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What is cosmetic filling machine?

Cosmetics belong to fast-moving goods, especially cosmetics consumption and demand is very large, because of the short use cycle, high repurchase rate, so manufacturers of professional filling liquid goods machinery and equipment is very important, cosmetics filling machine for the daily chemical manufacturers have a certain stability, practicality. Daily chemical products liquid filling machinery and equipment is the main model of professional filling liquid goods. Liquid goods have strong mobility, cosmetic packaging machine can make these daily chemical products outside pollution, be accurate and efficient automated filling.

Working principle of cosmetic filling machine

The filling principle and method of cosmetic filling machine fully automatic filling generally adopts the atmospheric pressure filling method, which directly relies on the self-weight of the filled liquid to flow into the packaging container under atmospheric pressure. The process of atmospheric pressure filling with cosmetic liquid filling machine is as follows.

a. Liquid inlet and exhaust. The liquid material enters the container, while the air inside the container is exhausted.

b. Stop liquid feeding. The liquid feeding will stop automatically when the liquid in the container reaches the quantitative requirement.

c. Drain residual fluid. Drain the residual liquid from the exhaust pipe. Atmospheric pressure method is mainly used for filling low viscosity, non-gas liquid materials, such as milk, white wine, soy sauce, etc.

The quantitative principle and method of cosmetic machine are mostly used in the volumetric quantitative method, and there are three kinds of quantitative methods as follows.

a. Control level quantitative method is to control the liquid level of the filled container (such as bottle) to achieve the quantitative value when filling, customarily called "bottle quantitative method". From the principle of the connecting device, it is known that when the liquid level in the bottle rises to the mouth of the exhaust pipe, the gas can no longer be discharged, and as the liquid continues to be filled, the residual gas in the neck of the bottle is compressed, and when it reaches equilibrium with the static pressure in the cross section of the pipe mouth, the liquid level in the bottle remains unchanged, while the liquid rises along the exhaust pipe until it is equal to the liquid level of the storage tank. It can be seen that the volume of liquid filled each time is equal to the volume of the inner cavity of the bottle at a certain height. To change the filling volume each time, it is only necessary to change the position of the exhaust pipe into the bottle. This method, simple equipment structure, wide range of applications.

b. The dosing cup dosing method is to fill the liquid into the dosing cup first, and then proceed to filling. If the loss such as dripping liquid is not considered, the volume of liquid material filled each time should be equal to the corresponding volume of the dosing cup. To change the filling volume each time, it is only necessary to change the height of the adjusting tube in the dosing cup or to replace the dosing cup. This method avoids the influence of the manufacturing error of the bottle itself, so the quantitative accuracy is higher.

c. Dosing pump dosing method, which is a dosing method using mechanical pressure filling. The volume of material filled each time is proportional to the stroke of the piston reciprocating movement. To change the filling volume each time, simply try to adjust the stroke of the piston. 3 bottles, cans lifting mechanism in the loading machine, the bottles and cans up to the specified position for filling, and then the filled bottles and cans down to the specified position, this action is completed by the bottle and can lifting mechanism. Currently commonly used bottle and can lifting machinery is divided into three forms, respectively, chute type, compressed air type and chute and compressed air mixed type.

Machine parameters of cosmetic filling machine

Filling range50-1000ml (customizable)
Filling speed20-35 bottles/min (refers to 100-500ml range)
Control modePLC computer control
Power supply220V, 50Hz-60Hz
Pneumatic pressure0.6-1.0m³/min
Frame material304# stainless steel
Contact material material316# stainless steel

Type of cosmetic filling machine

Cosmetic filling machine is mainly a small class of packaging machinery. From the perspective of packaging materials, cosmetic filling machines can be divided into liquid filling machines, paste filling machines, powder filling machines, granule filling machines; in terms of the degree of automation of production, cosmetic filling machines can be divided into semi-automatic filling machines and automatic filling production lines.

Feature of cosmetic filling machine

a. This L-type sealing and cutting machine has anti-mistake cutting device to protect the product and manual safety.

b. Adopt imported PLC and 7-inch touch screen human-machine interface, production parameterized control, simple operation.

c. Filling machine piston cylinder with grinding anti-wear metering cylinder, ultra-long life automatic compensation piston seal.

d. Applicable to threaded cap, anti-theft and anti-child cap, more advantageous to duckbill cap, pump head cap and nozzle cap.

e. The filling machine adopts special hose for food and does not contain plasticizer, suitable for medicine, food and other industries.

f. The whole machine is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, easy to clean and disinfect, in line with the national regulations and requirements on food machinery and food hygiene.

g. The line adopts 6 heads servo piston filling machine, four wheels capping, L-shaped sealing and cutting machine, heat shrinkage furnace, collection platform, etc. to form a fully automatic production line.

h. The production line is stable, low noise, easy to maintain, and fully complies with GMP certification requirements, widely used in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and other industries.

i. The surface coating of sealing knife of L-type sealing and cutting machine adopts DuPont Teflon high temperature resistant anti-adhesive material, the knife does not stick to the film and does not scorch when sealing and cutting, ensuring that the sealing does not crack.

j. The capping machine adopts the principle of four-wheel clamping and rotating, with simple and reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance and high working efficiency, which solves the disadvantages of traditional capping machine such as slipping and hurting the cap.

k. The production line adopts automatic technology, imported PLC, imported detection photo eye, inverter and other electrical appliances, pneumatic components. With high efficiency, intelligence, wide adaptability, good stability, etc., by the majority of users’ consistent praise.

l. This kind of production line is more advanced and can be improved according to the different requirements of customers, and can be made into equipment that can fully meet the needs of customers. The whole machine is designed with organic glass outer cover to prevent impurities from entering the filling materials, which is safe and hygienic.

Advantage of cosmetic filling machine

a. The automatic edible oil meter of cosmetic filling machine is a special controller for quantitative packaging scale, with fast response time, high precision and complete functions.

b. The weighing sensor is made of Toledo intrinsically safe sensor with multi-layer media sealing, strong resistance to bias load, dustproof, waterproof, explosion-proof, anti-knob, corrosion resistant, and meets IP67 sealing standard.

c. Cosmetic filling machine. The part of contacting material is 304L stainless steel and PTFE material, which is acid and corrosion resistant, and special material can be customized according to the nature of material.

d. Cosmetic filling machine. The flow of material is controlled by the two-speed ball valve and the bottom valve of the spray gun, which is accurate and reliable, and the user can adjust the speed of filling through the instrument keyboard.

e. All valves of the automatic cosmetic filling machine can close by themselves when the air pressure is not enough and the power is off.

f. Cosmetic filling equipment adopts unique software and hardware design, which can effectively prevent material dripping and ensure the cleanliness of filling equipment and packaging containers.

g. Cosmetic packaging equipment adopts programmable logic controller (PLC), touch screen operation and control, easy to use and adjust.

Application of cosmetic filling machine

Cosmetic filling machine is suitable for cosmetics, skin care products, water cream, face cream, laundry detergent, detergent, washing liquid, cleaning agent, bleach, disinfectant, detergent, oil stain clean, toilet bowl cleaner, etc.

How to order cosmetic filling machine?

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