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Air Conditioner Assembly Line

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What is air conditioner assembly line?

As a complex process, air conditioner assembly line not only needs to complete the assembly of large size and medium-quality mechanical parts, but also needs to complete the assembly of small and easily damaged electrified modules. Hence, the accumulation of small defects in each link will directly affect the assembly quality.

Air conditioner assembly line is driven by chains, and the load-bearing steel plates and plastic plates are fastened on the chains in the guide rails on both sides of the conveyor as load-bearing mechanisms. Meanwhile, the control box used to install the electrical components and the buckle part for temporarily fixing the above control box during the assembly process.

Technological process of air conditioner assembly line

Air conditioner assembly line is the assembly of multiple components in a certain order, and different components have different characteristics. Due to the particularity of the parts themselves, there are different requirements in the assembly process, so the process flow should be designed according to different parts and accessories during assembly.

The production process of the air conditioner automatic assembly process is to put the chassis of the external unit of the air conditioner, install the air compressor and the anti-vibration rubber ring, fix the valve body bonnet and the air compressor with screws, install the condenser and the capillary tube, weld the copper pipe, attach the sponge of the condenser and fix the middle plate and motor bracket, install the fan, conduct security inspection, vacuumize and fill the refrigerant, check for leaks, install the motor cover and the electrical box, perform partial wiring and tie-up, and fix all the parts of the electrical appliance at the same time, check the installation process, performance testing of the entire equipment, installation of the outer casing, labeling and nameplates, the next step is to move and place the paper tray, and finally the boxing, sealing and packaging, and the entire automatic production of the air conditioner assembly is completed. 

Components of air conditioner assembly line


Double speed chain line

Double-speed chain line of the ac assembly line is a production line composed of double-speed chain conveyors, which mainly completes the task of conveying materials. And double-speed chain line is composed of standard aluminum profiles, chains and chain guide rails, motors, sprockets, etc., and the two-way double-speed chain and the head and tail lifting transfer and transition roller lines form a loop line.

In the site surrounding the warehouse, production workshop and packaging workshop, there are conveyor chains composed of many belt conveyors and roller conveyors, which form a continuous conveyor line through end-to-end connections. Double-speed chain line is equipped with a path fork device, an elevator and a ground conveying line at the entrance and exit of the material, which are generally called self-flowing conveying systems. The special, surface-treated extruded aluminum alloy profile is used as the guide rail, so that the self-flowing conveying system has good stability and durability during the conveying process, which is suitable for mass continuous production of products. At the same time, the flexible and diverse design of the double-speed chain line makes it multi-functional.

Jacking and transplanting machine

The mechanical part of the jacking and transplanting machine in the air conditioner assembly line is mainly composed of driving trolley, air circuit control, jacking mechanism and other parts; and the jacking and transferring machine is jacked up by cylinder and conveyed by chain.

Jacking and transplanting machine is generally used to change the conveying direction of the goods, and to send the goods into or out of the main conveying line from the fork, and provides various functions such as jacking up, transition, steering, tilting, positioning, and shifting. In roller conveyors and chain conveyors, for items with a sorting speed of less than 30 pieces/minute but a single item weighing more than 2000kg, the jacking and transfer machine is the first choice. The device employs PLC programmable control, so that the products can easily ingress and egress the main and auxiliary conveying lines without crash and extrusion. Jacking and transplanting machine adopts four supporting points for balanced jacking up. Even if the items are not placed correctly and the side or one foot of the equipment is stressed, it can still be lifted instantly without blocking or jamming.

The main advantages of the jacking and transplanting machine are right-angle turning: it can realize right-angle turning under the condition of limited space, which has the advantage of saving space, and is economical and applicable, high cost performance, modular design, easy assembly, and humanized design. At the same time, its surface is electrostatically sprayed, beautiful in appearance, driven by a motor for lifting, with large lifting capacity, four-corner bending arm jacking, stable lifting, and reliable positioning. In the meantime, it has the features of large load, simple construction, stable and reliable.

Lifting and turning-over machine

Lifting and turning-over machine of the air conditioner assembly line is lifted by ball screw and linear slide rail, turned by the motor, and conveyed by rollers.

Lifting and turning-over mechanism includes a fixed frame and a first linear drive device and a second linear drive device fixed on the fixed frame. The drive shafts of the first linear drive device and the second linear drive device are parallel, the first linear drive device drives a rotating base, the upper pivot of rotating base is pivotally connected with a turning-over plate and a gear, the turning-over plate and the gear are coaxially fixed, and the rotating base; the second linear drive device drives a rack meshed with a pinion.

The mechanism has a compact structure, is suitable for pressure-fit testing requirements with limited space, is easy to maintain, and has high versatility.

Blanking transfer machine

Blanking transfer machine uses servo transfer, cylinder lifting and clamping.

