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What is aerosol filling machine?

Aerosol filling machine is a kind of filling machine. Filling machine is a mechanical device that packages various forms of items such as liquids, gases, pastes, powders, etc., and belongs to packaging equipment. The products filled by aerosol filling equipment are commonly found in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, air purification, mosquito and insecticides, and so on.

Working principle of aerosol filling machine

The working principle of aerosol filling machine is generally to place the pre-prepared liquid raw materials in the storage tank of the equipment, feed the raw materials into the filling head through the pump in the equipment, and then spray the liquid out through the compressed gas. Generally, the aerosol can filling machine consists of an aerosol storage tank, a bottle trimmer, a filling machine, a coding machine, and a labeling machine. Among them, the aerosol storage tank is responsible for storing the liquid raw materials, the filling bottle elevator is responsible for elevating the empty bottles to a suitable position so that the liquid raw materials can be loaded by the filling machine, and the coding machine and labeling machine are responsible for marking and attaching labels to the filled spray bottles.

Working process of aerosol filling machine

Liquid filling

Open the aerosol filling knob switch, and the liquid metering cylinder double pneumatic control reversing valve reversing. The liquid filling head valve opens under the action of the small cylinder, while the upper chamber of the power cylinder of the liquid metering cylinder is inlet and the lower chamber is exhaust. The piston of the power cylinder pushes the piston of the liquid cylinder downward, and the liquid in the liquid cylinder is filled into the aerosol can through the liquid filling head. The downward pressure of the power cylinder piston triggers the signal valve, which outputs air pressure to the liquid metering cylinder dual air-controlled reversing valve to make it reversed, thus reversing the direction of the inlet and outlet of the small cylinder and power cylinder of the filling head and closing the valve of the filling head, and at the same time, the metering cylinder is reset, and the same amount of liquid is sucked in from the container, waiting for the next filling. Operators can rotate the top of the metering cylinder adjusting knob to adjust the height of the metering cylinder positioning piston, thus changing the stroke of the metering cylinder piston to ultimately change the size of the filling measurement.


Open the sealing knob switch, the sealing machine dual pneumatic control reversing valve reversing. The upper chamber of the sealing machine lifting cylinder feeds air, and the lower chamber exhausts air, so that the lifting cylinder piston moves downward. The sealing head presses the can valve, and at the same time, the bottom of the sealing cylinder goes down and touches the sealing signal valve, the signal valve outputs air pressure to the single air-controlled reversing valve, so that the upper chamber of the sealing cylinder is the inlet, the lower chamber is exhaust, the piston moves downward, so that the sealing claw braces open and seals the mouth of the can. The block on the top of the sealing machine touches the reset signaling valve, the signaling valve outputs air pressure to the dual air-controlled reversing valve to make it reversed, and the piston of the lifting cylinder rises to reset. The single air-controlled reversing valve reverses the direction so that the sealing cylinder piston goes up and the sealing claw shrinks and resets.


Under the control of compressed air and pneumatic components, the booster pump will automatically draw in the ejector from the cylinder or storage gas container, pressurize it into high-pressure liquid, and input it into the gas metering cylinder for filling. The pressure of the liquid ejecting can be controlled by adjusting the pressure of the gas source on the booster pump. Open the filling knob switch, the gas metering cylinder double air-controlled reversing valve reversing, the filling head in the role of the small cylinder downward pressure aerosol cans, and the nozzles will automatically open. At the same time, the upper chamber of the power cylinder of the gas metering cylinder is the inlet and the lower chamber is the exhaust, the piston of the power cylinder pushes the ejector piston downward, and the liquid ejector in the ejector cylinder of the metering cylinder will be injected into the sealed aerosol can through the inflatable head. At this time, the downward pressure of the power cylinder piston triggers the signal valve, and the signal valve outputs air pressure to the gas metering cylinder dual air-controlled reversing valve to make it change direction, and make the inflatable head of the small cylinder and the power cylinder inlet and outlet direction reversal, to make the inflatable head and the metering cylinder reset, and inhale an equal amount of gas from the cylinder, waiting for the next filling. The height of the positioning piston of the metering cylinder can be adjusted by rotating the adjusting knob on the top of the metering cylinder, thus changing the stroke of the metering cylinder piston to ultimately change the metering size of the filling.

Technical parameter of aerosol filling machine

Filling capacity50-75ml
Filling accuracy< ±1%
Filling capacity50-750ml
Production capacity1800-2400 cans/h
Air consumption (MAX)3 m3/min
Working pressure0.65-1MPa

Feature of aerosol filling machine

a. Aerosol filling machine saves labor and has high production efficiency than a desktop semi-automatic production line.

b. Aerosol gas filling machine works stably and reliably, with fewer faults and long life.

c. Aerosol spray filling machine has high filling precision and stable product filling quality.

d. Aerosol refill machine is driven by compressed air, which is very safe.

e. The main control elements and seals of aerosol canning machine are made of foreign famous and excellent products, which have good abrasion resistance and reliability.

Type of aerosol filling machine

Aerosol filling system can be categorized into two types depending on its spraying method: pneumatic and mechanical.

Pneumatic aerosol filling equipment sprays the diffused aerosol liquid through compressed air and is commonly used in the cosmetics industry.

Mechanical aerosol filling equipment drives the liquid through the filling nozzle into the bottle by motor or planetary gear. It belongs to the traditional liquid filling machine and is usually applied to packaging non-volatile liquids such as delineators and hand sanitizers.

Advantages and disadvantages of aerosol filling machine

Different types of spray-filling equipment have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Pneumatic aerosol filling machine has the advantages of high precision, fast speed and even spray, but it requires compressed air support and is more costly.

Mechanical aerosol filling machine is more practical, less expensive, and can adapt to a variety of liquids and bottle types, such as filling floral water. But it is not as uniform as the spray effect of pneumatic filling equipment. For example, filling of air freshening aerosol.

Application of aerosol filling machine

Fully automatic aerosol filling machine, as well as a semi-automatic aerosol filling machine, is a widely used equipment in modern filling production lines, whose main task is to spray liquid products such as pharmaceutical or cosmetic products precisely in the filling tank. This kind of equipment is easy to operate and highly efficient, which can significantly increase the productivity of the company and is welcomed by many manufacturers.

a. Automatic aerosol filling machines are suitable for filling bottles with relatively small dosages. Usually, the automatic spray filling machine is suitable for 10-500 ml of material and is a round or square shape bottle type. This type of equipment can accurately measure the volume of the bottle to provide the right amount of filling for different types of liquid products.

b. Aerosol filling machine can be used for many types of liquid products. This includes pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, cleaning products, and hair dyes. Since the automatic aerosol filling machine can precisely control the amount of each fill, it can be used for different types of liquid products. Additionally, the cleaning process of this equipment is very easy and only requires the canisters to be replaced.

c. Spray filling machine is also suitable for the automation requirements of production lines. With the continuous development of industrial automation, the degree of automation of production lines is increasing. You can add automatic measuring, automatic covering, and other ancillary equipment to the automatic spray-filling machine to realize the automation requirements of the aerosol filling line and improve production efficiency and quality level.

In addition to the main scope of application described above, aerosol spray can filling machine can also be applied to many other industrial fields. For example, the automobile manufacturing industry, construction industry, agricultural production industry, and so on.

How to order aerosol filling machine?

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