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What is whey dryer?

Whey dryer is a kind of spray dryer in industrial drying systems. The spray drying used in milk drying equipment is the most widely used process in the liquid process forming and drying industry. This process in whey spray dryer is most suitable for producing powdered and granular solid products from solutions, emulsions, suspensions and paste-like liquid materials. Therefore, spray drying in milk powder dryer is an ideal process when the particle size distribution, bulk density, residual water content, and particle shape of the finished product must meet precise criteria.

What is whey protein?

Whey protein is known as protein, a protein extracted from milk, with high nutritional value, easy to digest and absorb, contains a variety of active ingredients, etc. It is recognized as one of the human protein supplements. Whey protein is a protein dissolved and dispersed in whey and accounts for approximately 18% to 20% of milk protein. Whey protein can be divided into two parts,they are heat-stable and heat-unstable whey protein. Whey liquid boiled at pH=4.6~4.7 for 20min, a type of protein that precipitates is heat unstable whey protein, mainly including lactalbumin and lactoglobulin; while the protein that does not precipitate is heat stable protein, which accounts for about 19% of whey protein. In neutral whey with saturated ammonium sulfate or saturated magnesium sulfate salt precipitation, the proteins that are soluble and do not precipitate are lactalbumin, and those that can precipitate but are not soluble belong to lactoglobulin.

Working principle of whey dryer

The working principle of the whey spray dryer is that the air passes through the filter and heater and enters the air distributor at the top of the centrifugal spray dryer, where the hot air enters the dryer in a uniform spiral. The feed liquid is pumped from the liquid is pumped to the centrifugal atomizer on the top of the dryer through the filter, and the liquid is sprayed into very small mist droplets, and the liquid and the hot air come into contact with each other in parallel, so that the water evaporates rapidly and dries into finished products in a very short time. The finished product is discharged from the bottom of the drying tower and cyclone, and the exhaust gas is discharged by a fan.

Users can choose the heating method and dust collection and dust removal method according to the actual situation.

What is the best way to dry whey protein?

When using a whey protein dryer, it can make the dried products form porous and loose inside, retain the original material properties of the products, and have a good appearance. As it is vacuum low-temperature drying, the whey spray dryer can meet the processing requirements of some heat-sensitive materials. It is especially suitable for the drying of high viscosity, high fat, and high sugar materials which are difficult to be solved by spray drying and vacuum oven. And it can keep the stability and consistency of the product batch very well.

Whey protein drying process

Milk drying process


Feature of whey dryer

a. Rapid drying speed. After centrifugal spraying, the surface area of the liquid increases greatly, 95~98% water can be evaporated instantly in the high-temperature airflow, and the drying time is only a few seconds. The whey dryer only takes a few seconds to finish drying.

b. The parallel flow spray drying form can make the liquid droplets and hot airflow in the same direction. Although the temperature of hot air is higher because the hot air enters the drying chamber and contacts with the spray droplets immediately, the temperature of the chamber drops rapidly, which does not cause the drying materials to be overheated, so the drying system is suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials.

c. Since the drying process is completed in an instant, the particles of the finished product can keep the droplet approximate spherical shape, and the whey dryer has good dispersibility, fluidity, and solubility.

d. When dried whey, the production process is simplified and the operation control is convenient. Spray drying is usually used for solutions with wet content of 50-80%, and special materials can be dried once even if the wet content is as high as 90%. After drying, most of the products do not need to be crushed again, which reduces the production process, simplifies the production process, and improves the purity of the products.

e. To make the material not polluted and prolong the life of the equipment, all the parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel 304. To make the operation convenient, the control system adopts integrated operation, which means the indication device and opening and closing device of each part are installed in the control cabinet.

f. The angle of the main tower and cyclone cone is 60 degrees, with an air hammer installed for easy discharge.

How to use whey dryer?

To ensure the quality of the product, whey spray dryer must be fully cleaned before use and decide whether it should be disinfected according to the requirements of the product.

Check before running

a. Check whether the duct connections are fitted with sealing materials and then connect them to ensure that unheated air is not allowed to enter the drying chamber.

b. Check whether the door and observation window hole are closed and check whether there is air leakage.

c. Check the bottom of the barrel and the bottom of the cyclone for the pollination cylinder before installation to check whether the seal is off. Not fallen off before tightening the pollination cylinder again, the pollination cylinder must be clean and dry.

d. Check whether the rotation direction of the centrifuge operation is correct.

e. Check whether the regulating butterfly valve at the outlet of the centrifugal fan is open, do not close the butterfly valve, otherwise it will damage the electric heater and the inlet air duct. This point must draw full attention.

f. Check whether the connection pipeline of feed pump is well connected and whether the rotation direction of motor and pump is correct.

g. Check whether the top of the drying chamber where the spray head is placed is covered well to avoid air leakage.

Whey spray dryer operation

a. Turn on the centrifugal fan of the whey spray dryer, then turn on the electric heating, and check whether there is air leakage, such as normal can carry out the cylinder body preheating. Because the preheating of hot air determines the evaporation capacity of the drying equipment, the inlet air temperature should be increased as much as possible without affecting the quality of the dried materials.

b. Preheating at the top of the drying chamber where the spray head is placed. The bottom of the drying chamber and the cyclone separator must be blocked at the lower material port so that the cold air will not enter the drying chamber and reduce the preheating efficiency.

c. When the inlet temperature of the drying chamber reaches 180℃-220℃, it is necessary to load the centrifugal spray head. Turn on the centrifugal nozzle, when the spray head reaches the highest speed, turn on the feed pump and add the material Liquid, the amount of feed should be from small to large, otherwise, it will produce the phenomenon of a sticky wall, until it is adjusted to the appropriate requirements. The concentration of the material liquid should be prepared according to the nature of the material drying temperature, in order to ensure that the dry After drying, the finished product has good fluidity.

d. The temperature and humidity of the dried finished product depend on the exhaust air temperature. It is extremely important to keep the exhaust air temperature as constant during operation, which depends on the amount of feed. The outlet temperature does not change when the amount of feed is adjusted steadily. If the solid content of the material and liquid and the flow rate change, the outlet temperature will also change.

e. If the product temperature is too high, the charging quantity can be reduced to increase the outlet temperature; while if the temperature of the product is too low, the opposite is true. For heat-sensitive materials with low product temperatures, the charging quantity can be increased to reduce the exhaust air temperature, but the temperature of the product will be increased accordingly.

f. The finished product will be collected after finishing drying in milk drying equipment. In the lower part of the tower and the cyclone separator lower pollinator, the pollinator should be exchanged before the pollinator is not filled, when the pollinator is exchanged, the butterfly valve above must be closed first before the exchange can be carried out.

g. If the dried finished product is hygroscopic, the cyclone separator and its pipes, the part of the pollinator should be wrapped with adiabatic material, so as to avoid moisture absorption of the dried finished product.

How to order whey dryer?

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