Blanking transfer machine includes a frame, which is characterized in that: a mounting seat is provided on the frame, and a lateral movement mechanism that can drive the mounting seat to move laterally is provided between the frame and the mounting seat. There is a lifting shaft movable on the mounting base, a lifting mechanism that can drive the lifting shaft to go up and down is provided on the mounting base, and a claw mechanism that can grab air conditioners of different specifications is provided on the lower end of the lifting shaft. Besides, a rotating mechanism that can make the claw mechanism rotate vertically is arranged between the lifting shaft and the claw mechanism.

Blanking transfer machine on the ac assembly line has a simple structure, can automatically off-line the products that pass the inspection, so it can effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve work efficiency, and thereby reduce production costs.

Drum line

Drum line is a sheet metal fuselage and a structural member tripod, using standard rollers. And drum line is appropriate for conveying items having a flat bottom, and is mostly made up of a driving drum, a frame, a bracket, a driving device and other parts. Drum line is a continuous conveyor with a number of rollers arranged between the two sides of the frame, relying on the friction between the rollers and the items to complete the conveying function. Besides, it has the features of large conveying capacity, speediness, ease of operation, and can finish multi-variety collinear shunt transporting.

Case sealer machine

Case sealer machine equipped in the air conditioner assembly line is a standard special machine. The main components of the automatic case sealer machine are the height adjustment mechanism, the pressing mechanism, the box conveying mechanism, the width adjustment mechanism, and the frame.

Case sealer machine is mainly used for sealing and packing carton and uses tape to seal the carton. And it is cost-effective, fast, and easily adjusted; meanwhile, it can finish the automatic sealing action of up and down in one time. Therefore, if printing tape is used, it can improve the product image.

After the commodity is packaged, it is delivered to the case sealer device by the conveyor belt, and delivered to the box transporting mechanism. The two sides of the case are clamped by the clamping belt and moved forward. The front short tongue is automatically twisted by the tongue deflector, and when the rear short tongue in the case enters the roller of the case sealer device, a check signal (photoelectric signal) informs the tongue beating cylinder to move, and the tongue beating frame bends it, and another signal notifies the sol machine automatically sprays glue, then the case continues to move forward; the left and right long tongues are automatically bent towards the middle through the guide rod, and at the same time, the belt of the box pressing mechanism presses the left and right long tongues of the carton synchronously, so that the boxes and tongues are glued together to complete the case sealing and shaping action, that is, the last process of product packaging is completed.

Robot palletizing

Robot palletizing is a standard machine equipped with grabbing fixtures. Robot palletizing system installed in the ac assembly line is integrated with equipment such as product sorting, product buffering, and automatic separation of pallets. Moreover, robot palletizing is mainly composed of a flattening conveyor, a slow stop conveyor, an indexing conveyor, a tray warehouse, a tray conveyor, a marshalling device, a bag pushing device, a palletizing device, and a tray conveyor.

The workpiece on the flat plate satisfies the needs of the tray, and the flat plate and the workpiece move forward until the vertical surface of the tray. The upper stopper rod is lowered, and the other three positioning stopper rods begin to clamp, and the plate resets at this time. Each workpiece is decreased to the flat of the tray, the distance between the flat of the tray and the bottom surface of the tray is 10mm, and the tray is lowered by one workpiece height. Reciprocating the above operation until the stacking of pallets satisfys the set needs. Robot palletizing is furnished with a special custom-designed multipurpose gripper, which can tightly grasp and transport the case using vacuum suction cups, regardless of the size or weight of the box.

Features of air conditioner assembly line

a. The transmission speed of the ac assembly line is stable, and the fluctuation of operating speed between different processes is controllable.

b. The positioning is confirmed. On the transmission line of the air conditioner, the position of the product can be accurately located, thereby ensuring a reliable and safe production process.

c. Accurate and reliable docking. In some key links of the air conditioner assembly line, the automatic centering accuracy of the designed system is guaranteed to meet the requirements.

d. Each station on the air conditioner assembly production line, especially adjacent stations, is effectively isolated. The production line can judge that the working state of the subsequent station is waiting when the current station is in working state, so as to avoid confusion in the assembly process.

e. The automation system in the air conditioner assembly line has the functions of real-time data collection, analysis and processing to ensure the controllable operation of the assembly process.

f. Air conditioner assembly line is equipped with a buffer link to reduce unknown interference factors in the assembly process.

Advantages of air conditioner assembly line

a. The biggest value of the air conditioner assembly line is that the assembly process of the air conditioner can better satisfy the needs of continuity, parallelism, proportionality and balance.

b. The productivity of the air conditioner assembly line is high, so it can provide products in large demand in the market in a timely manner.

c. Since the air conditioner assembly line is a specialized production, and the assembly line adopts special machines, process equipment and mechanized transportation device, so it can improve labor productivity, shorten the production cycle, reduce the occupation of WIP and transportation workload, accelerate capital turnover and reduce the cost of production. In addition, the ac assembly line can also simplify production management and promote enterprises to strengthen production technology preparations and production services.

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