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What is TV assembly line?

TV assembly line is an assembly line equipment designed according to the TV assembly process and applied to the TV assembly work.

The traditional TV assembly mode is that mass TV assembly materials are processed at one station, and then transferred to the next station in batches. Obviously, this assembly mode is no longer suitable for the development of enterprises under the development of automation. In order to form a stable closed-loop assembly process for the entire TV production process, technicians must connect each station of product processing together according to the order of craft, forming the prototype of the TV assembly line. Therefore, an obvious feature of the TV assembly line is that the product realizes a single-piece flow, which can better control the number of online products in the processing process.

Working principle of TV assembly line

TV assembly line is mainly composed of assembly main line, automatic hoist, aging line, testing line, turnover car, station positioning mechanism (40 sets), station lifting mechanism (40 sets), and accessory cabinet (40 sets). In addition, LED TV assembly line also includes the conveying chain and chain plate on the worktable, the return conveying system of the lower workbench of the whole line, the automatic material identification system, the central control system and the industrial control upper computer monitoring system. At the same time, each station is composed of a control device, a displacement mechanism, an alarm system, a central control computer and a corresponding safety system. Each process adopts directional transmission mechanism, positioning mechanism and transmission worktable to organically connect the whole production line to realize automatic material transmission. The automatic logistics is controlled by the central controller (PLC) program, and in-position detection is set between each process to realize fully automatic logistics positioning.

The transmission line in the Led TV assembly line adopts plate-type directional automatic transmission, the central controller is program-controlled to coordinate the actions of each process, the industrial control host computer monitors online and collects various process data on site, and realizes automatic connection between the transmission line and each process equipment, action interlocking, quality monitoring, and the operating status of each special mechanism. The next process can only be carried out after testing that the automatic procedure is completed at each station. Combined with the characteristics of the controlled organization and work requirements, a compound control method is adopted in the control aspect, that is, the classic proportional control (PID control) is used for a large deviation range; the fuzzy control is used for a small deviation range; the conversion between the two is realized by the automatic conversion of the program according to the error range given in advance.

Components of TV assembly line


Material selection, production and instruction

TV assembly line adopts a 5.5KW speed-adjustable motor, a 120-type 1:80 Reducer, a 4HP frequency converter, frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, and a line speed 0-2M/min adjustable.

Fuselage and frame
The frame is made of 60x40x2.5mm rectangle stainless steel pipe welded, the body is made of 100x118x2mm special aluminum alloy profile for conveyors with 6 meters per section, the supports are equipped with galvanized adjustable foot cups; the head and tail guards are bent and rolled using 2.0mm stainless steel and the fuselage is 1.5 meters long.

Conveyor chain
High-quality triple-speed chain conveyor special chain is used, with a thickness of 20mm and a width of 30mm.

Working plate
The specification of the working board is 1000x900x32mm. The lower layer of the table board is made of high-quality 15mm PVC high-hardness plastic board, and the upper layer of 15mm wooden plywood is covered with 2mm green anti-static rubber (with three-point positioning device 90 degrees/180 degrees/270 degrees), which has a total of 70 sheets in the whole line.

Working power
Working power supply of the TV assembly line adopts 2000x60x30x1.5mm galvanized wire slot, which is located under the fuselage, and three or two universal square sockets are installed on both sides (one is installed per 1.0m/station).

Conductive system
Conductive system adopts high-quality dedicated base rail, which has perfect conductivity and more reliable contact.

Work station design
A jacking stopper is designed every 1.0 meters, that is, a working position, which is commodious for workers to handle. At the same time, TV assembly line is equipped with an automatic stop switch, which automatically stops the working plate at this position, and automatically flows away after the operation is completed. Besides, the whole line is designed with 40 positions.

Automatic board return system
Automatic plate return system adopts 4 sets of jacking and translation systems (using 80x50mm cylinder with guide column to move up and down, and the lateral power uses a 60W tooth box motor to drive two T-shaped anti-slip belts), and the automatic plate return works under the control of PLC program.

