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What is automatic packing machine?

Automatic packing machine is generally divided into two kinds: semi-automatic packaging machine and fully automatic packaging machine. Automatic packaging machine is mainly used for food, medicine, chemical industry, and other industries and plant seeds material automatic packaging. The materials can be granules, tablets, liquid, powder, paste, and other forms. Automatic packaging machine has automatic completion of measuring, filling, bag making, sealing, cutting, conveying, printing production batch number, increase easy to cut, no material warning, stirring, and other functions.

Composition of automatic packing machine

The composition of an automatic pouch-packing machine is generally divided into mechanical and electrical.

Mechanical section

a. Mechanical frames.

b. Manipulator clamping device and drive cylinders.

Electrical part

a. The main control circuit consists of an inverter and programmable controller (PLC) control core.

b. The temperature control circuit is composed of an intelligent temperature control meter, solid state relay, thermocouple element, etc., with precise temperature control, intuitive display, and convenient setting.

c. Multi-point tracking and detection by photoelectric switches, electromagnetic proximity sensors, etc.

Working principle of automatic packing machine

With the improvement of automation, the operation, maintenance, and routine maintenance of the packaging machine are more and more convenient and simple, which reduces the requirement of professional skills for operators. The quality of product packaging is directly related to the temperature system, the accuracy of the main machine speed, and the stability of the tracking system. After the machine is running, the film marking sensor constantly detects the film marking (color marking), while the tracking microswitch of the mechanical part detects the position of the machinery, the above two signals are sent to PLC, and after the calculation of the program, the PLC's outputs Y6 (positive tracking) and Y12 (anti-tracking) control the tracking motor to track positively and negatively, so that the error of the packaging material in the production process is discovered in time, and compensated and corrected precisely, avoiding the waste of the packaging material and preventing the packaging material from being wasted. and correct the errors in packaging materials during the production process, avoiding the waste of packaging materials. Detection if after tracking a predetermined number of times still cannot meet the technical requirements, can be automatically shut down to wait for the inspection, to avoid the production of waste products; due to the use of frequency conversion speed control, greatly reducing the chain drive, improve the stability and reliability of the machine operation, reduce the noise of the machine operation. Ensure that the packaging machine has high efficiency, low loss, automatic detection, and other multi-functional, fully automatic high technology levels. Automatic packaging machines are used in the transmission system, although the application of the function is relatively simple, the dynamic performance of the transmission has high requirements, the system requires a faster dynamic following performance and high stability of the speed accuracy.

Technical parameter of automatic packing machine

Power source1P 230V
Maximum power2.1KW
Machine sizeW 680mm x L 1120mm
Machine weight71kg
Edge sealing rangeW 320mm x L 460mm
Maximum product height200mm
Sealing and cutting methodBottom blade

Feature of automatic packing machine

Auto packing machine has advanced design, reasonable structure, and reliable performance. The automatic packaging machine adopts double synchronous belt film pulling, tensioning controlled by a cylinder, automatic deviation correction, and automatic alarm protection function to minimize loss. The measuring device is matched, integrating bag-making, filling, mouth-filling, printing, and counting. The measuring device can be modified according to the material.

a. A roll of film is automatically slit and panned into two packaging films on this machine, and two columns of items are packed automatically at the same time, one machine with two production capacities, covering a small area, saving manpower and electricity.

b. Automated packaging machine adopts touch screen control, featuring simple operation, intuitive display, modular design of electrical appliances, and digital control.

c. There are three types of drive: dual frequency conversion, dual servo, and three-axis servo.

d. Materials before and after position adjustment: automatic or pointing button adjustment.

e. Material conveying width adjustment.

f. Two sets of adjustable baggers can be linked to adjust their height and width.

g. The longitudinal heat-sealing wheels are preceded by traction guide wheels, the traction guide angle of which can be adjusted during operation.

Application of automatic packing machine

Automatic pouch filling and sealing machine is suitable for packaging instant noodles, ice cream, biscuits, wafer biscuits, custard pies, egg rolls, bread, sausages, seaweed, frozen foods, medicines, medicine boards, infusion bags (bottles), soaps, soaps, mosquito coils, tissues, tissue paper, cards, tapes, disposable tableware (knives and forks), and other fixed shaped articles.

Advantage of automatic packing machine

a. High weighing accuracy. The weighing value of each quantitative packaging machine is set, after the machine starts to run, it is the intelligent system that starts to work, and the error is very small.

b. Packaging speed. Hundreds of packages per hour, much faster than manual packaging, manual labor has discontinuous, the machine will not have a sense of fatigue, has been to maintain the speed of packaging.

c. Stable operation. All components are used in well-known manufacturers of regular products, so the chance of failure is very low.

d. Reliability is good. The machine is equipped with a protection device, the internal coil voltage is 24v, the clamping mechanism there is to let go after touching the inductive lever will start to work, and there will be no harm to the workers operating the machine.

e. Easy to operate. The operation interface is simple and clear, one only needs to press the relative buttons to run the machine, without any operating basis for the workers to start very quickly.

Use of automatic packing machine

Before operation

a. Check the equipment. Before switching on the fully automatic packing machine, check whether the power supply, air pressure, and lubricating oil of the equipment are complete, if any abnormality is found, troubleshooting should be done in time.

b. Prepare packaging materials. It is necessary to choose suitable packing materials according to the products to be packed and place the packing materials in the specified position.

c. Set packing machine parameters. According to different products and packaging materials, set the parameters of the packaging machine, including speed, temperature, pressure, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the packaging machine.

During operation

a. Switch on the machine. After confirming that the automated packaging equipment and packing materials are ready, turn the power switch on and the packaging machine enters standby mode.

b. Add packing materials. In the standby state of the machine, open the storage bin of the packaging materials, put the packaging materials into it, and close the door of the storage bin.

c. Adjustment of parameters. Set the parameters of the packaging machine according to the characteristics of the products and packaging materials to ensure the packaging quality.

d. Starting the equipment. Press the start button switch, the machine will start to run normally and complete the packing process automatically according to the set parameters.

e. Check the quality of packaging. In the packaging process, we should constantly check the packaging quality of the products to ensure that the packaging quality of each product meets the requirements.

f. Clean the equipment. After the completion of packaging, the needs to clean up the equipment, cleaning the impurities and residues in the packaging machine, to ensure the health and service life of the equipment.

Precaution of automatic packing machine

a. Safety. When using fully automatic packaging machines, take safety precautions to reduce the risk of injury to the operator.

b. Maintenance. Keep the inside and outside of the equipment clean, refueling and lubricating, etc. to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

c. Regular overhaul. Regular overhaul and maintenance of the equipment to extend the service life of the equipment.

In short, following the operating procedures of the automatic packaging machine can improve production efficiency and reduce production costs under the premise of ensuring packaging quality. At the same time, the operator should always be vigilant to ensure the safety and normalcy of use.

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