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What is pellet dryer?

Pellet dryer has made a substantial breakthrough and innovation on the basis of the traditional single cylinder rotary dryer structure. From the viewpoint of drying mechanism, the exchange of materials and hot airflow is more adequate and scientific and reasonable, and the thermal indexes reach the level. It is suitable for drying various raw materials such as clay, gypsum, coal, slag, coal gangue, mixed materials, dry-mixed mortar, yellow sand, iron powder, etc. It is also suitable for drying various bulk materials in the production of phosphate fertilizer, compound fertilizer and metallurgy and chemical industry.

Working principle of pellet dryer

The material to be dried (granule or fine powder) is put into the hopper of the pellet dryer, and the air is dusted by the medium efficiency filter and then warmed up by the heater to the required temperature for drying, and then enters the main tower. When it passes through the porous plate at the bottom of the hopper, the material in the hopper is fluidized and the water is removed at the same time and dried, the water is evaporated and discharged by the fan after filtering with the exhaust air through the bag filter. The fine powder rising with the wind in the drying process is collected by the cloth bag and returned to the fluidized bed through the ash cleaning device. The stirring device in the hopper is stirred at low speed at the same time of fluidization, which solves the problem of material agglomeration of viscous materials and the generation of ditch flow, thus avoiding caking. For high moisture content and viscous materials, its application advantages are particularly outstanding.

Feature of pellet dryer

a. The fluidized bed is round structure to avoid dead corner.

b. The hopper is set up for stirring to avoid the agglomeration of wet materials and the formation of ditch flow when drying.

c. It is convenient to tilt and unload the granules quickly and thoroughly, and it can also be designed with automatic inlet and outlet system as required.

d. Sealed negative pressure operation, airflow through the filter. Easy to operate, easy to clean.

e. The drying speed is fast, the temperature is uniform, and the drying time of each batch is generally 20-30 minutes, depending on the material.

Applicable materials of pellet dryer

a. Mechanism screw extrusion granule, shaking granule, wet high-speed mixing granule.

b. Drying wet granular and powdery materials in the fields of medicine, food, feed, chemical industry, etc.

c. Large particles, small lumpy, sticky lumpy granular materials.

d. Materials with volume change during drying.

Plastic pellet dryer

For injection molding process, the most indispensable part is the drying material link. Most engineering plastics are hygroscopic, and with the influence of outside weather, plastic granules tend to be excessively moist. The injection molding of products with such high moisture content will cause the injection molded parts to produce bubbles or mottling and other apparent quality problems, and in serious cases, even reduce the performance of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to use a plastic pellet dryer to dry the plastic raw materials in the process of production.

Working principle of plastic pellet dryer

The use of plastic granules dryer can take away the moisture from the plastic raw materials, thus avoiding the production process of air bubbles and promoting the ideal performance and appearance of the product, as well as reducing the generation of waste. The pellet dryer machine uses very dry air to dehumidify the material, so it can shorten the baking time and save man-hours. The air lines of the plastic dryer are also closed-circulation systems with filters, so they are not affected by external factors. Although the drying of plastic materials is a relatively simple process, it is the most critical step in affecting the finished product, because in some cases, the pellets cannot be completely dried.

Feature of plastic pellet dryer

a. The hot air dryer adopts uniform high performance hot air expansion device to keep the plastic drying temperature uniform and increase the drying efficiency.

b. Stainless steel electric barrel curved design, to avoid the combustion caused by the accumulation of raw material powder chips at the bottom of the barrel.

c. The contact surface of raw materials is made of stainless steel, and the barrel is designed to separate from the bottom, which makes it more convenient to clean and change materials.

d. Precision die-casting aluminum shell, smooth surface, good heat preservation performance.

e. Adopt proportional deviation indication thermostat, which can precisely control the temperature.

f. With double overheating protection device, which can reduce the accident caused by human or mechanical failure.

g. The barrel body and the machine base are equipped with a material window, which can directly observe the internal raw material situation.

h. Silent fan, optional air filter, to ensure the cleanliness of raw materials.

Factors affecting the drying of plastic pellets

Drying temperature

Heat is the key to open the combined force between the water molecules and the hygroscopic polymer. When higher than a certain temperature, the gravitational force between water molecules and polymer chains will be greatly reduced, and the water vapor will be taken away by the dry air.

Dew point

In the pellet dryer, the wet air is first removed so that it contains very low residual moisture (dew point). Then, the relative humidity of the air is reduced by heating it. At this point, the vapor pressure of the dry air is low. By heating, the water molecules inside the particles are freed from bonding forces and spread to the air around the particles.


The absorption of heat and the diffusion of water molecules to the surface of the particles in the air surrounding them takes a certain amount of time. The time required for drying varies from material to material, so it is necessary to know in detail how long a material must take to dry effectively at the right temperature and dew point.

Use of plastic pellet dryer

Empty machine test run all normal, you can carry out the inspection and confirmation work before feeding.

a. Clean the inner wall of the machine to ensure that there is no debris to contaminate the raw materials.

b. The machine is shipped from the factory is the upper and lower rotating bearings have been filled with grease, but customers should maintain it according to the degree of use from the factory, in principle, it needs to be filled with grease once a month.

c. Confirm whether the discharge gate on both sides of the barrel is in the closed position.

d. Confirm whether the gate of the clearing mouth is inserted properly.

e. Confirm that the entrance door on the barrel is well sealed and that the pressure clasp is fastened.

Feed pellet dryer

Feed pellet dryer is a good equipment used to dry grains and oil, he can be applied to most of the granular materials, but also can be used to dry viscous paste materials or materials with high water content by partially mixing into the material approach. Its advantages are large production capacity, wide range of application, small flow resistance, large fluctuation range allowed in operation, easy to operate, etc. According to the different characteristics of various feed materials designed and developed feed dryer can also be used for drying corn husk, sesame meal, pine needle powder, pine seed meal, sunflower meal, cotton meal, vegetable meal, apple meal, pepper seed, grape seed, chrysanthemum powder, peanut meal, sesame meal, hawthorn seed, sesame meal, golden date, corn protein powder, meat pine powder, corn meal, cotton cake, corn yellow meal protein, pine needles, sorghum and other materials of dehydration treatment.

Feature of feed pellet dryer

a. High degree of intelligence, large production capacity, continuous operation.

b. Excellent structure, simple and easy to operate.

c. The dryer has fewer failures, low maintenance cost, low power consumption and good uniformity of product drying.

d. Conduction and airflow mixed heat transfer mode, the material is heated quickly, evenly and fully.

e. The cooling process makes the temperature of the material after drying close to the ambient temperature, which is conducive to storage and transportation.

f. Humanized parameter setting, automatic operation can be set for the opening sequence and time of each equipment.

How to order pellet dryer?

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