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Spring Assembly Machine

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What is spring assembly machine?

Spring automatic assembly machine is a device that uses mechanical devices and electronic control systems to realize automatic assembly of springs. Its main function is to transport the spring to the working area through a chain conveyor or a vibrating plate, and then automatically assemble parts, snap rings, torsion springs, pressing pieces and other components to the designated positions through a manipulator or various assembly modules to form a finished spring.

Battery case spring assembly machine

Battery box spring automatic assembly machine, also called battery box spring automatic assembly equipment, is an automatic equipment used for automatic assembly, automatic welding and other processing and production processes of battery case and spring.

Working process of battery case spring assembly machine

a) Use automatic loading devices such as conveyor belts, vibrating plates, and elevators to upload accessories such as battery boxes, positive springs, negative springs, and battery strips to the area to be worked.

b) After the sensor detects the arrival signal of the battery box, the control system starts the robot arm or pushes the assembly head to fix the battery box in place.

c) In the battery case spring assembly machine, the assembly head uses pressure or other force to remove the spring from the storage area and accurately place it in the spring groove of the battery box.

d) Link wire harness automation equipment to automatically solder wires to specific soldering points.

e) The assembled battery case is checked to see if it meets the quality standards, and if it is, it continues to the next step; if it does not, it is marked as defective and removed.

f) The assembled battery box leaves the working area and enters the next assembly stage or the next workstation.

Functions of battery case spring assembly machine

Battery case spring automatic assembly machine is widely used in the processing and production of mobile phones, toys, lamps, electronics, automobiles, electric vehicles, aerospace, military and other industries, and has a high degree of stability, reliability and production efficiency. It can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity of workers, improve product quality, reduce costs, and improve corporate competitiveness.

Working principle of spring assembly machine

a. Spring feeding
Springs are sent to the working area by chain conveyor or vibrating disc.

b. Spring clamping
Springs are clamped by a mechanical arm or fixed clamp so that it cannot fall or move.

c. Component processing
Parts, snap rings, torsion springs, pressure sheets and other components are processed into the required shapes and sizes through various assembly modules and automated processing equipment.

d. Component assembly
The processed components are automatically assembled to the designated position through a robotic arm or fixed fixture.

e. Assembly finished
When all components are correctly installed on the spring, a robotic arm or clamp releases the spring, completing the entire assembly process.

Features of spring assembly machine

a. High efficiency
Battery case spring automatic assembly machine can realize automated production, which greatly improves production efficiency.

b. Good stability
Spring assembly machine adopts advanced control technology, with good system stability and small errors in the production process.

c. Easy operation
The operating interface of the spring assembly machine is friendly, and the operation can be completed with simple human-computer interaction.

d. High reliability
Spring assembly machine uses high-quality materials and advanced technology, featuring long life and high reliability.

e. Strong adaptability
Spring assembly machine can adapt to the automatic assembly of battery box springs of different models and sizes, which has good versatility.

f. Energy saving and environmental protection
Battery case spring assembly machine can reduce energy consumption during the production process, reduce the generation of waste products, so it effectively protects the environment.

g. Multifunction
Spring assembly machine can realize the production of multiple products in one machine according to the demand, and can be equipped with various automatic module units to upgrade to an automatic assembly production line.

Advantages of spring assembly machine

a. High efficiency
Spring assembly machine can achieve high-speed and accurate assembly, greatly improving production efficiency.

b. High precision
Enterprises using spring automatic assembly machines can eliminate human errors and improve assembly accuracy.

c. Strong reliability
Spring automatic assembly machine adopts mature advanced technology, which has high reliability and stability, and reduces machine failure and downtime.

d. Low cost
Spring assembly machine can reduce labor costs and save time and expenses, which has a significant effect on reducing the company's production costs.

e. High safety
The equipment safety of the spring assembly machine not only ensures the personal safety of the operator, but also ensures the safety and stability of the equipment.

How to buy spring assembly machine?

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