force on a sealing wheel and good sealing quality.

c. High pressure of the head, no leakage in sealing.

d. Smooth running, low noise, low energy consumption, work.

e. Bottle cap sealer can be a multi-purpose machine, pressure anti-counterfeiting cap, chrysanthemum cap, pressure rubbing all kinds of anti-counterfeiting cap and mineral water cap only need to change a set of head can work.

Technical parameter of cap seal machine

Bottle height60-340mm
Bottleneck diameter20-32mm
Production efficiency1200-1400 bottles/hour
Overall dimensions(L × W × H) 600 × 210 × 900mm
Production capacity1200-1500 bottles/hour

Advantage of cap seal machine

a. Bottle cap sealing machine has a high degree of automation, easy operation, stable operation, can effectively save enterprise cost, and improve production efficiency.

b. Each stand-alone machine can complete its work independently, with a stand-alone operating system, as well as a CNC display and other electrical components to control and adjust the parameters, and display settings. It can help enterprises to achieve standardized production.

c. Each single machine can be linked and separated quickly, and the adjustment is fast and simple so that each process of production can be coordinated.

d. The single plastic bottle sealing machine can be adapted to the packaging of many kinds of bottle specifications, and there are few adjustment parts.

e. Cap sealer packaging production line adopts international new technology design, in line with GMP standard.

f. The production line of plastic bottle cap sealer runs smoothly, with a convenient combination of functions and easy maintenance, and can be combined with a variety of production according to the user's respective product process requirements.

Difference between sealing machine and cap seal machine


A sealing machine is a common packaging machine used to seal bags made of various materials, such as plastic bags and paper bags. The steps of heating, pressurizing, and cooling to seal the product in the bag are usually the task of the sealing machine.

The capping machine, on the other hand, is a specialized machinery widely used for capping various bottles and cans of products, such as alcohol, beverages, cosmetics, and so on.

Usage scenario

The sealing machine is mainly used for sealing bagged products, which is suitable for a variety of occasions such as supermarkets, retail shops, and production and processing enterprises.

Capping machines, on the other hand, are mainly used for capping bottles and cans, and are suitable for hotels, beverage factories, cosmetic enterprises, and other fields. Because the operation skills and application scenarios of the capping machine are more complicated, the application occasions of the capping machine are relatively more limited.


The main difference between sealing machine and capping machine lies in the use of occasions and different sealing methods are the main difference between sealing machine and capping machine.

A sealing machine is mainly used for sealing bagged products, usually by heat sealing, ultrasonic sealing, and other ways to complete the sealing operation.

The capping machine is mainly used for capping bottles and cans, which can be completed by rotating caps, stamping, and other ways. In addition, because the capping machine needs to match different bottle types, cap types, and production processes, the capping machine is relatively more adaptive and the application scenarios are more complex.

In the daily production and packaging industry, both sealing machines and capping machines are very important equipment. A sealing machine is suitable for sealing all kinds of bagged products, while a capping machine is used for capping bottles and cans. Both of them are very different in application scenarios and sealing methods, so you need to choose according to the actual needs when purchasing, to improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

Use of cap seal machine


a. Ensure that there is no debris around the automatic capping machine and ensure that the safety channel is clear.

b. Check the power switch on the bottle filling and sealing machine to make sure the power connection is working.

c. Check the hydraulic system and air source system of the automatic capping machine to ensure its normal operation.

d. Check the sealing belt and sealing base of the automatic capping machine to make sure they are clean and intact.

e. Check and confirm whether the parameters on the control panel of the automatic capping machine are set correctly.

Operation procedure

a. Open the control panel of the plastic bottle cap sealing machine and adjust the relevant parameters according to the operation guide.

b. Place the item to be capped onto the table of the plastic cover sealing machine and adjust the position so that it is aligned with the capping base.

c. Press the start button and the glass bottle cap sealer starts to work. At this time, the machine will automatically adjust the position and strength of the capping.

d. Wait for the cap induction sealer to complete the capping operation, and make sure the capping is stable and not loose.

e. Press the stop button, and the bottle foil sealing machine stops working.

f. Check the quality of the capping and confirm whether the capping is intact.

Precaution of cap seal machine

a. During the operation process, the operator should keep alert, pay attention to his safety, and never put his fingers or other objects into the working area of the machine.

b. The operator should regularly check the working condition of the water bottle sealing machine, including the hydraulic system, air source system, power supply system, etc., to ensure its normal work.

c. The operator should clean the bottle top sealer in time, including cleaning the capping base, sealing belt, etc., to ensure the quality and effect of capping.

d. If the glass bottle sealing machine is found to be abnormal (e.g. smoke, unusual noise, etc.), the operator should immediately stop the machine and promptly notify the maintenance personnel to carry out troubleshooting and maintenance.

e. The operator should operate according to the regulations, do not overload the automatic capping machine, so as not to damage the water bottle cap sealing machine.

How to order cap seal machine?

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