Photoelectric stroke system
In the TV assembly line, photoelectric stroke system is controlled by imported OMRON infrared light sensor switch, so the control is accurate and reliable.
Light stands and lighting
In the LED TV assembly line, the H-shaped lamp stand is erected on the frame, made of 50x25x1.5mm square tube, and connected to the fuselage every 1.5m. A frame is connected to the power supply with a 1500x50x25x0.8mm plastic-sprayed wire slot, and the lighting uses a 36W single fluorescent tube bracket with a cover. Meanwhile, a light pipe bracket is installed per 1.4 meters, and bilaterally arranged along the line; a light skirt is installed outside the light to prevent light from leaking out.

Operation card
In the middle of the light stand, there are two process guidance card frames, which are made of H-shaped aluminum guide rails, and a 300x400x1.5mm transparent plexiglass plate is arranged at each station.

A material placement platform with a width of 600mm is set up at each station of the conveyor line, and a 15mm high-quality plywood is used to paste 2mm green anti-static rubber.

Second floor tool table
In the middle of the light frame, set a second floor tool table with a thickness of 15mm. The table is covered with green anti-static rubber, which is convenient for shelving tools, instruments and other things.

Glass baffle
Use 3mm transparent plexiglass as a partition between the shelf and the second floor tool table, and install and fix it with angle aluminum.

There are two tracheas in the middle of the lower part of the frame, which are made of 4-point galvanized water pipes. And one gas mouth is opened every 1.5 meters to install a tee and a plug. The middle two tracheas are arranged on both sides and equipped with 32 quick connectors. Then in the middle of the lamp stand, set up two tracheas, which are made of 4-point galvanized water pipes. Open a gas mouth every 1.5 meters to install a tee and add plugs. The middle two tracheas are arranged on both sides and equipped with 40 quick connectors.

Tool hanging groove and hanging wheel
There are two tool hanging slots on both sides of the light frame, using 1500x50x25x0.8mm plastic-sprayed wire slots, and each station is equipped with 2 sets of tool hanging wheels.

4mm electrostatic wires are arranged along the two sides of the TV assembly line body, and 40 sets of electrostatic sockets are installed at the same time. And there is an anti-static rubber pad under the foot cup of the rack.

Lighting control
Among them, the working power supply is divided into left and right two-way control, and the lighting system adopts four-way control, that is, one is lit and the other is controlled, and the user can control the lighting mode according to the actual application to reduce resource waste.

Control system
The electrical control of the whole line is completed by a distribution box, which adopts advanced PLC programmable logic controller for centralized control.

Body color
In the LED TV assembly line, the surface of the fuselage adopts computer white plastic spraying or customer-defined color.

Aging line configuration parameters

This aging line is acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, and can be used to store PCB boards, tablet computers, and TVs. Moreover, it is also easy to clean, easy to turn over, neatly stacked, and easy to manage.
Operational heightPower lightingTransmission speedPower outletLine body lengthSpeed adjustment modeLinear structureDistributor case
1200mm6.5KW0-6m/min1PCS/ tooling50mFrequency controlAluminum alloySix position iron

Hoist, anti-static turnover car

Hoists and anti-static turnover vehicles can be utilized in all kinds of warehouses, manufacturing place and elsewhere. In the meantime, anti-static turnover car helps to finish the generalized and integrated management of the storage of production projects, so it is a must-have for modern management of production companies.

Instructions from relevant mechanisms

a) Lifting mechanism
Lifting mechanism of the TV assembly line realizes the automatic guidance of the workpiece by adjusting the opening guide mechanism of the roller frame, and keeps the positioning consistent.

b) Protective door
Movable sliding doors are set on both sides, equipped with protective glass, which is used to observe the thermal paste situation and protect the human body from harm. The equipment looks beautiful because it is integrated with the door.

c) Air pressure control system
The trachea of the air pressure control system expands and contracts, and the system design complies with relevant national standards.

d) Electrical control system
Electrical control system equipped in the TV assembly line uses programmable logic controller (PLC) as the main control unit, the output point is protected by intermediate relays, and the Chinese display touch screen is used as the parameter adjustment dialogue interface. At the same time, touch the screen to set the working temperature of the hot-sticking mold, and set the hot-sticking time, with manual and automatic functions.

e) Control console
The adjustment of all digital specifications can be realized on the control console, which can implement setting, stepless adjustment of speed, numerical display and quantity preset.

f) Electrical control cabinet and operation box
In the LED TV assembly line, the electrical control cabinet and operation box are set up separately, and standard cable tank chains are used to run cables, tracheas, etc.

g) Protective device
When an abnormal situation occurs to the equipment, the equipment will automatically stop and remain in a static state until the power is restored.

h) Device color
The paint of the moving parts is yellow, and the color of the body can be specified by the user (the user needs to provide a standard color card).

