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What is cooling machine?
Working principle of cooling machine
Type of cooling machine
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What is cooling machine?

Cooling machine, also known as cooling apparatus, or cooling equipment, is a type of heat exchange equipment. It is used to cool fluids. Usually, water or air is used as a coolant to remove heat. It can be mainly divided into tube coolers, plate coolers, and air-cooled coolers. Cooler is a heat exchange device commonly used in metallurgy, the chemical industry, energy, transportation, light industry, food, and other industrial sectors.

Industrial cooling machine is suitable for different working conditions such as cooler, condensation, heating, evaporation, and waste heat recovery. Therefore, in the many categories of heat exchangers, coolers, and tube heat exchangers still occupy an important position.

Working principle of cooling machine


The removable cooler is made of many pressed corrugated thin plates at certain intervals, sealed around by gaskets, and overlapped and pressed by frames and pressing spirals. The four corner holes of the plates and gaskets form the distribution and collection tubes of fluids, and at the same time, the hot and cold fluids are reasonably separated so that they flow in the flow channels on both sides of each plate, and heat exchange is carried out through the plates.

Working process

Cooling machine is a kind of cooler made of thin metal plates pressed into heat exchange plates with certain corrugated shapes, then stacked and fastened with cleats and bolts. A thin rectangular cooling tunnel is formed between the individual plates and heat is then exchanged through half of the plates. The working fluid flows through the narrow and tortuous channel formed between the two plates. The hot and cold fluids pass through the flow channel in turn, and a compartmentalized plate separates the fluids in the middle, and heat exchange is carried out through this plate.

Type of cooling machine

Column tube cooling machine

There are various types of column tube cooling machines such as double tube type, vertical type, horizontal type, and floating head type.

The characteristics of this type are that the water used for cooling flows through the inside of the tube, while the oil flows through the interval of the column tube, the folded plate set in the middle allows the oil to fold, and the double or even four-way flow method it uses makes its cooling effect more intense.


The tubular cooling apparatus consists of two main parts: the external housing and the internal cooler body. Due to the specific structure of the cooler, it is divided into pipe thread type and flange type from the form of external connection; divided into horizontal and vertical according to the form of installation; divided into floating disk type and floating head type from the form of floating; divided into spiral tube type and finned tube type according to the difference in the structure of the tubes of the cooler; divided into the bow-shaped folding plate, rectangular folding plate, double-weir-shaped folding plate, and circular folding plate according to the difference in the structure of the folding flow. Customers can choose the cooler according to the specific conditions.

The external casing includes the cylinder, water distribution cover, and water return cover. It is equipped with oil inlet and outlet pipes and water inlet and outlet pipes and is equipped with oil discharge, drainage, exhaust screw plug, zinc bar installation hole, and thermometer interface.

The main body of the cooling machine consists of the cooler tube, fixed hole plate, dynamic hole plate, folding plate, and so on. The two ends of the cooler tube are connected with the fixed and dynamic hole plate, the cooler The inside of the loader cooler leaks oil; the fixed hole plate is connected with the outer body flange, and the dynamic hole plate can be freely expanded within the outer body to eliminate the temperature of the cooler tube due to thermal expansion and contraction. Folded plate to strengthen the heat transfer and support the role of the cooler tube.

Working principle

The hot medium of the tube cooler is imported from the receiver on the barrel and flows to the receiver outlet in a zigzag manner through each folded flow channel in sequence. The cooler medium adopts double pipe flow, i.e. the cooler medium enters half of the cooler tube from the water inlet through the water divider cover, and then flows into the other half of the cooler tube from the water return cover into the other side of the water divider cover and the outlet pipe. Cold medium in the process of double pipe flow, absorbing the residual heat released by the hot medium is discharged from the outlet, so that the working medium maintains the rated working temperature.

Plate cooling machine

The plate cooling machine is divided into herringbone and oblique corrugated type, etc. The contact points arranged by the corrugated structure allow the fluid to form turbulent flow without high flow velocity, which greatly enhances the effect of heat dissipation.

Plate cooling apparatus is a new type of high-efficiency heat exchange equipment. According to different process requirements, it can be easily combined into any flow form, so it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, machinery, light industry, food, medicine, electric power, painting, heating, and other industrial fields. In recent years it has also been widely used in cooling water, pure water, and ultra-pure water systems in the microelectronics industry.

As the chilled water (refrigerant fluid) and circulating cooling water (working fluid) are not in direct contact, they are through the heat exchange sheet to circulating cooling water heat transfer to the chilled water, when the higher temperature of the circulating cooling water temperature is reduced to become a low-temperature fluid, when the fluid on both sides of the heat exchange sheet for constant temperature heat transfer, it includes the following three processes.

a. The flow of circulating cooling water (working fluid) transfers heat to the walls of the heat exchanger for convective heat transfer.

b. The process of heat conduction through the heat exchanger sheet.

c. Convective heat transfer from the heat exchanger sheet wall on the other side to the chilled water (refrigerant fluid).

Air cooling machine

Air cooling machines are divided into indirect, fixed, and suspended types, and so on. Air cooling machine also has many features. Its simple structure, small size and weight, and ease of use are its advantages.

An air-cooled oil cooler (referred to as an air cooler) is a kind of aluminum alloy plate-fin heat exchanger with air as the cooling source. Its characteristic is that the heat exchanger core is equipped with heat exchange fins in both the oil channel and the air channel, with a large heat exchange area in the same volume and high heat transfer efficiency, using air as the medium for heat exchange.

Compared with water cooling machine, the cold air machine is not only easy to install and maintain, but also can avoid the mixing of oil and water caused by the bursting of copper pipes, which can cause serious damage to the system. Secondly, for the equipment that needs to change the working place (such as construction machinery), there is no need to consider the supply of water, and there is no disassembly and reconstruction of the water circulation system, which is an increasingly widely used environmentally friendly product.

Precaution of cooling machine

In the cooling machine, most of the cooling water contains calcium and magnesium ions and acid carbonates. When the coolant flows through the metal surface, there is the generation of carbonate. In addition, the oxygen dissolved in the cooling water also causes metal corrosion and rust formation. Due to the generation of rust scale, the heat exchange effect decreases. In severe cases, the cooling water has to be sprayed outside the shell, and the scaling can block the tubes in severe cases, rendering the heat exchange ineffective. Data from the study shows that scale deposits have a huge impact on the loss of heat transfer, and the increase in deposits will cause an increase in energy costs, saving energy, and extending the service life of equipment, while saving production time and costs.

Problems such as the inability to thoroughly remove deposits such as scale, acid corrosion on the equipment to form loopholes, and residual acid on the material to produce secondary corrosion or subscale corrosion, ultimately leading to the replacement of equipment.

When it is necessary to stop using the cooler, the hot flow should be stopped first and then the cold flow should be stopped. If you need to carry out maintenance, you should sweep the media in the tube and shell process in accordance with the sweep line procedure, and wait until the temperature of the equipment body is reduced to the permitted temperature before maintenance.

How to order cooling machine?

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