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Spray Filling Machine

Spray filling machine for sale

What is spray filling machine?

Spray filling machine is one of the filling equipment widely used in food, medicine, cosmetic, pesticide and other industries. Its main purpose is to fill liquid and headline-27-92and complete a series of functions such as metering, packaging, sealing, etc. on its basis. Spray can filling machine is easy to operate, high degree of automation, high production efficiency, high filling accuracy, and it can meet the needs of high-speed filling.

Working principle of spray filling machine

Because of the special reason that there is pressure within the spray product, the spray filling equipment needs to be filled with a quantitative liquid at room temperature and pressure. This requires the quantitative, a certain pressure of gas (or liquefied gas) into the aerosol cans. Since the spray product has to be under a certain pressure, the mouth of the aerosol can must be closed before filling. So, the aerosol filling equipment is through the top of the aerosol can valve enclosure to gas filling.

Composition of spray filling machine

Spray filling machine mainly includes the following parts: machine platform, filling system, electric control system, pneumatic system.
Machine platformThe machine consists of stable chassis and supporting columns, and the chassis is installed with filling system, electric control system, pneumatic system and cleaning system and other components.
Filling systemThe filling system is the main part of the spray filling machine, including spray head, filling pipe, filling valve and air valve. The function of the spray head is to atomize the material, sprayed into the bag or bottle, and complete the measurement work; filling valve to control the flow of materials to ensure the accuracy of the filling; air valve to control the spray head action to ensure the successful completion of the spray process.
Electric control systemThe electronic control system is usually used to control the functions of the spray filling machine, including metering, filling, sealing and so on. The system is characterized by easy operation, high degree of automation and high control accuracy.
Pneumatic systemThe pneumatic system is used to control the movement of air valves and filling valves to ensure stable operation of the equipment.

Feature of spray filling machine

a. Efficient. Spray can refill machine adopts advanced filling technology, which can realize efficient filling operation and greatly improve the production efficiency.

b. Accuracy. The high accuracy of spray filling machine ensures that the filling volume of each vial is very consistent and there is no error.

c. Stabilization. During the filling process, the vial spray filling equipment can maintain a stable filling speed and filling volume, so as to ensure product consistency and quality stability.

d. Strong applicability. Spray filling machine can be adjusted and configured according to different filling needs, with a wide range of application.

e. Easy operation. Spray filling equipment has an easy-to-use operator interface and control system, which is very convenient to operate.

Application of spray filling machine

According to its use and filling material characteristics, spray filling machine can be divided into a variety of different types of models, in different industries have a wide range of applications.

a. Food industry, such as juice, dairy products, candy and other industries often use spray filling machine for filling. Because the spray filling machine has easy to operate, high degree of automation, filling accuracy and other advantages and is widely used.

b. Pharmaceutical Industry. Pharmaceuticals require accurate measurement of content, spray filling machine can meet this requirement, so it is widely used in oral liquid, oral medication, throat sprays and other pharmaceutical filling.

c. Cosmetic Industry. Cosmetic packaging requires high quality and high grade, spray filling machine provides a simple, fast and accurate means of packaging, so it is widely used in perfume, breath sprayer, spray aromatherapy and other fields.

d. Pesticide Industry. Pesticide liquids need to be metered and filled quickly and accurately for best results. The high accuracy and efficiency of spray filling machine can perfectly meet the demand.

Use of spray filling machine

a. The size of easy-open bottle, bottle cushion and cap are all required to be uniform because spray bottle filling machine is an automated machine.

b. Aerosol can filling machine must be used before the start of the crank handle to turn the machine, to see whether the rotation of the abnormalities, and indeed judged normal and then can drive.

c. When adjusting the spray filling equipment, tools should be used appropriately. It is strictly prohibited to use too large a tool or too much force to dismantle the parts to avoid damage to the machine parts or affect the performance of the machine.

d. Whenever the spray filling equipment is adjusted, be sure to tighten the loose screws. Turn the machine with a crank to see if the action meets the requirements, before you start.

e. Spray filling machine must be kept clean, it is strictly prohibited on the machine oil, liquid or glass debris, so as not to cause damage to the aerosol filling equipment.

Maintenance of spray filling machine

In the production process, as the spray filling machine for material filling, you need to pay attention to the following points of maintenance.

a. The equipment needs to be inspected regularly, especially check whether the filling pipes are intact, and cleaned and repaired.

b. Regularly replace the lubrication of motor, reducer and other parts to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

c. Regularly replace spray heads and filling spools to ensure the precision and efficiency of the spray bottle filling machine.

d. Regularly maintains electrical systems to ensure proper operation of equipment and inspects wires, appliances, patch panels, etc.

e. Regular calibration of the metering system to ensure the accuracy of the equipment measurement.

To summarize, spray filling machine, like aerosol filling machine, has many advantages, such as high efficiency, precision, low noise, and so on. It is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, pesticide and other industries. For enterprises, spray filling machine can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, improve product quality and corporate image. Therefore, for manufacturing enterprises, spray filling machine selection and maintenance are very important, only the correct use and maintenance of spray filling machine, in order to bring more reliable quality products and services for the enterprise.

How to order spray filling machine?

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