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Pillow Packing Machine & Pillow Packaging Machine for sale

What is pillow packing machine?

Pillow packing machine, which is also called pillow packaging machine or pillow filling machine, is the latest automatic continuous shrink packaging device, using ordinary electric furnace wire heating, which is characterized by good stability, fast temperature, low maintenance costs, etc. Compared with the previous shrinking machine, it has better performance and better packaging effect, so you can use it with confidence.

Pillow packaging machine

Pillow packaging machine is a new type of fully automatic packaging equipment, which is widely used in food processing, supplies processing and industrial processing industries. It can individually pack bulk or individually separated items, increasing the aesthetics of the product and extending the shelf life of the product. Suitable for packing various regular and solid objects. These substances will form a whole after being packed by the pillow packaging machine, which is convenient for transportation and storage, and can also increase their selling price in the market.

Types of pillow packing machine

Common pillow packaging machines include standard frequency conversion machines, three-servo pillow packaging machines, and reciprocating packaging machines.

Standard inverter

The standard inverter adopts the chain-type pusher feeding method. The frequency converter controls the length of the bag and cuts it immediately. No need to adjust the idle, and it can be done in one step. This packaging machine is relatively simple and easy to operate, which is equivalent to the simpler servo control. Advantages: The price is cheap, easy to operate, suitable for the packaging of regular products.

Three-servo pillow packaging machine

The three-servo pillow packaging machine adopts the belt feeding method, the interval between products can be placed at will, and the function is more intelligent than the frequency conversion machine. If there is an automatic sensor bag length, the PLC program will automatically stop when there is no material and no waste of packaging materials. It is fully functional and suitable for products of different lengths, and can automatically identify the length of the product for packaging.

Reciprocating packaging machine

The structure of the end seal of the reciprocating packaging machine is that the upper and lower knives move back and forth to cut, which is suitable for relatively high-end products and products with high packaging and sealing requirements. Compared with the general rotary packaging machine, the price is higher. The packing speed is 40-80 packs per minute. Reciprocating wrappers also have machine options in variable frequency and servo configurations.

Working principle of pillow packing machine

The working principle of the pillow packaging machine is that the packaging roll film enters the former through the packaging film driving roller and is then formed.

Pillow packing machine can be used not only for packaging of non-branded packaging materials, but also for high-speed packaging using pre-printed logo patterns on rolls. The continuous photoelectric positioning system according to the error compensation working method is divided into in and out type, brake type and two drive system synchronization type.

Features of pillow packing machine

1. Pillow packing machine is not only widely used, but also has many characteristics. It has dual frequency conversion controllers, which can realize the bag length cutting according to the setting in use, and there is no need to adjust the empty travel at all. It can save packaging raw materials and realize one-step completion. It is a time-saving and material-saving packaging machinery and equipment. The pillow packaging machine also has a text-based man-machine interface for parameter setting, which is very convenient. As long as the operator can read and write, he can know how to operate the machine. Press the operation key according to the data shown above to work normally.

2. Pillow packing machine has an advanced emptying function. There is a fault self-diagnosis function inside, and when the machine fails during operation, different codes will be displayed. Operators can see at a glance, deal with failures in time, so that they can return to normal working conditions as soon as possible and maintain high efficiency. The pillow packaging machine also has a highly sensitive photoelectric eye color code tracking system, which will make the sealing and cutting position of the machine more accurate and make the packaged products more beautiful.

3. Pillow packing machine has an independent temperature control function. It is suitable for packaging films of various materials, and can realize positioning and stopping. Manufacturers can save costs by making non-stick knives and films. In addition, it also has the characteristics of simple transmission system, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. The operation of pillow packing machine does not require too high a technical level, and most workers can complete it. Moreover, the daily maintenance is basically simple, and it can save a lot of money without professional operation.

4. Pillow packing machine can realize software control, which is also one of its main features. This function can realize function adjustment and technology upgrade, so that the pillow packaging machine can improve the working level and packaging capacity with the development of the enterprise. But now there are many types of pillow packaging machines on the market, and the brands, prices, and functions are all different to a certain extent. When purchasing, you should make more comparisons, confirm that the quality and function of the product are what you need, look at the brand's reputation in the industry, and finally refer to their prices to choose a pillow packaging machine with better performance for purchase. It is also important to understand the manufacturer's after-sales service and whether it can provide technical guidance when purchasing.

Technical parameters of pillow packing machine

Film widthMax.250mmMax.180mm
Bag length65~190mm
Bag width30~110mm30-80mm
Product heightMax.40mmMax. 55mmMax.35mm
Film roll diameterMax.320mm
Packing speed40~230 pack/min60-330 pack/min
Power specification220V,50/60HZ,2.4KVA
Machine size(L)3770×(W)670×(H)1450
Machine quality800Kg

How does pillow packing machine work?


Matters needing attention before starting up the pillow packing machine

1. Before starting the pillow packing machine, remove debris from the machine (including packaging feeder and output device) and turn the machine 2-3 turns with the handwheel to ensure that the pillow packaging machine can rotate freely.

2. Before starting the equipment, please close or fix all protective covers.

3. When the pillow packaging machine is running, the temperature at the vertical and horizontal sealers can reach 200-300 degrees, or even higher.

Operation process of the pillow packing machine

1. Turn on the power switch in the electric control box, turn on the air switch of the main power supply, and the power indicator light will be on.

2. The cutting length of the one-way tracking equipment can only be shorter than the printing length of a packaging bag, and cannot be longer. Otherwise automatic tracking will not work.

3. Adjust the cutter tracking position:

Turn the handle of the tracking point counterclockwise to turn on the tracking detection light, then turn the handle clockwise until it is just off.

4. When the pillow packaging machine is in automatic operation state, pressing the safety switch and emergency switch can stop the pillow packaging machine from running.

Application of pillow packing machine

Pillow packaging machine is suitable for pharmaceutical industry, food industry, daily necessities, hardware products, disposable products, stationery, plastic products, industrial parts, toys, industrial supplies, auto parts.

Pillow packaging machines are widely used in puffed food industries such as instant noodles, rice crackers, shrimp chips, French fries, snow cakes, egg rolls, etc. In addition, they are also widely used in daily chemical industries such as washing powder.

1. Solid products: As an advanced packaging machinery and equipment, the pillow packaging machine can pack any regular and irregular solid products, such as instant noodles, sausages, popsicles, soap, children's toys, hardware accessories, cartons, etc.

2. Loose products: You only need to store these scattered products in the box in advance or fix them together, and the pillow packaging machine can efficiently carry out packaging production, such as squid shreds, tea leaves, crushed ice cubes, and electronic components. devices, pills, and more.

3. Granular products: These granular products also need to be stored in boxes, so that the pillow packaging machine can carry out accurate packaging, such as white sugar, cold granules, PVC granules, silica gel granules, metal granules, etc.

It can be seen that the packaging range of pillow packaging machine is very wide, such as food, cold drinks, daily chemical products, medicine, chemical industry, hardware accessories and other industries, it can be used in many industries, but it is necessary to pay attention to the use of special machines. Assorted. In addition, the pillow packaging machine has the advantages of exquisite production, simple and reliable transmission system, high efficiency and fast work, automatic packaging sealing and cutting, etc., which not only ensures the cleanliness and safety of product packaging design, but also brings high-quality economic benefits to manufacturers.

How to order pillow packing machine?

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