Functions of TV assembly line


Transport function

Conveying is the basic function that must be possessed by the TV assembly line. For the current automatic assembly line production mode, conveying is the most basic function and role. Moreover, the design of the double-speed chain is the most efficient for the conveyor line body of the TV assembly line.

Aging test function

There will be an aging test link in the production of electrical products, in order to test the performance of the electrical equipment in certain environments, as an important indicator of quality inspection. The aging test function is a vital functional section of the whole TV assembly line.

Function detection

Both functional detection and aging detection are vital components of a whole TV assembly line, and functional detection is a necessary assembly procedure in the TV assembly line. In reality, the function of the production line in this functional part is mainly to transport, that is, to transport the semi-finished product from the last station to this functional area, and the technical testing personnel will complete the functional detection of the whole machine.

Assembly function

The assembly function is the main function of the TV assembly line. At present, the assembly function can be realized in two forms, one is manual assembly, and the other is fully automatic assembly. The manual assembly manner is widely used, that is, the line body is distributed and equipped with certain stations according to the station needs, and workers are arranged to operate at each station to carry out relevant assembly of the semi-finished products delivered by the line body.

Features of TV assembly line

a. TV assembly line adopts the TouchSensor (contact sensing) function to find the starting position, and has a laser tracking function to solve the problems of workpiece positioning and workpiece itself errors.

b. TV assembly line is designed with data storage, automatic segmentation, multi-channel thermal paste function, and multi-channel safety interlocking system. Moreover, all data is collected centrally through imported PLC and displayed on the touch screen. Besides, TV assembly line also has a parameter expert database, and the program can be stored and called at any time.

c. TV assembly line adopts high-efficiency program-controlled energy-saving assembly line, which systematically optimizes the assembly process, key equipment and control technology. The project adopts the self-designed "fuzzy control--PID" combined control mode to reasonably plan materials, assembly processes and production processes, improve the positioning strategy of key processes, effectively realizing process optimization, unifying positioning standards, and reserving production preparation time. Therefore, it can meet the rapid demand of the market.

d. TV assembly line has successfully applied program control technology to the fully automatic production line, realizing the functions of pre-setting process parameters and real-time monitoring, online monitoring, automatic error tracking and alarming, automatic error prevention, error correction, thus effectively reducing the interference human factors, comprehensively improving product quality and performance, and achieving the effects of high efficiency, energy saving, high precision and high reliability.

e. LED TV assembly line has the function of preset transmission speed, aging time and production quantity through the touch screen, so the whole system has the features of strong interference immunity, high reliability, steady rotating speed, easy operation and high degree of automation.

f. The control system of the TV assembly line adopts imported PLC programmable logic controller, and all packaging procedures are automatically controlled. In the meantime, the workpiece in the TV assembly line is fixed, all the actions work at the same time, and the automatic operation of multiple sections and strips of heat paste is completed at the same time. In addition, TV assembly line can automatically load and unload workpieces, the workpieces are positioned by special fixtures, and the rest of the action equipment is automatically completed.

Advantages of TV assembly line

a. Part of the TV assembly line adopts automated assembly, which can save costs, and can be programmed and controlled according to the processing process, with high production efficiency, so the TV automated assembly line saves a lot of time and cost.

b. LED TV assembly line has a central control cabinet, a human-machine interface, and the drive adopts advanced frequency conversion and data communication control technology. The signals of each part are controlled by switches, which realizes full digital communication control and automatic control of the entire line by PLC. Therefore, this TV assembly line is easy to operate, adjust and maintain.

c. The automation of the LED TV assembly line facilitates the transfer of materials, thus greatly reducing the labor intensity, and its various indicators meet the specified requirements, so it has significant economic and social benefits. In addition, this TV assembly line has achieved integrated innovation in assembly process and control optimization technology.

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