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Paste filling machine for sale

What is paste filling machine?

Paste filling machine is an automatic filling system machine, which utilizes compressed air as power and consists of precision pneumatic components. Paste packing machine's structure is simple, sensitive, and reliable action, easy to adjust.

Automatic paste filling machine is suitable for filling various liquids, pastes, and viscous fluids. This machine is also suitable for working in flammable and explosive environments. Paste quantitative packing machine is the most ideal filling equipment for pharmacies, the chemical industry, foodstuff, the cosmetic industry, and so on.

Working principle of paste filling machine

The basic principle of the paste filling machine is driven by the transmission machinery so that all parties can coordinate the division of labor and achieve the effect of linkage. When the bottle enters the lower position of the filling head, the other working parts stop and only the filling head works. The clean bottles from the bottle-cleaning machine of the cream automatic filling machine are sent into the bottle-feeding screw of the filling machine by the bottle conveyor belt, and then sent to the bottle-fixing cylinder of the turntable and lifted up through the bottle-feeding star wheel. When the object rises to a certain height, the cream automatic filling machine closes the air tube mouth. Automatically stop the object. Then close the liquid and gas valve and discharge the pressure gas in the neck part of the bottle to prevent the object with gas from spraying out when the glass bottle descends, to complete the whole filling process.

Working process of paste filling machine

Paste supply

The paste is fed into the storage tank of the filling machine through the supply system. The supply system can be adjusted as needed to ensure a continuous supply of paste.

Positioning of filling containers

The filling machine will position the filling containers to ensure that each container can accurately receive the paste.

Filling valve control

Paste filling machine is equipped with a filling valve to precisely control the flow rate and filling volume of the paste by controlling the opening and closing of the valve.

Filling process monitoring

During the filling process, paste packaging machine monitors the flow rate of the paste, the filling volume, and the position of the containers to ensure that each container is filled correctly.

Technical parameter of paste filling machine

Conventional filling head number4, 8, 12, 16 (can be customized)
Filling range50-1000ml
Filling speed0-100 bottles/minute
Measuring accuracy±1%
Compressed gas source0.6Mpa
Machine weight900KG

Type of paste filling machine

Manual paste filling machine

Manual paste filling machine is a manual piston type paste filling machine.

Manual paste liquid filling machine can fill medicinal liquid, fluid food, lubricating oil, shampoo, shampoo cream, and other paste/liquid substances with the function of paste liquid filling machine. Its structure is simple and reasonable, and easy to operate manually. No need for any energy.

Manual paste filler is suitable for pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, pesticide, and special industries, it is the ideal liquid/paste filling equipment, material contact parts are made of 316L stainless steel, in line with GMP requirements. The filling volume and filling speed of manual ointment filling machine can be controlled manually.

Semi automatic paste filling machine

Semi-automatic paste-filling machine with materials, such as liquid, paste filling, can be manual or automatic continuous filling.

Working principle of semi-automatic paste filling machine

The piston in the cylinder is driven to reciprocate through the up-and-down movement of the cylinder, which generates negative pressure in the front chamber of the cylinder.

When the hydraulic cylinder moves downward, the piston is pulled down and negative pressure is generated in the front chamber of the material hydraulic cylinder. The material in the supply barrel is sucked into the material cylinder by the atmosphere and enters the material cylinder through the check valve.

As the cylinder moves up, the piston is pushed forward to squeeze the material, which passes through the check valve in the discharge connector into the empty bottle for filling.

Feature of semi-automatic paste filling machine

a. Semi-automatic paste filling machine adopts piston and cylinder made of stainless steel and PTFE.

b. Imported parts and excellent mechanical design.

c. Semi-automatic cream filling machine has a new vertical design, light and convenient.

d. Semi-automatic liquid paste filling machine has manual and automatic switching functions. When the semi-automatic liquid paste filling machine is in an "automatic" state, the filling machine will automatically fill continuously at the set speed. When the filling machine is in a "manual" state, the operator steps on the pedal to realize filling, if steps on the pedal, it will enter the automatic continuous filling state.

e. The barrel and tee are connected by handcuffs, which are easy to disassemble and clean without special tools.

Small bag paste packaging machine

Small bag paste packaging machine is suitable for all kinds of sauces, sauces, seasonings, oils, and other fully automatic metering packaging and sealing, can automatically complete the quantitative filling, folding bag making, packaging and sealing, printing batch number, date of production, plus easy to tear the mouth, cut off or joint bag, product counting and another complete set of automatic packaging process. The machine has the characteristics of high metering precision, fast packing speed, no sealing pollution, anti-dripping and leakage of material filling, and a beautiful bag shape.

Pneumatic paste filling machine

Pneumatic filling machine is a semi-automatic filling equipment specially used for filling paste and cream, the machine uses compressed air as power, no power supply is needed, and it can work in a flammable and explosive environment. The machine has an advanced structure, metering, simple operation, easy maintenance, low noise, no pollution, through the hopper directly into the material, through the control of the foot switch with a bit of dynamic and linkage of the two modes of work, according to the needs of the work of the operation. The shell of the machine and the material contact part is made of stainless steel and PTFE material, which can resist low acid and alkali, corrosion resistance. Suitable for: food and beverage, fruit juice jam, honey, cosmetics, and other food industry, chemical industry.

Feature of paste filling machine

a. New horizontal design, light and convenient, automatic material extraction, for the viscous paste can be added hopper feeding.

b. Manual and automatic switching function.

c. Anti-drip filling system. When filling, the cylinder moves up and down, driving the stuffy head. When the cylinder moves upward, the stuffy head will move upward, i.e. the valve will open and start filling materials; on the contrary, the filling will stop.

d. Cylinders and tees are connected by handcuffs without any special tools, and it is very convenient for loading and unloading cleaning.

Use of paste filling machine


Paste-filling machine needs to be placed on a smooth surface and connected to a power source. Then, you need to place the hose on the hose rack and insert one end of the hose into the filling port of the ointment filling machine.

Adjust the filling volume

Filling volume of the paste liquid filling machine needs to be adjusted as needed. This can be done by adjusting the buttons on the control panel on the filling machine. Once the adjustments have been made, filling can begin.

Starting filling

Place the other end of the hose on the collection tray of the filling machine and press the start button on the control panel. The Ointment Filler will begin filling the ointment or cosmetic into the hose. During the filling process, you need to pay attention to whether the hose has been filled so that the ointment or cosmetic will not overflow.

Completing the filling

Once the tube is full, the paste tube filling machine will stop automatically. At this point, the tubes need to be removed from the filling machine and sealed. This step can be accomplished using a sealer or manual sealing.

Cleaning and maintenance

Once the filling is complete, the paste pouch packing machine needs to be cleaned and maintained. This includes cleaning the parts of the filling machine, checking the machine for damage or wear, and replacing parts that need to be replaced.

In conclusion, paste filling and sealing machine is a very useful piece of equipment that can help in the manufacturing of ointments, cosmetics, and other substances. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure that your ointment filling machine operates properly and produces high-quality hose products.

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